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Title: The Intermediate Years: The Legend
Plot, or Lack Thereof: The Z warriors fight another set of enemies.  Whee.
Reason for Banishment: Weak characterization and annoying new character.  Awaiting rewrite.

On Sarada, the battle to save the universe was in full swing—or so it seemed.  Kyuuri had fought off the initial invaders with success, but he knew that the real fighting was yet to begin.

The second group of aliens landed soon after he dispatched the last unfortunate peon.

“Oops,” one of them said with mock horror.  “It seems that the reinforcements are a little late.  Oh, well.” Kyuuri’s eyes widened as he recognized the man.

“Traitor!” He shouted.

“Who are you calling a ‘traitor’?” The other responded.  “You were the one that renounced your Saiyan blood and mated beneath yourself.” The corner of his mouth lifted into a sardonic smile.  “But if you hand over the Wish Crystal, I’ll consider petitioning the Council to rescind your exile.”

“Never!” Kyuuri declared.  “I’ve seen what you’ve done to planets that helped you get what you wanted.” The other shrugged with indifference.

“Then you’ve also seen what happens to those who try to oppose us.”

“And that is what I intend to do.” At that, the man burst into laughter.

“How brave! Too bad you won’t succeed.” He turned to the female at his side.  “Shall I dispatch him now, Madame Katsy?”

“Not yet, Apuro.  I want to see him in action.” Apuro mumbled something unintelligible, but stepped back nonetheless.

“All right, then ” Kyuuri called out.  “Who’s first?” One of the other strange creatures strange forward.

“I am.” It said.  “With your permission, of course, Madame Katsy.”

“It is granted.” Katsy replied.

“But don’t beat him up too badly,” Apuro added.  “I want to finish him off myself.”



Kyuuri’s scouter indicated that the creature had a power level of ‘1,000.’ Not very strong—but Kyuuri had been a warrior long enough not to trust in sheer numbers.

“Well, then ” he challenged, shifting into a defensive position.  “Let’s see what you’ve got.”

“I will easily defeat a weakling like you.” The creature said.

“Actions speak louder than words.” Kyuuri replied.  The creature paled, then charged at him.  The two exchanged several blows, but Kyuuri could tell that his opponent was not fighting at full power.  “Not bad ” he said after they separated.  “You’re not as weak as I thought.”

“And you are not as strong.” The other retorted.

“We’ll see about that.” This time, Kyuuri attacked first and both of them fought with more intensity.  As Kyuuri pressed his attack, though, he kept on sneaking glances at Apuro out of the corner of his eyes, and became distracted; seizing this opportunity, his opponent landed a heavy punch on his face.  Kyuuri flew back from the force of the blow, but regained his footing.  As the two faced off again he tasted blood.  “Hmm ” he thought out loud.  “It looks like I’ll have to get serious.” The creature was stunned; it had no idea that Kyuuri had been holding back.

Now it was Kyuuri’s turn to use the element of surprise to his advantage.  His blows struck fast and fierce, not giving the other any chance to defend himself.  After knocking the creature around like a rag doll Kyuuri gave it one final blow, then jumped back and wiped the blood from his split lip.  Behind him, his enemy collapsed to the ground, dead.

“Not bad ” Apuro observed, unfazed.  “I might actually have to stain my gloves.”

“Watch what you say, Apuro.” Kyuuri warned.  “Remember, I was the strongest warrior on our home planet.”

“Not impressed.” Apuro replied before disappearing from view.  Kyuuri’s scouter indicated that Apuro was behind him; he had just enough time to turn around and block the initial attack and sidestep a fierce punch aimed at his face.  Then, grabbing Apuro’s arm, he used the other Saiyan’s momentum to throw him.  Apuro landed on his feet, but stumbled several steps as he did so.

“That was a dirty trick,” Kyuuri said.  “But it didn’t work too well, did it?” Apuro responded by charging at Kyuuri head-first.  As he neared Kyuuri tried to kick him with a low sweep, but Apuro saw it coming and jumped into the air.  He came down with a two-fisted spike; Kyuuri blocked it with his arms and kicked nearly straight up.  Apuro cursed silently and used all his strength to flip over Kyuuri.  He was successful, but forgot that Kyuuri had two legs; as soon as one came down he used it to twist and kick Apuro with the other, just hard enough to send him flying.  Before he hit the ground he landed on one hand and launched himself up again; with another mid-air flip he landed facing Kyuuri.

But Kyuuri was no longer standing in front of him; he was coming towards Apuro with a flying kick.  Apuro decided to block that kick with his right arm, just to see how strong Kyuuri really was.

The kick connected with a sharp noise.

It hurt.

Apuro gritted his teeth and clutched his arm.  Behind him, Kyuuri watched the numbers on the scouter climb.

“That does it!” Apuro shouted.  “I had wanted to put everything behind us, and start over.  Together we could have ruled the universe.  But you chose to defend your stupid little planet and killed my men.” He tested his arm, making sure that it wasn’t broken, then continued.  “I suppose you had already made the decision to go against us a long time ago.  The best women from the best families would have killed to mate with you, but you rejected all of them and picked—” he shuddered.  “—one of your own slaves.”

“What about you?” Kyuuri shot back.  “Shall I even begin to remind you of what you did? You deserved to be called a ‘traitor’ more than I ever did.”

“Shut up!” Apuro clenched his fists.  “I’ll get that Wish Crystal, even if that means killing you! You are no longer one of us anyway!”

“No Council can change what runs through my veins ” Kyuuri answered.

“Then I will be more than happy to bleed it out of you!” The two charged one another at the same time and met in the air.  Both of them fought full-out, now; neither dared to underestimate the other, and they kicked and punched one another so fast that the observers below had difficulty keeping track of what was going on.  Slowly, though, it was becoming apparent that Apuro had the upper hand; Kyuuri was forced back more and more with each attack.

I can’t beat him by brute force, Kyuuri realized.  He thought about the attack pattern that he had been working on: it was still not very well developed, and depended on the accuracy of a single punch.  Not only would that punch have to connect, it would have to connect hard; a difficult task, but if he could land that punch, he could pull off the rest of the combination and give himself a better chance of winning.  Kyuuri decided to give it a shot; he concentrated on the spot he needed to hit, curled his right hand into a fist, and punched.

Apuro saw the punch coming, and shifted to the left.

The fist missed.

Shit! I put too much force into that punch! I’ve got to pull myself back and try again! Kyuuri never got the chance; Apuro grabbed Kyuuri’s wrist, pushed his other shoulder back, and smashed him into the cliff behind him.  Trapped in the rocks, Kyuuri could not even move when Apuro drove his knee into his stomach, knocking the air out of his lungs and pushing him even deeper into the cliff.  Apuro then flew back and shot a ki blast at Kyuuri.

Fuck!” Straining with all his might, Kyuuri barely managed to detach himself from his precarious position; the ki blast slammed into the spot where he had been only moments before, causing the entire cliff to blow apart.

Kyuuri screamed in pain as his back took the brunt of the explosion.

He screamed again when Apuro appeared above him and spiked him towards the crater that was the cliff.  Apuro flew down, faster than Kyuuri fell, and sent him flying with a kick before he hit the ground.  Then, he dashed forward and attacked Kyuuri again and again, kicking him ahead each time.  Finally, Apuro stopped and allowed gravity to act on Kyuuri.

Kyuuri gritted his teeth and tried to push himself up; pain shot up his left arm as he tried to use it, causing him to fall back.  When he opened his eyes he say Apuro standing over him.

“You’re still moving? I’m impressed.” The sarcastic tone of Apuro’s voice indicated otherwise.

“Fuck you,” Kyuuri groaned.

“Don’t say that.” Admonished Apuro.  “You should be proud: I haven’t had such a good workout in years.” He picked up Kyuuri by the collar of his armor.  “But now the game’s over.” He flew back to where the others were waiting and dropped Kyuuri to the ground.  “Just wait a little longer, Madame Katsy.  I’ll be back shortly with what we’ve been wanting all this time: the Wish Crystal.” Putting on a scouter of his own, Apuro quickly determined the location of the ‘Wish Crystal’ and sped off in that direction.

A few moments later, Apuro returned with a dark green object in his hand.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Madame.  One of the natives tried to stop me from getting the Wish Crystal.” Apuro smiled.  “Of course, she had no chance against me.  Funny thing, though: when she died I swear she called for Kyuuri.”

It couldn’t have been Momo! Kyuuri thought with horror.  Apuro saw the reaction on Kyuuri’s face and smiled even wider.

“Don’t worry; I didn’t hurt her—much.” Apuro laughed as Kyuuri cursed again, this time under his breath, then turned and handed the Crystal to Katsy.  “I’d love to stay, but we’re running on a schedule.” The group headed back into the vessel which had brought them to the planet.


“Here is the sixth Wish Crystal, Queen Regal.” Kneeling, Katsy presented the crystal to a tall, blue-skinned and muscular woman.

“What took you so long?” Regal demanded.

“It was my fault, my Queen.” Apuro admitted, kneeling as well.  “We met with some unexpected resistance that took me a while to deal with.”

“Hmph.” Regal regarded Apuro with disdain.  “Normally, I would punish you for your tardiness.  However, since you succeeded in collecting the Wish Crystal, I’ll forgive you.”

“You are most kind, my Queen.” Regal ignored Apuro and turned towards the navigator.

“Set coordinates to sector B29.” She commanded.

“Your Majesty, wait!” Apuro called.

“What now!” Regal, a bit annoyed by Apuro’s impudence, almost shouted.

“I know that you are in a hurry, Queen Regal ” Apuro bowed, “but I would like to have the honor of punishing the people of this planet for daring to resist your desires.”

“Fine ” Regal sighed.  “But make it fast.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Apuro walked to the alien in charge of weapons, who soon relinquished the controls to him.  Apuro set the plasma cannon to ‘Maximum Power’, then pressed the ‘fire’ button.  “Let’s see you try to stop this, Kyuuri.” He mumbled, unable to suppress a sardonic grin.


“Ooh,” Kyuuri moaned as he struggled to his feet.  His scouter began to beep urgently.  “What?” He looked to where the scouter was pointing and saw nothing, but the numbers kept on jumping higher and higher.

When the beam was close enough for Kyuuri to see it, the scouter exploded.

“Oh, fuck!” Kyuuri screamed when he realized what he saw.

I don’t have enough time or energy left to destroy it Kyuuri thought grimly.  But maybe I can deflect it He began to form what was left of his energy into his hands.  He knew that, whether or not he succeeded in saving his planet, he would die, but he had to try.

The beam was getting closer and closer.

This is it I only have one shot

“Yeargh!” Kyuuri thrust his energy at the approaching beam, which collided into it with a violent explosion.  He squeezed his eyes shut as he forced more energy into his blast, but he only succeeded in slowing the beam.  When the last bit of energy in his body was gone, Kyuuri collapsed to the ground.

I’m sorry, Mikazuki. I couldn’t do it it’s up to you now

The surface began to grow hot from the energy of the beam.  The ground buckled and shook as the beam hit the planet.  Slowly, the beam began to engulf the entire planet, which was already falling apart from the force of impact.

The pain in Kyuuri’s body was nearly unbearable, but he felt calm as he faced certain doom.

Soon, it will be all over.

“Mikazuki ” he whispered.


Planet Sarada exploded.

The force of the explosion rocked the space ship as well, and Queen Regal, who was sitting in her seat, almost fell out of it, but she soon regained her composure and turned once again to Apuro.

“There.  Are you satisfied?”

“Extremely, my Queen.” Apuro replied, grateful.

“Good.” She pressed one of the buttons on her console.  “Engineering? Set the engines to maximum power.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The engineer recalibrated the ship’s engines.  “It has been done, Queen Regal.”

“Then get me to sector B29!” Regal commanded one of the aliens.

“Yes, of course!” The space ship took off at full speed in the direction of Earth.

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