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Title: Nasu
Plot, or Lack Thereof: Vegeta meets Yet Another Childhood Friend when she drops in with a few “friends” of her own.
Reason for Banishment: Weak characterization, borderline self-insert.  In the process of being rewritten into For Want.

Even though Nasu had brought Goten and Trunks out into the middle of nowhere with the intent that no one else hear what she had to say, Piccolo and Dende had eavesdropped on the conversation as well.

“Well, this certainly explains a lot,” Dende remarked as he watched the three fly back to their respective homes.

“She’s still hiding something,” Piccolo observed.

“I know, but I don’t think that’s really worth worrying about, compared to all the other things that are going on.”

“True,” Piccolo agreed.  The description of the man Dende had seen in Nasu’s memory still disturbed him somewhat, but as the other Namekkian pointed out, there was nothing either of them could do about it.  There were much, much more pressing issues at hand.


One week later
“Mommy, can you help me make this bigger?”

Bulma looked up from her most recent project to see Bra holding a tiny object between her fingers.  At first glance, it appeared to be a seed, but upon closer inspection Bulma noticed that she could make out nearly microscopic specks of metal.  Rummaging through her toolbox, Bulma brought out a pair of tweezers and plucked the object out of Bra’s fingers.  “Okay, let’s see what this thing is.” she muttered to herself as she headed for her high-powered microscope.


“I can’t believe someone called in a bomb threat during lunch!” Goten rubbed his stomach.  “I’m still hungry!”

Nasu sat down on the hill behind where most of the students were lounging and leaned back into the grass.  “You’re always hungry.”

Trunks was about to snicker when his own stomach reminded him how little he had to eat.  Instead, he decided to sit down as well.  “Man, what a waste of time.  They should just cancel school and let us go home.”

Goten flopped onto the grass and sprawled out comfortably on his back.  “So you can do your ‘homework’, right?” he asked, hooking his fingers downward on the word “homework” to suggest something else.

Nasu chuckled.  “Looks like I’m corrupting your innocent little souls.”

“Nah, we’re already corrupted,” Trunks joked.

“Hey! Speak for yourself!” Goten retorted.  He rolled onto his stomach and propping himself onto his elbows.  “Say, do you think those, um, Hai-whatevers are going to attack again?”

“They’re going to try something, but I have no idea what.” Nasu stared into the cloudless blue sky.  “They’re not going to give up so easily.”

Almost as soon as she finished saying this, a somber-faced Goku teleported in front of them.  “Nasu, Goten, Trunks, something’s up.  If you can, go to Capsule Corporation right away.” With that, Goku disappeared again, leaving several of the students in wide-eyed, slack-jawed shock.

“If Dad’s this serious, then it really must be something big,” Goten mused, worried.

Trunks looked at his watch.  “There’s not that much school left, anyway, especially not if they keep taking so long to find that bomb.”

Nasu jumped to her feet.  “Well, let’s go, then.”

Goten and Trunks got up as well.  “Right.”

The three were about to take off when the Vice Principal spotted them.  “Hey, where do you think you kids are going?”

“Sorry sir,” Goten called back.  “But this is an emergency.” Then, he rose into the air after Trunks and Nasu in full view of all the students and zoomed away.

The Vice Principal stared at the sky for a long time.

That’s it, he decided.  I’m going on a vacation.  A very, very long vacation.


Goku was at the door to greet Nasu, Goten, and Trunks when they arrived at Capsule Corp.

“In here,” he gestured towards Bulma’s lab, leading the way.  When Nasu entered, she was very surprised to find all of the adults from Goten’s Trunks, and Gohan’s families there.

“Well, this is something big,” she remarked, looking around the room at all of the serious faces.

**Stand here**,” Vegeta commanded, pointing to the center of the room.  The tone of his voice, combined with his body language and his use of his native tongue sent the very clear message that Nasu had better obey right away, which she did.  The two other teens shuffled in after her, too cowed by the death-like atmosphere to say a thing.  Vegeta turned to his mate.  “Bulma?”

Bulma nodded.  “Earlier, Bra brought me something she had found while playing outside.  When I was analyzing it, it triggered something in my computer and displayed an encoded message.  The object then self-destructed, but fortunately I was able to save most of this message and reconfigure it to understandable audio and video.” Walking over to a keyboard imbedded in one of the many panels in the room, she typed in a rapid string of commands.  Then, on the large video screen on the other side of the room, a slightly static-ridden image appeared.

“Brillo,” Nasu muttered.  “Why aren’t I surprised.”

Vegeta glared at her.  “**Silence.**” Nasu shut her mouth and turned her attention back to the message.

“—Nasu,” Brillo was saying.  “I see you’ve done an excellent job at winning the Saiyan’s trust.  General Lufa has told me everything while I was on my way here, and now that the Mother Ship is in position, you know what to do.”

Vegeta waited for Bulma to turn off the screen before speaking again.  “Explain yourself.”

“What can I say?” Nasu waved a hand at the computers.  “I’m sure all of you have probably seen this four or five times by now and come to your own conclusions.”

“That is not an answer!” Vegeta barked.

“What kind of an answer are you expecting?” Nasu shot back.  Sensing the sharp rise in tension, she forced herself to maintain a non-aggressive stance.  “I guess this means you’re not even considering the possibility that this is a set-up?” The room remained silent.  Nasu sighed.  “I’m sorry you think of me that way.”

Vegeta stepped in front of Nasu as she tried to move.  “I don’t think so.”

“Don’t you want me to leave?” Nasu didn’t look back at Vegeta.  “I’ve obviously outstayed my welcome.”

Vegeta crossed his arms.  “You are not leaving our sight for one moment.”

Nasu considered making a break for the door.  If she could time a blast right, she might be able to pull it off.  Except what would that accomplish aside from convincing everyone that she really was the enemy? She forced a smile.  “Ah, well.  I never really liked space travel anyway.”


Millions of miles away from Earth, a large spaceship moved in a geo-synchronous orbit over Antarctica.  This gargantuan structure consisted of several smaller entities linked together, the core of this mass being the ship that King Brillo commandeered.  Of course, all of these ships were under the King’s control, but the Mother Ship was the one he directed and traveled in himself.

Currently, the King was in his private chambers briefing his top generals─including General Lufa─via the various ships’ extensive intercom systems.

“I’m sure by now that my little message has most conveniently fallen into the hands of the enemy.  Even if they’re not convinced that Nasu is the enemy, I doubt they’ll take any chances.  In other words, Nasu will be placed uner constant supervision, effectively making her their prisoner.” He paused to let this information be processed.  “So, we are going to use this pretext to attack them─or, rather, the cities that the Eartlings inhabit.  Now only will this further the impression that Nasu is a double agent, it may also turn the opinions of the Earthlings against the Saiyans.” In another window, he brought up a large map of Earth.  “Here are the locations of the major cities.  Pick the one you want, then gather your men and brief them.  Remember, don’t linger any longer than what is necessary to make your attack.  Any questions?”

A general in the back raised her hand.  “Yes, Your Majesty.  What if we encounter resistance?”

“That’s entirely up to you.  If you think you can handle it, engage; if not, just get your men out of there.  General Lufa was very lucky in being able to get all of his men back alive after that encounter with the Saiyans, but there’s no guarantee that such a thing will happen again.” King Brillo noted that at this, the aforementioned general looked rather embarrassed and very angry.  He made a mental note to find away to vent the general’s negative emotions before they be directed towards himself.  Another thought occurred to him.  “In the case that one of you or your men are downed; again, use your judgement.  Keep in mind that it may not be plausible to organize a rescue until we get ground troops onto the planet.  Anyone else?”

No one said a word.

“Good.  Now go and make me proud of you.”

“Yes, Highness,” the generals answered as one.

King Brillo turned off the intercom and switched to a different communications system.  It was time to let the Earthlings know what kind of trouble the Saiyans were bringing them.


“Thanks for agreeing to help, Dende,” Goku said as he shook the small Namek’s hand.  After much decision, it was decided that the ones most qualified to watch Nasu were Piccolo and Dende, much to the two’s secret amusement.

“Not a problem,” Dende replied, smiling.

Mr. Popo ran up to the group out of one of the small rooms behind the Room of Spirit and Time.  “Everyone, come see this!” he panted.  “Hurry!”

Rushing to the room Mr. Popo was pointing to, the group found themselves staring at an alien face.

“Greetings, inhabitants of Earth.  I am King Brillo, leader of the Haimienjians,” the alien said with the solemnity of a head of state announcing some important event.  “I had hoped to send a message of peace, but a group of Saiyans living among you have insisted on being unduly hostile towards us and has even unlawfully detained one of our diplomats.” At this, Nasu was about to comment but coughed instead when she saw Vegeta glaring at her.  Meanwhile, Brillo continued.  “This is equal to an act of war, and it is with great regret that I must declare war on this planet as well, for you are allied with the Saiyans.  However, if you are willing to side with me, I shall call off the attack on your cities.” The TV then returned to broadcasting the nearest local station, at which point Mr. Popo turned it off.

Gohan clenched his fists.  “Why that dirty, low!”

Goku also clenched his fists.  “I’ll go get Krillin, Tien, and Yamcha.”

“I’ve got a better idea,” Nasu spoke up just as Goku was about to teleport.

Vegeta narrowed his eyes.  “This wouldn’t happen to involve us letting you go back to the Haimienjians, would it?”

This time, Nasu stared right back into Vegeta’s eyes.  “Brillo isn’t going to stop until every city on this planet is completely leveled.  Either trust me or come up with your own plan.”


“Okay, everyone, we’re coming up on the target.  Break into formation and begin your runs.” Lufa waited for all of his men to obey before dropping in altitude himself.

“Picking up a cluster of hostile objects approaching at ten o’clock,” the pilot to his right reported.

“Fire some warning shots, and if they don’t back off, engage at will.”


“Sir, I’m getting some anomalous readings from above us,” a puzzled pilot behind Lufa reported, “but the computers can’t identify what it is, and I can’t get a visual.  Can you see anything, sir?”

Lufa craned his head upward, but all he saw was the sky.  “Nothing.  Double check your─” his instrument panel began beeping urgently, indicating a rapid rise in energy nearby.  He cursed silently.  “Scatter!”

As soon as this warning left Lufa’s lips, however, a softball-sized glow impacted on a ship to his left, and the force of the ensuing explosion nearly sent his own ship flying.

“I’ve been hit, but I don’t think I’ve lost anything,” the unfortunate soldier reported.  “Shields are down about 25%, though—what the hell?” An orange blur zipped through the formation, and more blasts went off as it did.

Lufa forced himself out of his shock.  “Evasive maneuvers! It’s one of the Saiyans!” He let out a scowl when he recognized the figure as Nasu.  “Cover me, I’m engaging the enemy.” He turned his ship around and headed straight for Nasu, who was powering up another ball of energy between her hands.  Lufa fired some shots in her general direction, forcing her to dissipate the energy so that she could use her hands to block those shots.  She also had to leap out of the way as Lufa’s ship barreled towards her at a fast speed.  As Lufa passed her, however, she grabbed onto the side of his ship and hung on, shooting small blasts at the other ships to discourage them from targeting her.  Lufa tried to shake her off, but Nasu hung on with a stubborn tenacity.

Lufa’s ship shuddered as Nasu drove a gloved fist into the glass covering the emergency hatch opener.  Digging her toes into the side of the ship and pulling herself closer for better grip, Nasu began turning the crank that would force the hatch open.  Lufa could hear the air whistling into the ship, the volume rising as the hatch gave way.  Nasu almost slipped as she turned the crank all the way to the end, but she caught herself by grabbing onto one of the many protruding parts that the ship sported.  Then, she jammed her fingers through the opening and began pushing the hatch further open; at the same time, Lufa began reaching for his gun.  Just as the hatch opened wide enough for Nasu to slip through, Lufa shot her point blank with a blast strong enough to stun her into unconsciousness and socked her across the jaw for good measure.  Lufa was about to shove Nasu off his ship to her death when a better idea came to him.  He opened a private Brillo.

“I’ve got Nasu; I’ll be bringing her up.”

“Go ahead,” Brillo answered.  “Tell your men to carry on.”

“Of course, Majesty.”


Nasu’s world came back into focus.  Her head buzzed and her jaw ached, making the process difficult, and her hands were cuffed behind her back and two soldiers held her.

“Glad to see you’re up,” Lufa greeted.  Behind him, Brillo watched with detached coldness, although Nasu was pretty certain he was smiling.

“The feeling isn’t mutual.” Nasu tried to raise her ki so that Goku could get a fix on it.  The minute that she tried to make it go higher, however, unbearable pain coursed through her body.

Lufa grinned.  “Oops.  Did I neglect to mention that we’ve developed a new way of evening the playing field a bit?”

“Screw you.” Nasu grit her teeth and tried again, but was only rewarded with more searing pain.

Lufa grinned even wider and pulled out a long stick.  “As much as I would love to do this myself, I’d rather not get my hands dirty.”

Nasu dodged the first blow aimed at her head, but barely contained a gasp as Lufa changed direction at the last minute and slammed the stick into her stomach instead.  The next hit bore down on her right shoulder, and pain shot up Nasu’s neck as she felt it crack.  The third landed heavily across her right cheekbone, causing spots to dance in her vision.

“Now, then,” Lufa tapped the stick in his hand.  “If you’re willing to apologize and come back to working with us, I’ll consider forgiving you.” He grabbed Nasu by her hair and forced her head up.  “So what do you say?”

“Go to Hell,” Nasu forced out.

Lufa let go.  “I was hoping you’d say that.”

Blows rained upon every part of her body.  Nasu fell to the floor as the soldiers dropped her, and Lufa began kicking her savagely as well.

Make it stop, she begged whatever deity that might have been listening at the moment. Makeitstopmakeitstop MAKE IT STOP!


Goku’s jaw dropped when Nasu’s ki shot up like a flare, then died down to something more like a torch.  “Wow.  Did she just break Super Saiyan level two back there?”

“We can discuss that later,” Vegeta answered, giving Goku the minimal contact necessary for him to be teleported with the orange-clad warrior.  The others followed suit, although they clasped onto Goku in a much more firm manner.


Every nerve in Nasu’s body screamed with agony and the buzzing in her head was now a full-blast wail, but she forced herself to stay on her feet and keep her energy blazing.  The tile on which she stood was scorched black in a three-foot radius.  On the other side of the room, Lufa gaped in absolute shock, having been thrown there by the initial blast of force.

Brillo’s smile was now a full-fledged smirk.  “How very impressive.  I didn’t quite expect you to break free of those restraints.  However, you don’t honestly expect to be able to fight your way out of here, do you?”

Before the echo in the room died down, five more Saiyans appeared behind Nasu and their auras burst to life as well.

“You have two choices,” said one of the five who Brillo recognized as Vegeta.  “One, you order your men to retreat, then leave this galaxy and never show your face again.  Two, I kill all of you right here, right now, then exterminate the rest of your pitiful little army.” His aura glowed even brighter.  “Which do you choose?”

Brillo stopped smiling.


“I still can’t believe that Brillo guy just gave up and left,” Goten remarked to Trunks as they walked home from yet another day of school.

“Pretty smart of him, don’t you think?” Trunks asked in return.  “I mean, he knew he couldn’t really fight any more, so he decided to cut his losses while he could.”

Goten thought about that.  “Yeah, that would mke sense.” He looked further down the road and sighed.

“What’s the matter, expecting another pretty girl to run into your arms?” Trunks teased.

Goten blushed.  “Of course not! I was just wondering.” he shook his head.  “Never mind.  It was nothing.”

“Oh, so you won’t stand in my way when I woo Nasu with my manly charms?” Trunks half-joked.

Goten gave Trunks the Look of Death.  “You’re looking for a beating, aren’t you?”

Trunks shuddered.  “Ooh, I’m so scared.” He took off down the road.  “NOT! So long, sucker!”

Goten ran after him.  “You can’t get away from me!”


High above the Earth, Nasu watched his exchange with disgust.  “Jerks,” she muttered, tracing her finger along the scar that ran along her neck.

Dende chuckled.  “Now I see why you were so insistent in staying.”

“That, and I like it here.” Nasu leaned back and stretched.  “I’ve really learned how to appreciate the fine art of doing nothing for a change.”

Dende chuckled again.  “Well, you’re young.  You have plenty of time to decide what to do in the future.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Nasu said, trying to sound disinterested, but the slight coloring in her cheeks gave her away.

“Oh, you will,” Dende grinned.  “You will.”

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