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Title: The Intermediate Years: The Legend
Plot, or Lack Thereof: The Z warriors fight another set of enemies.  Whee.
Reason for Banishment: Weak characterization and annoying new character.  Awaiting rewrite.

One by one, everyone found themselves back on Earth, seated at the dining table of the Son house.  They blinked and stared at one another, not quite believing what they had just seen.

“Now do you believe me?” Mikazuki asked, her voice shaking.  “They’ll be here in a week—maybe sooner—and the same thing will happen to this planet if they aren’t stopped.”

“Hmph.” Vegeta snorted.  “Piece of cake.” Mikazuki fought a rising sea of despair.

“You saw for yourself what happened to my father, Your Highness,” she began, trying to keep her voice calm.

“So I did.  But there was one of him and there are five of us.”

“You mean, you’re going to make your sons fight against them?” Mikazuki asked, horrified.  Vegeta then remembered that she did not know the extent of their power.

“All right.” He pretended to acquiesce.  “Tomorrow—”

“This can’t wait a single day, Your Highness!” Mikazuki cried, standing up.

“Yes, it can.” Vegeta replied.  “Sit down.”


“As your Prince I order you to wait! Vegeta interrupted a little louder than necessary.  “Tomorrow at noon,” he continued in a calmer tone, seeing the look on Mikazuki’s face, “we will meet in front of this house.  All of us.  And then you will see why there is no reason for alarm.  Now, for the last time, sit down.” Mikazuki trembled, but remained standing.

“Forgive me, Prince; this time I can’t obey you.” With that, she ran out of the dining room.

“Mikazuki!” Chi-Chi moved to chase after her, but Gohan, shaking his head, restrained her.

“What a lousy way to end a meal.” Vegeta threw down his chopsticks and stood up.  “Bulma, Trunks, we’re going home.”

“You two go on ahead.” Bulma replied.  “I’m staying to help Chi-Chi clean up the mess you made.”

“Fine by me.” Vegeta shrugged.

“Dad?” Trunks suddenly piped up.  “Can Goten stay over at our house tonight?”

“What for?” Vegeta demanded.  “You two already stick together like Siamese twins during the day!”

“Please?” Trunks begged.  “Goten hasn’t slept over for a while, and tomorrow is Saturday!”

Vegeta looked at Bulma, who shook her head.

Please?” Goten chimed in.

“All right.” Bulma sighted.

“Yes!” Trunks and Goten exchanged high-fives.

“I’ll take you home, Videl.” Gohan offered.

“Sure.” Videl smiled.  “But after you help us with the dishes.”

Everyone burst into laughter at the sight of Gohan’s reaction; even the corner of Vegeta’s mouth lifted somewhat.

Mikazuki flew to the original spot where she had landed, dropped to the ground, buried her head in her hands and wept.  When she could no longer contain the storm of emotions within her, she stood and allowed it to explode.

“Father, you big dummy!” She screamed, tears streaming down her face.  Her mind played over and over again her father’s death; she felt as if her heart would break.

Finally, she managed to stop crying.

It’s useless to just cry and feel sorry for myself. She reasoned.  That’s not what Dad taught me.

Now that Mikazuki stopped to think, she realized that it was just in the last year that her father began to teach her how to fight and train on her own in earnest.  He had even prepared her to accept his death, even though she didn’t understand what he was talking about at the time.  Did Mom and Dad really know about the Wish Crystals for that long? Mikazuki did not begin receiving the visions herself until the fifth Wish Crystal was taken.  She wished that she had more control over her abilities so that she could have helped her parents.

Who am I trying to kid? Mikazuki shook her head. Not even Dad could beat them. But she wasn’t going to allow those heartless creatures to the same thing to this planet.  I will take on the task that Mom and Dad couldn’t finish. Mikazuki thought with determination.  And I will avenge their deaths!


Dende turned to his mentor.  “Why do things like this always happen to Earth?”

“Good question.” Piccolo replied.

“At this rate, I’ll never get a good rest.” Dende joked.

“Earth is in no danger; the enemy is no match for us.” Piccolo was more worried about the idea of other Saiyans.

“Of course not.  But—”

“But what?”

“I have a feeling that Mikazuki is going to try to take them on by herself.”

“That would be bad.” Piccolo winced.

Very bad.”


The next morning, Goku was outside warming up for a sparring match with Vegeta and enjoying the sunrise when Mikazuki arrived.

“You’re a little early.” He pointed out.

“I know.” Me took out her miniaturized space ship and returned it to normal size.  “I’m just going to do some exercises.  Is that all right with you?”

“No problem! Just do it quietly, okay? My family’s still sleeping.”

“Sure.” Mikazuki took out several weights and put them on.

“Well, I’m going to do some ‘exercising’ myself, so I’ll see you at noon!” With a wave, Goku disappeared into the sky.


Goten and Trunks, perhaps due to their excess excitement, was up with the sun.  They watched television and played video games all morning, then dressed in a horry and bounded out of the house when it was almost noon.  They were very surprised to discover that their fathers were already waiting for them; they were not at all surprised, however, that there were visible signs of a violent fight on both Goku and Vegeta.

“Okay! Let’s go!” The four took off for Goku’s house together, but after a while Trunks motioned to Goten for them to slow down.

“What do you think my dad’s up to?” Trunks asked when they were out of their fathers’ hearing range.

“Beats me.” Goten shrugged.  “But he seems to know what he’s doing.”

“I guess so.” Trunks looked at his father.  “But is it really okay to be not worried?” He remembered all to well what he saw the night before.

“Of course!” Goten replied with confidence.  “We’re Super Saiyans!” Trunks eyes suddenly lit up.

“Now I get it! Mikazuki doesn’t know about that, so Dad’s planning to show her today!”



Gohan yawned and stretched.

Man, what a night! Washing and drying the astounding number of dishes and plates was a far more demanding task than he had ever imagined.  I’ll never forget to appreciate Mom again! He dressed, went downstairs, and made himself a light brunch.  When he was done, he cleaned up after himself and when outside to enjoy the mid-morning air.

He almost did a double take when he saw Mikazuki—upside down, with weights on her arms and legs, and balancing her space ship between her feet—doing push-ups.  After about twenty more she kicked the space ship into the air, flipped to her feet, caught the ship with her hands, and began to do squats.  She stopped when she saw Gohan gaping at her.

“Sorry.” She apologized.  “I was only doing some warm-up exercises; I didn’t think I would disturb you.”

“O-oh, no!” Gohan stammered.  “You didn’t disturb me!”

“Good.” Mikazuki put down the space ship and begin to stretch her arms and legs.  “Is it almost noon?”

“In about an hour or so,” Gohan replied, looking at his watch.

“So soon?” Mikazuki paused in surprise.  “I’ve only been here since daybreak,” she muttered to herself.  “This planet’s days are much shorter than Sarada’s.”

“Daybreak?” It took everything Gohan had to keep his jaw shut.  He had gone through rigorous training himself, but he had never seen anyone do Mikazuki’s kind of workout, or for such a long time.  If the group of aliens he saw the night before were stronger than her—it still wasn’t not too much to worry about, of course, but still. “Aren’t you tired?”

“A little.” Mikazuki began a rapid and fierce kata.  “The hardest part was adjusting to the gravity, and I’ve already accomplished that.”

She calls that ‘a little tired’? Gohan shook his head in disbelief.

“Aa! You’re still at it?” Goku, Vegeta, Goten, and Trunks landed behind Mikazuki.

“Dad!” Gohan exclaimed with surprise.  “I thought you were still in bed!”

“Wrong.” Vegeta replied.  “Kakarot and I have been sparring all morning.”

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Trunks demanded.  “Then we would’ve had something to do!”

‘We’? Then that means— Gohan put a hand behind his head and laughed.  “It looks like I was the only one that slept in.”

“That’s okay, Gohan.” Goku patted his son’s back, then turned to the others.  “Since we’re all here, why don’t we get started?”

“Now?” Mikazuki asked.  “But it’s not noon yet!”

“I didn’t saw we would start exactly at noon!” Vegeta answered.  “Besides, I have an unfinished fight with Kakarot.”

“Fine.” Mikazuki said after a long pause.  She shrunk her space ship and put it into her armor again.  “Begin.”

“W-wait a minute!” Goten blurted out.  “Not here!”

So the brat knows what I have in mind. Vegeta smiled.  “Of course not.” He levitated into the air.  “Follow me.” He led the group to a deserted valley which Goku and Gohan immediately recognized as the location of an old battle.

This is where we’ll be training?” Mikazuki examined her surroundings.

“If you can prove your worth.” Vegeta pushed Goten forward.  “Against him.”

“Who, me?” Goten pointed to himself.

“Why not me?” Trunks protested.  Vegeta gave his son a stern glare; with that Trunks decided to back off.  “Okay, okay.”

His Highness wasn’t kidding about sending these children into battle. Mikazuki felt her anger rise, but forced herself to stay calm.  “Fine.”

“Dad?” Goten looked at Goku with a worried expression.

“Go ahead.” Goku also guessed what Vegeta was planning.  “Just try not to go overboard, okay?”

‘Go overboard’? Does Kakarot mean that his son is stronger than me? Mikazuki clenched her fists.  This is the last straw! If I have to hurt that child to show them the seriousness of this matter, than so be it! She shifted into a battle stance.  With some hesitance, Goten walked forward and did the same.

“Listen, Goten: I won’t be going easy on you just because you’re a kid.” Goten noticed something dangerous in Mikazuki’s voice and frowned at it, but smiled again.

I’m a Super Saiyan, he thought.  What do I have to worry about? Almost as soon as that thought passed through his head, Mikazuki seemed to disappear.

“Huh?” Goten blinked in disbelief.

“Concentrate, Goten!” Goku yelled.  “Behind you!” Goten turned just in time to see Mikazuki’s foot flying towards his face.  Goten managed to block it, but he stumbled back a few steps and almost fell because he was unprepared to take the blow.  Mikazuki landed behind Goten, who was still rubbing his aching arm.

“No more help from the sidelines allowed.” She warned Goku.

“That wasn’t fair!” Goten whined.  “I wasn’t ready!” Mikazuki looked at Goten with disdain.

“All right.” She launched herself at him again.  “Then take this!” This time Goten saw Mikazuki coming and dodged her fist.  He tried to follow with a fist of his own, but Mikazuki blocked it.  His frustration growing, Goten attacked again and again, but Mikazuki dodged, blocked, and counterattacked.

I can’t believe this! I’ve barely touched her! Maybe I need to get more serious.

“Don’t just use your fists!” Mikazuki admonished.  “You have feet, you know!”

Feet? That gave Goten an idea.  He aimed for Mikazuki’s legs and kicked hard; when she jumped in the air to avoid his attack (which was what he expected her to do), he also jumped and delivered (what he thought would be) a painful uppercut.  Mikazuki flew back from the force of the blow, but the look on her face was one of astonishment and not pain.  I didn’t hurt her? How’s that possible? Goten shook his head.  This isn’t the time to think! I haven’t won yet! He cupped his ands together.


“No, Goten!” Goku wrung his hands together.  “You’re using the wrong attack!”

“Keep quiet!” Vegeta reminded Goku.  “At least he finally got the name right.”

“HAAA!” A beam of energy shot towards Mikazuki.

“I don’t want it!” Mikazuki extended her hands and stopped the blast in midair.  “You can keep it!” With a push, it came back to Goten.

She shot it back? Goten’s jaw dropped.

“Move!” Trunks shouted.  “MOVE, STUPID!” At the last moment Goten regained his senses and jumped out of the way; the explosion missed him, but it knocked him to the ground.  Coughing, he rubbed the dust out of his eyes and discovered that Mikazuki was standing over him.

“That was a pretty good plan, except for the last part: you were supposed to attack from the top, not the bottom.”

“I was?” Goten asked, confused.  Mikazuki sighed in exasperation.

“Didn’t your father teach you that fighting isn’t just a matter of brute strength? You’re supposed to have a strategy!” She turned and crossed her arms.  “Just go home and let the grown-ups do the fighting.”

“Ha, ha!” Trunks laughed.  “Goten lost to a g-i-r-l!”

“I did not!” A strange aura enveloped Goten.  “I DID NOT!” With that scream, Goten’s hair turned gold and his eyes green.  Mikazuki stared at the furious boy.

“A Super Saiyan?” She muttered in shock.  “This boy’s the Legendary Super Saiyan?”

“What’s the big deal?” Trunks asked.  “All of us can do that!” Trunks, Vegeta, Goku, and Gohan all turned Super Saiyan.

“What?” Mikazuki took a step back.  “But that’s impossible!” Then she fainted.

“Uh.” Goku grinned.  “I think we sort of overdid it.”

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