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Title: The Intermediate Years: The Legend
Plot, or Lack Thereof: The Z warriors fight another set of enemies.  Whee.
Reason for Banishment: Weak characterization and annoying new character.  Awaiting rewrite.

At last, the clock read 3:00.  With a cheer Goten leaped out of the classroom.

“Hey, Goten!! Wait up!” It was his best friend Trunks.  (The two went to the same school, but Trunks was a grade higher.)

“Hi, Trunks!”

“How’s it going?” Trunks asked, catching up to him.

“Boring.  I thought school would never end.”

“Yeah.  And you’re still in the second grade!”

Goten made a face.  “Don’t remind me.” At lease Mom isn’t as strict on me as she was with big bro, he thought with relief.  Still, he was slightly jealous of his brother Gohan, who would graduate from high school in a few more months.

“Can you stay at my house today?”

“I don’t know; I’ll have to call Mom to make sure.  Remember what happened the last time I went to your house without her permission?”

Trunks shuddered; Chi-Chi’s temper was something not even his father dared to mess with, not after that unhappy incident.  “Why don’t we go to my house first, then call your mom from there?”

“Sure!” Without warning, Goten took off.  “Race you there!”

“You sneaky cheater!” Trunks chased after him; the two boys ran laughing down the road.


The sight of something that streaked brightly in the sky stopped both of them dead in their tracks.

“Did you see that?” Goten gasped.

Trunks nodded.  “Let’s go check it out!”

Goten hesitated; Trunks had an annoying tendency to get both of them into heaps of trouble.   Still, he was also curious to see what had caused the streak.  He could never argue with Trunks, anyway.  “Okay!” The boys sped off in the direction of the streak.


“Is something the matter, dear?” Bulma asked.

“I’m not sure.” Vegeta thought he felt something, but it disappeared before he could ascertain what it was.  He suspected disaster—and where disaster was, his son was bound to show up, and drag Kakarot’s younger son along for fun.


When the boys reached the object, which they thought was a meteor, they discovered that it was something entirely different.

“What do you think it is?” Goten asked, inspecting its surface.

“I don’t know.” Trunks replied, tracing his fingers over the object.  “It looks like—a space ship?”

“Looks more like an giant baseball to me.”

“That’s because you’ve never hung around my mom’s garage.”

The two boys leaped back in alarm when the door of the ‘giant baseball’ opened.

“There’s someone in there!” Goten exclaimed.  “A girl!”

“Shh!” Trunks cautioned.  “I think she’s asleep.” At the sound of the boys’ voices, the girl began to stir.


Mikazuki opened her eyes and realized that she was in an unfamiliar place.

What? Then she remembered.  No, Dad! He really meant it! When she looked at the two figures near her, they gasped.


At the Capsule Corporation Office, the phone rang; Bulma ran to pick it up.

“Yes? Oh hello, Chi-Chi-san!” She listened to the hysterical voice on the other side of the line.  “You say Goten hasn’t come home? Trunks hasn’t, either.  Umm hmm. I see.  Okay.  Bye.” She hung up.  “Vegeta—” she stopped short when she saw her husband rush out the door.  Good.  He must have overheard.


“Oy, Vegeta!” Vegeta ignored Kakarot’s greeting and didn’t slow down.  His hunch was right: there was an unfamiliar energy on the planet, and Trunks (as well as Goten) was with it.

“Dad! Over there!” Gohan pointed to a spot in the horizon.

“That energy doesn’t seem very strong, but don’t take any chances,” Kakarot reminded his son.

“Trunks and Goten are already there,” Vegeta pointed out.

Kakarot reacted with surprise, but soon grew solemn again.  “So they are.  I can feel their energy.”

“I hope they’re ok.” Gohan said.


The three flew faster, unaware that they were being watched.

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