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Title: The Intermediate Years: The Legend
Plot, or Lack Thereof: The Z warriors fight another set of enemies.  Whee.
Reason for Banishment: Weak characterization and annoying new character.  Awaiting rewrite.

In the valley where the initial invasion began, thick clouds covered the early morning sky. As Mikazuki landed, she could almost feel the coming rain in the rushing winds. Her thoughts, though, were not focused on the weather but on the Saiyan that stood before her, his body and face projecting the contempt he had for her. Ignoring his silent sneering for the time being, she took out the Wish Crystal and placed it on the ground beside her.

“All right, Apuro, I’ve put up my end of the bargain,” Mikazuki crossed her arms. “So where’s yours?”

“Right here,” Apuro pulled out a small object and placed it on the ground; a few moments later, it expanded, revealing it to be a container.

“Open it.”

Apuro pretended to look hurt. “Don’t you trust me?”


“Fine,” Apuro bent down and opened the container; the Wish Crystals peeked out from within.  “There. Is that better?”

Mikazuki narrowed her eyes. “Cut it, Apuro. You know why I’m here.”

“Of course,” Apuro stretched and dropped his arms to his sides. “Come on.”

Mikazuki moved almost too fast for Apuro to see; a split second later, she was in front of him, and came at him with a fierce roundhouse. Apuro grabbed her leg, intending to use Mikazuki’s momentum against her and throw her, but before he could do so she jumped and kicked him hard with her other leg, forcing him to let go.

“Not bad,” Apuro winced. “I didn’t quite expect that. Now, it’s my turn.”

Hoping to catch Mikazuki off guard, Apuro zipped back and forth around her before attacking her from behind. She expected this, however, and turned to block. Aiming for her vital points, Apuro sent forth a flurry of blows. One of them connected, and Mikazuki’s eyes widened in surprise when her left arm went slack.

“I could have crippled you permanently if I hit you a little harder,” Apuro told her.

Mikazuki massaged where Apuro had hit her and strained. With a grunt, her left hand formed into a fist. “You underestimate me, Apuro.”

“Perhaps,” Apuro agreed, watching Mikazuki regain control of her arm. “Ready to fight a bit more seriously?”

“Of course.”

The fight took to the air as the two charged towards one another again. Both fought with more intensity, but not yet full-out, and both knew that the other was holding back. Still, both were panting moderately when they separated.

“Impressive,” Apuro observed. “Not even your father could wind me like that.”

Mikazuki’s features hardened at the mention of her father, and she attacked again. Fueled by her anger and desire for revenge, her blows struck harder and faster. Apuro blocked and dodged until he was certain that she had exhausted herself, then retaliated with a devestating series of attacks. He ended the combination by punching her down towards a tree just hard enough so that she would slam into it, leaving a sizable dent in its trunk.

Mikazuki wiped away a small trickle of blood from her mouth and pried herself out. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Apuro heading for the Wish Crystals. “Hold it right there,” she called.  “Where do you think you’re going?”

Apuro stopped, surprised that she was still concious. “You mean you still want to fight? I’ve already won.”

“Not while I’m still standing.”

Apuro laughed. “Oh, please. You call that standing? It’s over.”

“It’s not over until I say it’s over,” Mikazuki mumbled, clenching her fists.

“What did you say?” Apuro asked, amused.

“I said, it’s not over until I say it’s over!” With that cry, Mikazuki allowed all of her frustrations, anger, and hatred explode from within her. As she recalled the death of her father, her energy rose even higher, causing a change in her she had never experienced before.

All Apuro could do was gape as Mikazuki’s thin black-blue hair turned gold and lifted into the air; her now bright green eyes glared at him, her expression at once as hot as fire and as cold as ice. Now it began to rain, but the few raindrops that got anywhere near her aura vaporized instantly.


Even Queen Regal, watching the entire thing on her ship, had considerable difficulty in hiding her shock. “Damn, that girl just—” she trailed off.  She was very glad that she had ordered her men to erect that force field, making the entire area nearly undetectable to anything or anyone. She also now understood why Apuro had insisted on “taking extra precautions.”

On the screen, Apuro smiled. “You’re right, Mikazuki: This isn’t over.” He also clenched his fists and let loose a scream of his own; a few moments later, he transformed as well.

“No!” Mikazuki stared.

Apuro laughed at Mikazuki’s shock. “What? You thought that there could only be one Legendary Super Saiyan?”

Then Mikazuki smiled. “Of course not; I’ve seen five.”


But before Apuro could recover from his surprise, Mikazuki charged.

The screen began to fizz and surge with static; Regal had trouble keeping up with the moving points of light. After a while, though, it became apparent even to her that Apuro was losing.  She sighed a breath of relief when she saw the others preparing to step in.

Mikazuki froze in mid-attack, her face twisted in pain and surprise. Her hair and eyes returned to their normal coloring as she dropped to the ground.

“Took you guys long enough,” Apuro crossed his arms.

Mikazuki forced herself back up to see who he was talking too, and growled in anger when she saw the other four aliens who had appeared in her line of vision.

Apuro laughed. “I thought you were smart enough to realize that I didn’t come alone: That would have been suicidal.” Spitting out the blood in his mouth, he approached Mikazuki. “Now, it’s my turn to deal some damage.”

Mikazuki clenched her teeth so that she wouldn’t scream as Apuro mercilessly pummeled her.

Vegeta opened his eyes in alarm: For a brief moment he thought he saw the Saiyan called “Apuro” leering over him. He shook his head a little to clear it.

I’m worrying too much.

He looked at his sleeping wife; something on the table behind her caught his attention. Carefully reaching over her, he discovered the Scouter that Bulma had neglected to turn off.

That’s funny, Vegeta thought, looking through the eyepiece. If it’s on, it should be picking up the Dragon Ball in the safe, unless—shit!

Vegeta leaped out of bed, not caring whether or not he woke his wife, and dashed over to her workshop.  Upon reaching the safe, his worst fears were confirmed.

“Kuso!” Vegeta ran as fast as he could to where Kakarot was sleeping. “Kakarot! Wake up!”

“Wah?” Kakarot rubbed his eyes. “Not now, Vegeta, it’s too early.”

Not having enough time to explain, Vegeta dragged Kakarot out of bed.

“Hey! Put me down!” Kakarot protested in a loud voice, waking everyone else.

“What’s going on?” A confused and angry Chi-Chi demanded.

“Vegeta?” A still sleepy Bulma mumbled.

“Dad?” A worried Gohan asked.

“Something happened? Cool!” Trunks and Goten chorused.

QUIET!” Vegeta roared.

Everyone stopped talking.

Once Vegeta was sure that he had his audience’s full attention, he sprung the bad news: “The Dragon Ball is missing.”

Everyone began talking again, until Vegeta raised a hand to silence them.

He was about to continue when Gohan interrupted: “Wait a minute, where’s Mikazuki?”

Kakarot began concentrating at once. “I can’t feel her energy!” He exclaimed, alarmed.

Before anyone could react, though, they were all struck by the same vision: that of Apuro beating upon a helpless Mikazuki.

When the vision faded, Vegeta turned to the others. “Kakarot, go get some senzu beans first. The rest of you, come with me.” Solemn, Kakarot nodded and disappeared; the other males ran out the door and took off.

As they flew, Vegeta instructed them: “I don’t want a single word out of any of you. Got that? Not a word.”


The rain was now a downpour; it streamed down Mikazuki’s face, mixing with the sweat, tears, and blood that was already there. She tried to look as dignified as someone who had just received a brutal beating could look.

“Well?” Apuro taunted. “You still think this isn’t over?”

Bastard, Mikazuki mouthed.

“Tsk, tsk,” Apuro shook his finger. “That’s not a very nice thing to call your uncle.”

“What?” Mikazuki blanched. “Uncle?

Apuro smirked. “That’s right, my dear niece: Your father is—well, was—my older brother.”

Mikazuki was too shocked to respond.

Apuro picked up Mikazuki by neck of her armor. “When you see him in hell, tell the bastard that I wished him a pleasant afterlife.”

Just as he was about to give Mikazuki a slow, painful death, he felt several large energy’s approaching at a rapid race.

“Shit! They know we’re here!” Frantic, Apuro dropped Mikazuki and turned to one of his assistants.  “Quick, Zebo, get us out of here!”

“But sir! My device still might transport randomly!” Zebo replied.

“Just do it! Right now, I would rather teleport into Queen Regal’s toilet than face the things that are coming at us!”

Zebo looked at Katsy, who shrugged. “Whatever you say, sir.” He pulled out a small device and pressed a button. A few moments later, they disappeared into thin air.

The “rescue team” arrived shortly thereafter.

“Vegeta.” Mikazuki lowered her head in shame. “I—”

“It’s a little late to be out, isn’t it?” Vegeta asked, no trace of anger in his voice.

Goku also appeared. “Sorry I’m late; it took a while for Korin to dig these up.” He held up a bag.

Vegeta snatched them from him. “Idiot! She only needs one of them!”


“Forget it,” taking out a senzu bean from the bag, Vegeta handed it to Mikazuki. “Go home, clean yourself up, and get some rest.” Vegeta turned to leave.

“Vegeta, were are you going?”

“Out of this rain and back into bed,” Vegeta replied before flying away.

“I don’t get it?” Goku looked confused. “Oh, well,” he shrugged. “There’s no point in staying here, anyways.” He lifted to fingers to his head, concentrated, and disappeared.

“Aww, man!” Trunks exclaimed, disappointed. “We didn’t get to do a thing except get drenched!” He yawned. “I think I’ll go home, too.” He left.

“Hey!” Goten called, chasing after him. “Wait for me!”

“Mikazuki,” Gohan began; then he remembered Vegeta’s instructions. “Good night.” He made himself head back to the Capsule Corporation before he could say another word.

Mikazuki stood in the drizzle a little longer before following suit.

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