Weapons of Mass Destruction

Prompt: [WP] “I don’t know what weapons World War 3 will be fought with, but World War Four will be fought with sticks and stones”. Describe a post-apocalyptic, war-torn future Stone Age. Blame Cards Against Humanity

Be Wary Of: Assholes

Prompt: Just like in Dark Souls, you can intertemporally summon strangers to assist you with every day tasks or leave helpful messages. Think the Great Internet Fuckwad Theory is bad now? Imagine that, times a billion

The Semiotics of Peril

Prompt: The evacuation of Earth is complete. You decide to do one final fly over of the world to see the monuments deserted. However, you slowly realize something about them that no one ever has. Cue the Fridge Horror


Prompt: You wake up with 5 strangers in a sealed room, not knowing how you came to be there. The only clue you have is a message on the wall that says “only the losers will leave this room.” I am not sorry for the following non fill

Harmony of Despair

The introductory phase was, for the most part, quite enthusiastic, since many of those from later timelines admired those whom, by their era, had become legend. Then it was Soma’s turn. Even before he spoke, there was a noticeable shift in the atmosphere. “Hi, I’m Soma Cruz. And—I guess I may as well say it …