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The Engineer loses what's left of his sanity
Whatever Happened to Engineer?
Story/Concept:  Cat Bountry
Lineart/Color: Hunter Var

Narrator: October 31, 2081
Narrator: Willow Springs Psychiatric Hospital…Reno, NV
(Offscreen Voice): Morning Spah
(Offscreen Voice): Morning Hardhat
(Offscreen Voice): Good morning Laborer
(Offscreen Voice): I trust you slept well zen Laborer?
(Offscreen Voice): Not really.  Dreamt[sic] we were back underground again.
(Offscreen Voice): Aw, geez.

“Spy” sock puppet: Do not worry Engineer.  Ze doctors will take care of zose pesky dreams.
“Scout” sock puppet: Docs also don’t want Engie talkin’ to us no more, Frenchie.
“Spy” sock puppet: Ha! Engineer will not let zem! He needs us!

Engineer: Yeah…I’m just glad all a’ y’all are here with me…it’s like ya never left.

Engineer (moving the “Scout” sock puppet): But we never left Engie! We’re all here with you!

Engineer: Yeah…here…with me…

Engineer: With…with me…like yer…

Engineer (tearing up): …not dead.

Engineer (burying his face in his hands): Oh, God…
Narrator: End

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