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Title: The Intermediate Years: The Legend
Plot, or Lack Thereof: The Z warriors fight another set of enemies.  Whee.
Reason for Banishment: Weak characterization and annoying new character.  Awaiting rewrite.

On the second day of training, Vegeta realized that, like all other Saiyans, Mikazuki relied on her Scouter to determine her opponent’s strength.

“There will be no training today,” He told her.  “Unless you can learn how to sense energy on your own.”

“How?” She asked.  Vegeta had her stand in the middle of the gravity room.

“Close your eyes.” He ordered.  Mikazuki obeyed.  Vegeta raised his energy somewhat.  “Now, concentrate, and find me.” He walked behind her, being as quiet as he could.  Mikazuki furrowed her brows in concentration; after about five minutes, she turned and pointed to where he was standing.  “Good.” Vegeta began to walk about, and Mikazuki responded by turning her head in the direction that he was heading.  “Excellent.” Vegeta extinguished his energy.

What? Mikazuki opened her eyes in confusion, and saw that Vegeta was still standing there.  “How did you do that?”

“Practice.” Was the answer.

The next day, Mikazuki gave Vegeta quite a scare when she sneaked up on him, hiding her energy until she was right behind him.

“I see that you practiced.” Vegeta said after he got over the shock.

“Hai.” Mikazuki answered, not without a little pride.

For the next week, Vegeta trained Mikazuki.  Or, rather he pummled her every time they sparred.  And to his annoyance, he knew that she let him.

“Fight back!” He commanded, attacking her again.  “How are you going to learn anything if you just stand there and let me beat the crap out of you?”

“I’m trying!” Mikazuki managed to spit out between attacks.

“You’re not trying hard enough.” Vegeta informed her.  “Stop thinking that you’ll hurt me; you won’t, not even if you fought me for real.” This got the reaction he wanted out of Mikazuki; to prove that she could hurt him, she began attacking him.

By the second week, Mikazuki was able to fight rather well even under 100 g, but she still hadn’t become Super Saiyan.  No matter how hard Mikazuki pushed herself, she couldn’t cross ‘the barrier’.

“Dammit,” She muttered after the umpteenth failed attempt.

“Cursing will not improve the situation.” Vegeta informed her.

“I know that!” Mikazuki slammed her fist into the wall of the gravity chamber.  “But it’s incredibly frustrating when I’m so close, but I’m still not a Super Saiyan!” Vegeta understood how she felt; in fact, it was that same feeling of being so close but not quite there which triggered the extreme anger necessary to become Super Saiyan.  Now, if he could find Mikazuki’s ‘key’, then she would be of some use.


Vegeta set the gravity to 200 g.

“Let’s try again.” He turned Super Saiyan.  “Remember, now we are fighting for real.  I will beat you unconscious, if I have to.  And then I’ll give you a senzu bean and beat you unconscious again, until you are at least as strong as my son.”

“I have every intention of staying on my feet.” Mikazuki replied, shifting into her combat position.  She attacked, but Vegeta swatted her away.  She skidded on the floor, turned, and attacked again, but Vegeta stayed one step ahead of her, both in speed and strength.  In response, her energy rose—until it hit the threshold, where it remained.  After about half an hour she was heaving for breath and soaked with sweat .

“Come on!” Vegeta didn’t give Mikazuki an oppurtunity to catch her breath.  “You can do better than this!” Mikazuki growled in response and jumped at him; he formed a small energy blast in his hand and blew her into the wall.

Mikazuki tried very hard not to cry.

“Get up.” Vegeta ordered.  Mikazuki didn’t move.  “I said, get up.” Mikazuki picked herself off the ground.  “Forget it.” Vegeta turned and crossed his arms.  “This isn’t working.”

“Please give me another chance,” Mikazuki pleaded.

“Another chance? Ha! Look at yourself: you can hardly stand! How do you expect to fight with us if you’re so weak? Unless you can become Super Saiyan today, I forbid you show your face around here ever again.”

Today? But that’s not possible! This time, Mikazuki couldn’t stop a small teardrop from rolling down her cheek.

“Now what?” Vegeta demanded, pretending to be annoyed.  “What are you crying for?”

“I want to personally avenge my father’s death.” Mikazuki answered, wiping the tear from her face.

“You won’t be able to do that unless you can beat that bastard.” Vegeta pointed out.  “Which doesn’t seem very possible right now.”

Mikazuki said nothing.

Suddenly, many new and no doubt dangerous points of energy manifested itself a few hundred kilometers from Earth.  One of them was Saiyan—and Vegeta didn’t have a good feeling about that one.

“Well, well,” He commented.  “Looks like your friends are here.”

Someone knocked on the door of the gravity room.

“Vegeta, are you in there?” Kakarot called.  Vegeta opened the door, and discovered that Kakarot, his sons, and Trunks had gathered there.

“What’s this, a welcoming committee?” Vegeta asked sarcastically.

“We all felt the energy’s, so we decided to meet here.” Gohan explained.

“That’s not really necessary.” Vegeta folded his arms.  “If I remember correctly, they send out their weak fighters first to ‘test’ the surroundings, don’t they?” He looked at Mikazuki, who shrugged.

“I say we show them what we’ve got and scare them back to wherever they came from!” Trunks suggested.  Goten nodded.

“A great plan.” Trunks beamed, not noticing the sarcasm in Mikazuki’s voice.  “Except it’s incredibly stupid.”

Trunks’ face fell.  “Why?”

“We’re dealing with enemies that have the capabilities of blowing up a planet, that’s why.”

“But Dad said—”

“Mikazuki does have a valid point.” Gohan interrupted.  “Even though our enemies are not strong, their technology is.  I think a little caution wouldn’t hurt.”

“It certainly wouldn’t.” Vegeta agreed.  “So let’s go meet our ‘guests’—but keep your energy’s low.”

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