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Title: The Intermediate Years: The Legend
Plot, or Lack Thereof: The Z warriors fight another set of enemies.  Whee.
Reason for Banishment: Weak characterization and annoying new character.  Awaiting rewrite.

When Mikazuki regained her senses, she was still in shock.

“Five Super Saiyans!” She stared in amazement at them.

“Legends can be wrong.” Vegeta informed her.

“Well, they believe it,” She murmured, understanding that he thought the Wish Crystals were not all powerful, either.

“We don’t need to worry about them.”

“But it’s still good to be prepared,” Mikazuki began.

“Feh.” Vegeta chortled.  “Even Goten can beat them by himself with one hand tied behind his back.”

“I know that.” Mikazuki shot back, but added: “I mean, I want to be prepared.”

“Be prepared?” Vegeta ordered.  “All you need to do is stay out of the way.” Mikazuki narrowed her eyes, and her otherwise kind and somewhat shy expression vanished.

“Don’t underestimate me, Your Highness,” She warned, making it clear that she’d added the title by pure habit.  “I will fight by your side, even if you won’t let me.”

“I think I just heard a challenge.” Vegeta observed.  Mikazuki wasn’t intimidated.

“Maybe you did.” She answered without emotion.  She raised a little cloud of dust as she flew into the air.

“Vegeta!” Kakarot admonished.  “Do you always have to be so mean?”

“Maybe I was a little harsh on her.” Vegeta shrugged.

“Well, uh ” Gohan began.  “Since there’s really not much of a point in staying here any more, I think I’ll go home and study.” He left.

“Dad, Goten and I are going back to our house.” Trunks reported.

“Tell your mother to make me some lunch.” Vegeta replied.  Trunks nodded, and the boys took off.

“I guess I’ll go home too ”

“But later we’ll spar again.” Vegeta commanded.

“Of course ” Kakarot smiled.  “Your Highness.” Vegeta narrowed his eyes.

“Don’t you start, too.” He warned; Kakarot just laughed and disappeared.  Making sure that he was  alone, Vegeta levitated into the air and flew to where he was sure Mikazuki was headed.


How dare he suggest that I would get in the way? Mikazuki thought, angry tears forming in her eyes.  How dare he? The desire for revenge burned in her heart.  He doesn’t know how it feels to lose a loved one! She thought.

Once again she ended up to where she had started.  She was about to take out her space ship when she heard Vegeta’s voice.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He demanded.  Mikazuki knew that he could tell she had been crying, but she didn’t care.

“Out of your way.” She answered.  “That’s what you wanted, isn’t it?”

“If you really want to fight with us, then I can train you.” Vegeta replied.  (The way he said that, though, was more of an order than an offer.)


“Didn’t you hear me?” Vegeta asked.  “Then let me restate it more clearly: from now on you will be my student.” And you can’t refuse me, he implied.

Why?” Mikazuki didn’t understand.

“I dunno.” Vegeta shrugged.  “Perhaps because you interest me.” He smirked.  “I’d like to see what other combinations of Saiyan blood can do.”

“You know that I’m half-Saiyan?” Mikazuki’s jaw dropped.

“Of course: first, your hair was a dead giveaway,” Vegeta couldn’t help smiling as the girl became very self-concious of her hair, which had a bluish tinge in it.  “Second, you failed to name your mother; third, that other Saiyan clearly insinuated that you were a bastard.” Mikazuki paled.  “Half-Saiyan.” Vegeta corrected himself.  “I don’t mean it literally: I call my son a bastard all the time, and I know he’s mine.” Mikazuki didn’t speak.  “Well?” Vegeta prompted.  Mikazuki hesitated, then knelt before Vegeta.

“Please instruct me.” She said.

“Don’t worry; I will.” Vegeta couldn’t quite suppress a grin.  “Now, get up and follow me.”

“Hai, Your Highness.” Mikazuki obeyed.  Vegeta decided that he had enough.

“One more thing: stop that ‘Your Highness’ thing of yours.  It’s very flattering, but I have nothing left to rule over; Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta over forty years ago, and I have no interest in being the Prince of your home planet.  ‘Teacher’ will be sufficient, if you insist on formalities.” Vegeta headed for home, pretending not to notice that Mikazuki remained where she was for a while, stunned, before hurrying after him.


“That’s not fair!” Trunks crossed his arms.  “Why do you get to use the gravity room when you feel like it?”

“Because I’m your father, that’s why.” Vegeta answered.  “Now run along and play with Goten.” Before Trunks could protest, Vegeta went into the gravity room, taking Mikazuki with him, and closed the door.

“Well.” Goten pouted.  “So much for that idea.”

“It’s not fair!” Trunks repeated.

“At least there’s still Super Nintendo ” Goten pointed out.


Vegeta set the gravity to 50 g.

“I hope that’s not too much for you.” He remarked.  Mikazuki walked around the room to test the new conditions.

“Not at all.” She replied.  “So what do you want me to do?” Vegeta smiled.

“Just live through this session, that’s all.” Before Mikazuki could ask him what he meant, Vegeta charged at her.  Her common sense overriding her shock, and she managed to block him.  Since Vegeta was not fighting all-out, she got in a few punches as well.  Most of the time, though, Mikazuki was on the receiving end.


Trunks threw down his controller.

“This is boring.” He complained.  They had just beaten ‘Secret of Mana’ again by playing from the beginning.  “I’m going to go see if Dad’s out of the gravity room yet.”

“I don’t think so.” Goten concentrated; the thick walls of the gravity room tended not to present a problem in sensing Vegeta’s energy, since he almost always fought as a Super Saiyan.  But this time, Vegeta was holding his energy just a notch about Mikazuki’s so that she had to struggle to keep up, and from time to time Goten couldn’t quite make it out.  “It feels like he’s still at it.” But he got up and followed Trunks as well, since there was nothing else to do.

Goten was right; the gravity room was still in use.

“Dang!” Goten looked at his watch.  “He’s been in there for at least four hours already! And I don’t think he’s going to stop any time soon ”

“Oh, yes he will ” Trunks walked up to the door of the gravity room.

“Uh, Trunks ” Goten began inching away.  “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Trunks grinned.

“Just imagine the look on my dad’s face when I press the button!” Goten imagined, and grinned as well.

“Are we going to get in trouble again?” He asked.  Trunks grinned even wider.


He pressed the button.

(Both boys ran away as fast as they could and hid in a place where they could observe Vegeta’s reaction without being caught—at least not right away )

Vegeta, who was about to attack Mikazuki with a jumping kick, flew up and hit the ceiling, then fell to the ground.

“Your—!” Mikazuki called, stopping herself before she finished that sentence.  She ran to him, and was bewildered by her sudden lightness.

“All right, which suicidal idiot just turned off the gravity?” Vegeta demanded, holding his aching head.

“Not me ” Mikazuki raised her hands.

“I know that!” Vegeta yelled.  “You weren’t anywhere near the controls!” He suddenly remembered something.  “Only one person is that stupid ” He threw open the door of the gravity chamber and looked out into the yard.  As he suspected, Goten and Trunks were doing a very bad job of hiding themselves, giggling like idiots.

“Urk!” Goten and Trunks exclaimed when Vegeta picked them up by their collars, one in each hand.

“Well, well what have we here?”

“Uh hi Dad.” Trunks greeted.

“Why did you turn off the gravity?” Vegeta asked with his ‘super ticked off but pretending not to be’ voice, tightening his grip.  “That wasn’t very nice, you know ”

“Well ” Trunks gasped, struggling to no avail.  “I—”

“Bored again?” Vegeta guessed, in the same tone of voice.  “You won’t be for long.” He carried the boys into the gravity room, threw them down, locked the door behind him, then turned the gravity to 100 g.  “Three on one,” Vegeta cracked his knuckles.  “Now this is a bit more like it.”

Vegeta, Goten, Trunks, and Mikazuki stayed in the gravity room until it was time for dinner.

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