“Happy Valentine’s, sweetie!”

Ahlen returned the enthusiastic hug with care so that the heart-shaped chocolate would not be crushed in the process. “Thanks, hon. Was that you in the kitchen this morning?”

“No, Elaine locked me out of the kitchen, so I had to buy this. I think she’s still in there now, trying to make one for every guy in her school or something.” Lyta shook her head. “I don’t know how in the world she’s going to carry them all.”

Ahlen chuckled at the mental imagery of the small girl staggering under the weight of her hand-made concoctions. “Well, at least she’s being fair.”

“Good morning,” a sleepy-eyed Haki greeted, yawning, but soon she was wide awake. “Shizuka-san! Don’t open the door!” She all but screamed, charging right back out of the dining area.

“That was odd,” Lyta commented, blinking.

Kokutan didn’t even look up from her coffee. “Those two have been tense this whole week. I’ll bet they have some issues to work out or something.”

That was when they heard Shizuka coming down the stairs.

“o/ Hate is very, very bad! We should love instead! o/”

The residents of the Shrine went through various interesting and amusing shock reactions.

“Pray tell, am I hallucinating?” Raven wanted to know.

“Shizuka-san! Please pull yourself together!” Haki pleaded from the living room.

Shizuka just sang louder. “o/ Open your heart to the yummy light and lift your weary head! o/”

Even Elaine, who had not shown her face from the kitchen since the night before, was drawn out by the sound. “What’s going on?”

She soon found out when Shizuka twirled into the room dressed like a flower child of the sixties,
complete with streaming ribbons and plants of every variety. “o/ I like furry, furry friends, bunnies stacked in piles, o/” he crooned, giving a blossom to everyone present.

“Hey, these are the flowers I had growing in the greenhouse to sell!” Lyta protested.

Shizuka, of course, paid her no mind. “o/ Look to the dream inside and we’ll have happy, happy smiles! o/”

Haki shuffled into the room, looking guilty. “I’m so sorry, everyone, I should have said something earlier. Shizuka-san is terribly allergic to chocolate, so this is not a good time of year for him, but he didn’t want me to tell you.”

“That explains a lot,” Ahlen muttered, trying not to stare.

Shizuka made this quite a bit more difficult by jumping onto the table. “o/ We should love, we should love, sing your thoughts to the stars far above… o/” He reached out dreamily to Haki. “o/ Take my hand, understand, you’re the one I’m dreaming of! o/” Then, posing, he tossed the rest of his impromptu bouquet into the air. “Oh, Haki-chan, I’m so happy today!” He declared, taking a flying leap off the table and crashing hard onto the floor.

Kokutan winced. “That’s got to hurt.”

Haki flushed a deep red. “I’m so sorry!” She apologized again, bowing to her waist.

Unnecessarily Long and Tiresome Authoress’ Notes:
I did not make this song up, I just copied it from Otaku Wish Fulfillment Theater: Part 36. Delfina wouldn’t mind much…I hope.