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Title: Nasu
Plot, or Lack Thereof: Vegeta meets Yet Another Childhood Friend when she drops in with a few “friends” of her own.
Reason for Banishment: Weak characterization, borderline self-insert.  In the process of being rewritten into For Want.

Chi-Chi gave a start when Goku reappeared in the living room.

“Goku, where have you been?” she asked, worried.

“Uh, I just went out for a walk.”

There was something suspicious about Goku’s answer, but Chi-Chi couldn’t quite figure out what.  “Tell me about it.”

“Er, eh—” Goku yawned.  “Sorry, Chi-Chi, can’t talk now.  I’m tired; I need to take a nap.”

Before Chi-Chi could press him further, Goku went into the bedroom; almost as soon as he was gone, Chi-Chi could hear the sounds of his snoring.

This is strange, Chi-Chi thought.  First, Goku runs out of the house as if it was the end of the world, then he comes back and acts like nothing has happened.

Chi-Chi began to pace the length of the living room; she felt restless and uneasy, but she couldn’t put her finger on what was so unnerving.

“I’m home!” Goten entered the house, followed by Nasu and Trunks.

Chi-Chi temporarily forgot what was bothering her when she saw Trunks’ bleeding nose.  “My goodness! What happened?”

“Um—Nasu, could you wait here for a moment?” Goten pulled his mother into the kitchen.

“What in the world is going on?” Chi-Chi demanded once they were out of sight.

“Promise you won’t get mad?”

Chi-Chi sighed.  “All right.”

“Well, it’s like this:” Goten explained everything, from what he and Trunks had seen at Capsule Corporation, to the conclusion of the ‘fight’ between Vegeta and Nasu.

“So that was why your father rushed out of the house earlier,” Chi-Chi looked away.  “That would also explain why he refused to say anything when he came back,” she sighed again.  “I knew something like this would happen.”

Goten cringed, probably remembering Chi-Chi’s reaction when she asked Goku about Nasu after the barbecue.  “Mom?” He probed.

Chi-Chi didn’t answer him.  Will there ever be a moment of peace around here? She wondered.  Can I ever hope to have a normal life?

She stood, startling Goten.  “Come on, Goten,” she forced a smile.  “We have a guest waiting for us.”

“What?” Goten’s jaw dropped.

But Chi-Chi had already walked back into the living room, where Nasu was still standing, and bowed.  “I don’t think we’ve been formally introduced: I’m Chi-Chi.”

Nasu bowed in return.  “And my name is Nasu.  I’ll be—staying with you for a while.  I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all!” Chi-Chi pretended that she hadn’t found out the truth about Nasu yet.  “Let’s get you cleaned up, ne?” She escorted Nasu into the bathroom.


Goten stared.  “How does she do that?”
“Do what?” Trunks asked.

“I just told her what happened today.”

Trunks’ eyes widened.  “You’re kidding.”


“Wow.” Trunks looked in the direction that Chi-Chi went.  “I thought she was going to be absolutely furious!”

“So did I.”

“Well,” Trunks smirked.  “I guess she’s finally lost it.”

Goten punched Trunks in the arm.  “That’s not funny.”


“Here you go: A nice hot bath,” Chi-Chi helped Nasu out of her armor.  “I’ll go find something better for you to wear than this,” she tossed the armor into the laundry basket as she left the bathroom.

Nasu lowered herself into the water.  “Ouch,” she winced as she sat on a bruise.  “I’m going to feel that tomorrow.”

The physical pain was the least of what Nasu felt; there was also the humiliation of defeat.

“I change my own mind,” Nasu murmured, mimicking Vegeta’s tone.  Who’s he trying to kid? He was going to kill me.  So why didn’t he? Nasu remembered the look on Vegeta’s face after she elbowed Trunks in the nose.  Never in her life had she seen anyone so angry; and Vegeta’s power, fueled by that anger, had gone beyond anything she had ever felt.  She had been struck to her core with fear—and something else.  That nagging voice inside of her hadn’t stopped accusing her.

You betrayed him! You put all of those lives in danger! And he might not have even deserved it!

For ten years she had convinced herself that what she was doing was justified; now, she wasn’t so sure anymore.

A knock at the door jolted Nasu out of her thoughts.  “Yes?”

“Oh, sorry, Nasu,” it was Goten.  “I didn’t know you were in there; I’ll come back later.”

“But Goten, what about my nose?” Trunks protested.

“You’ll have a lot more than that to worry about if we just barged in.”


Nasu sighed.   That Trunks. Just like his father. “What do you need? I’ll get it for you.”

“You will?” Goten asked, sounding surprised.  “Thanks!”

“Just tell me where it is.”

“Right.  It should be in the left cabinet under the sink closest to the window.”

Nasu got out of the tub and wrapped a towel around herself.  Going to the cabinet which Goten had indicated and pushing a few items aside, she found the kit and took it out, then headed for the door.

Opening the door, she asked: “Is this it?” While holding up the kit.

“Yeah,” Goten took it from Nasu.  “Thanks.”

“Just go and patch up His Highness’ nose already.”

“Sheesh, what an attitude.” she heard Trunks say.  “No wonder my dad detests her.”

“Well, if someone interrupted your bath, you wouldn’t be too happy, either,” Goten replied.  The voices faded as the two teens headed towards the living room.

Nasu, climbing back into the tub, felt a smile sneaking up her face after she heard Goten speak up on her behalf.

They raise such nice children here.  Not like on Planet Vegeta.

She thought back to the day that had changed her life; who could have guessed as she held the cooing Kakarot in her arms that soldiers were looking for her to carry out the grim order?

Poor Kakarot. He must have received quite a jolt when I dropped him.

The baby’s bawling was still audible as Nasu raced down the hall, smacking away her pursuers, trying to ignore the bleeding wounds she received.  She might have made it out of the castle if Paragas hadn’t blocked her way.

“Daddy?” Nasu gulped.  Even though Paragas was not her real father, he had treated her as his own daughter.

Until now.

“I’m not your father” Paragas reminded her.  Then, everything went black; when she awoke, she was in the landing bay of the Haimienjian’s ship.

“I’m not your father.”

The words would have been no less cruel in any other language.  From that day forward, Nasu became an exile, far away from her home planet and from everything she knew.  As irony would have it, that act had saved her life: according to the records she had found, she and Kakarot were the last Saiyans to make it out of Planet Vegeta before its destruction.

“Nasu?” Chi-Chi returned with something in her arms.  “I thought you would prefer to wear something you could fight in, so I dug up one of Goten’s old outfits.” She held out the orange shirt for Nasu to see.  “What do you think?”

“It’s nice. Thank you.”

Chi-Chi put the shirt on the counter.  “I’m going to start up dinner now; is it safe to assume that you eat a lot?”

Nasu smiled.  “Yeah.”

“That’s what I thought,” Chi-Chi smiled back.  “Oh, and don’t forget to wash your hair, okay?” She rummaged through one of the cabinets and brought out a bottle of shampoo and conditioner; she handed them to Nasu before heading back out, locking the door behind her.

Following the directions on the bottles, Nasu washed her hair, using nearly half of each bottle in the process.  After she finished rinsing out the conditioner, she decided that she had enough of her bath.  She got out of the tub and dried herself by raising her ki a little.  Picking up the shirt Chi-Chi had placed on the counter for her, Nasu discovered a hole in seat the pants that was the perfect size for a tail.

That’s funny. I don’t remember seeing Goten with a tail. Dismissing that thought, Nasu put on the shirt, and was pleased to find that, although one size larger, it was still a good fit.  She slipped her tail through the hole and around her waist, letting it serve as the belt.  Finally, she found something strong enough to hold up her thick hair and forced it into a low ponytail.  Satisfied with her appearance, she walked to the living room and found Goten and Trunks watching television there.  Trunks, his nose now bandaged, didn’t acknowledged her existence, but Goten stood up and welcomed her.

“Sit down,” he offered, gesturing to the couch.  “There’s a really good show on right now.”

Nasu sat down next to Goten, but didn’t pay attention to the screen; she just smiled and nodded whenever Goten turned to her and explained what was going on.  After what felt like an eternity, Chi-Chi called from the kitchen that dinner was served.



“How do you like your new clothes?” Chi-Chi asked as Nasu sat down to eat.

“They fit very well,” Nasu replied, beginning to stuff herself in the traditional Saiyan manner.

“Good,” Chi-Chi said, relieved.  “I was worried that I didn’t make the hole big enough or in the right place,” she smiled.  “I haven’t made clothes with tails in them since Gohan was young.”

Nasu stopped eating and dropped her chopsticks.  “You mean you know I’m a Saiyan?”

Chi-Chi smiled.  “Of course; Goten already told me everything about you.”

Nasu turned pale.  “Everything? Including—” she couldn’t bring herself to finish.

Chi-Chi nodded.  “Don’t worry about it.” she let out a small sigh.  “After everything else that’s happened around here, this is hardly a big deal.”

Nasu looked a lot more relieved.  “Thank you, Madam Chi-Chi,” she said

Chi-Chi smiled. “Please, just ‘Chi-Chi’ would be fine; adding ‘Madam’ makes me feel old.”

Nasu, her mouth full, just nodded.

Chi-Chi then turned to Goten and asked him about his day at school.  Goten replied with a brief report of his academic and social life, as well as some other things Nasu tuned out.  After that, Trunks started up a discussion with Goten over two girls named ‘Akane’ and ‘Ukyou’, which quickly became a heated argument.  Nasu watched in amusement as the two teens became more and more involved: They raised their voices, pounded the table for emphasis, and even almost started a fight.  They finally stopped after Chi-Chi threatened to ground Goten for the rest of his life; they ate the rest of the meal in silence, throwing glares at each other.

Nasu ate all the food that she could hold.  “That was the best dinner I had in a long time, Chi-Chi,” she leaned back and sighed in satisfaction.  “You are a wonderful cook.”

Chi-Chi blushed.  “It’s nothing.”

Nasu stood and began to gather the dishes on the table.

“Oh, you don’t need to do that!” Chi-Chi exclaimed, standing as well.  “You’re a guest here! Goten, you should be the one clearing the table!”

“Yes, Mom,” Goten obeyed.

“You come with me,” Chi-Chi requested, placing a hand on Nasu’s shoulder.

Why is Chi-Chi smiling like that? Nasu wondered before following Chi-Chi towards an unfamiliar section of the house.

“Goten, you’re doing the dishes tonight, ok?” Chi-Chi called over her shoulder.

Goten nodded and continued to clear away the monstrous mess on the table; Trunks also joined in to help.


Chi-Chi lead Nasu into the master bedroom and sat her down in front of the mirror.  “I’ve always wanted a daughter; so, if you don’t mind, let me ‘adopt’ you for a while.” Nasu said nothing; Chi-Chi decided to take her silence as a ‘yes’.  Taking out a brush, Chi-Chi undid the Nasu’s ponytail and began untangling the long, stiff strands of hair.

Nasu finally spoke: “You really aren’t mad at me for everything that’s happened?”

Chi-Chi paused in mid-brush.  “To be perfectly honest, I am a little upset that my family is going to be in danger again,” she admitted.  “But being angry doesn’t change anything.  My husband has risked his life countless times already—he even died once to save the world—” she smiled again.  “—I guess I’m used to these kinds of things happening by now.”

The lump in the bed stirred and kicked aside its blankets, revealing a snoring Goku.

“Excuse me,” Chi-Chi put the brush down, went to the bed, and tucked her husband back in.  “It’s hard to imagine that this big lug is the hero of the world when he’s asleep, isn’t it?” she whispered, more to herself than to Nasu.  She kissed Goku, causing the Saiyan to mumble, causing Chi-Chi to chuckle.  “He’s been sleeping like a baby for the last few hours. I hope I saved him enough leftovers.”


Chi-Chi looked up.  “Oh, I’m sorry,” she returned to Nasu’s side and picked up the brush again.


Nasu closed her eyes and allowed herself to relax; the constant, gentle motion of the brush moving through her hair helped.  Never in her sixteen years of existence had anyone touched her with such tenderness.  It felt pleasant in a way that was difficult to describe.

“There,” Chi-Chi said when she was finished.  While Nasu’s hair still bore the characteristic wildness that all Saiyans had, it was nowhere near as messy as before.

Nasu opened her eyes, and saw Chi-Chi’s accomplishments.  “Thank you,” she managed to say.

“No problem,” Chi-Chi beamed.  She rummaged through her accessories, took out a large white scrungee and handed it to Nasu, who pulled her hair into a low ponytail.
Trunks knocked on the door before peeking in.  “Hey, Chi-Chi, my mom just called and she wants me to be home, so I’ll be going.  Thanks for dinner and stuff.”
“You’re always welcome here,” Chi-Chi replied, but Trunks was already on his way out.


When Trunks got home, he discovered Bulma sitting in the living room waiting for him.

“Come here,” Bulma commanded, standing up.  Trunks obeyed; he flinched when Bulma reached up and touched his bandaged nose.  “Is it broken?”

“Probably not; I wasn’t hit that hard.”

“Oh, please,” Bulma rolled her eyes.  “Don’t you start talking like that, too.”

“Really, Mom! I’m fine!”

“I’m sure you are, dear, but make an appointment to see Dr. Kim after school tomorrow, just in case.”

“Yeah, yeah. Where’s Dad?”

“In the gravity room, where else?” Bulma gestured out the window.  “What happened today, anyways?”

“Didn’t Dad tell you?”

Bulma shook her head.  “He just mumbled something about Nasu ambushing him and hitting you in the nose.  I couldn’t get anything else out of him.”

“In that case, then, you’d better sit down,” Trunks suggested, taking a seat himself.  Bulma sat as well, and listened in amazement as her son told her the events of the day.

“Wow,” was all Bulma could say when Trunks was finished.

“Yeah,” Trunks agreed.  “I still can’t believe Dad actually listened to somebody for a change.”

Bulma laughed.  “Me, neither.” she pulled Trunks to him.  “Don’t make me worry like that ever again,” she murmured, hugging Trunks close to her.  “Not even for the end of the world.”


For Vegeta, the gravity room wasn’t just a place to train; it was a refuge where he could get some peace and quiet as well as think when the occasion called for it.

This was one of such times: His body was in the room, doing the usual workout, but his mind was forty years in the past, on a small planet light years from Earth.

What the hell does Nasu have against me? Vegeta wondered.  He desperately to remember any offenses on his part, but all he could recall was her endless taunting.

Forty years ago, Nasu was the older one.  Not by much, a few days at most, but enough for her to make a big deal out of it: She refused to call Vegeta “Prince”, “Highness”, or anything respectful at all.  No, she addressed him by that ridiculous pet name she had invented.

“Little Veggie!”

Vegeta would try to ignore the desire to pummel her, but he always succumbed to it; his superior fighting abilities hampered by rage, he would lose to a girl he could otherwise beat with one hand tied behind his back.

Every time, it seemed, that Vegeta saw Nasu, she had some sort of insult for him; not even the intimidating presence of the Royal Guard deterred her from teasing him.  Vegeta had complained to his father about Nasu, to no avail.

And then Vegeta remembered something.

The last time he was in the palace, he got into a disagreement with Nasu that soon developed into a full-fledged war.

“You’re so ugly that all the boys run away when they see you!” Vegeta shouted.

“Well, you’re so ugly that I wouldn’t mate with you, not in a million years!”

This was a serious insult, especially to a young, spoiled Prince who believed that he was the center of the universe.

“Oh, really?” Vegeta growled, trembling with anger and not really knowing what he was saying.  “Then, when I become King, I’ll make you be my mate whether you like it or not!”

“Let’s see you try!” Nasu stuck out her tongue.

Why, you!” Vegeta tackled her.

It took four adults—including Nappa—to stop the fight.

A few days later, when Vegeta was in his room preparing for what would be the last mission he participated in before Planet Vegeta’s destruction, Nasu dropped by to see him.  To his surprise, she knocked and waited for his permission to enter, instead of barging in and giving him a scare.

“What do you want?” Vegeta demanded, not even bothering to look at Nasu.

“Did you really mean it?” She asked.

Now Vegeta turned.  “Mean what?”

“You know, when you said you would mate with me.”

Vegeta narrowed his eyes.  “Would you leave me alone if I said ‘yes’?”

Nasu bristled and inhaled; Vegeta glared back.  He felt his tail twitch in anticipation for another fight.

It never came.

“Oh, forget it,” Nasu turned and ran out the door.

When he was told of the demise of his planet, the first thing he asked about was Nasu.  Even after being told over and over again that she had been killed in the blast, Vegeta kept expecting Nasu to show up when he least expected it.  Of course, she did, but that was long after Vegeta had convinced himself that she was dead.

Vegeta shook his head.  Nom that can’t be it! She couldn’t have thought for so long that I really meant it! And even if she did, she wouln’t come after me like this! Maybe there’s something I forgot.

But try as he might, Vegeta couldn’t think of anything else.

Except that his father didn’t like Nasu, either.

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