Title: War of the Worlds
Plot, or Lack Thereof: A story with a twist ending.
Reason for Banishment: The twist ending.

The two sides scrutinized each other; each had been keeping to their respective sides, but they knew that at any moment the fighting would begin.

The night was hot and stifling: if one concentrated, one could almost see the evaporating sweat rise into the air. The heat was starting to take a toll on the warriors, making them either lethargic or irritable to the extreme. Everybody wanted the whole thing to be over with.

Then, there was a subtle change in the environment, and as if a signal passed, the soldiers charged towards one another.

The first lines of each side were the first to go. Screaming in agony, the dying soldiers tumbled down the ravine.

The battle waged on for what seemed like hours, with neither side gaining an appreciable advantage over another. As time passed, though, it became obvious that one side was wearing out. This, of course, came at a heavy price. Bodies piled thick and high as the fighting continued.

As suddenly as the fighting began, it stopped. The victors of the battle seized their spoils, plundering the bodies of the dead until they could carry no more. The air grew thick with the smell of putrid flesh, and the heat made it worse. A few hours later, only the masses of puss were left to testify to the battle that occurred here.

The next morning, a young man came across the scene, and reacted with appropriate shock.


Akane ran into the bathroom after she heard Ranma scream. “What’s wrong, Ranma?”

“My face!” Ranma screeched, almost reaching the voice range of his cursed form. “What the hell are those—those THINGS on my face?”

“Let me see.” Akane inspected the spot in question, and bit back a laugh. “Don’t tell me you’ve never seen a pimple before, Ranma!”

“THAT’S a pimple?” Ranma asked, vaguely remembering what they had learned in class. He probed the tender area and winced. “My face looks like a freaking battlefield!”

Akane handed Ranma a bar of soap. “So wash up, silly.”