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Title: Nasu
Plot, or Lack Thereof: Vegeta meets Yet Another Childhood Friend when she drops in with a few “friends” of her own.
Reason for Banishment: Weak characterization, borderline self-insert.  In the process of being rewritten into For Want.

Damn, Vegeta sure has a big house. Nasu thought as she made her way through the halls of the main building.  Trunks’ presence was almost always just a wall away, no matter how many corridors she explored.  As she walked, she allowed her mind to wander.  Hmm. From what I’ve seen of Kakarot and Vegeta so far, I’m not a match for either one of them; they’re both at least twice my strength, and Kakarot’s elder son—they call him ‘Gohan’, I think—is as powerful as his father, maybe even more. The younger one, Goten, nearly ran me over yesterday, and if Trunks inherited any of his father’s abilities, he should be a Super Saiyan as well. The last thought caused Nasu to stop.  It’s damn likely that I have five Super Saiyans to contend with. she sighed again.  This isn’t just going to be a suicide mission, it’ll be a massacre.

She was so busy thinking that she didn’t notice she was passing the very person she was looking for.  She also forgot to keep her tail wrapped around her waist.


Trunks held Bra’s hand and made sure that she was keeping up with his pace.  He didn’t like to babysit his younger sister, because she had the annoying tendency to wander off and get into trouble the moment that you didn’t watch her.  But that was also why Bulma seldom ever took Bra anywhere, so Trunks was left with the arduous task of keeping his eye on her.  That proved to be very difficult, because Trunks found himself thinking about Nasu.  Despite Goten’s optimistic outlook, Trunks had a feeling that she was not here for an amicable visit.  When he overhead his parent’s conversation about Nasu, he was even more convinced that she was here to make trouble—and he was pretty sure that it would be on his father.  Keeping his eyes straight ahead of him because he wanted to get Bra to the living room as soon as possible, he didn’t see Nasu either.


Bra fumed in silence as Trunks dragged her through the house.  She hated it when Trunks ‘took care’ of her, because her elder brother never let her do anything fun, but always made her watch some boring program on television called ‘Sesame Street’ instead.  (She had memorized just about all of the episodes by now.)

Why can’t I go with Mommy when she goes out? She wondered.  Her attention was soon diverted to the strange girl that walked by, and the even stranger fuzzy brown object which hung behind her.

Letting go of her brother’s hand, Bra grabbed it.


Nasu froze in mid-step; someone had dared to touch the most intimate part of her body!


Trunks paused when he realized Bra was no longer by his side.  Turning around, he saw Nasu glaring at his sister, who was holding something in her hands.

“What’s this?” Bra asked, looking up at Nasu.

“My tail.” Nasu answered, upset but trying to control herself.  “Please let go of it.”

“Ooh! Neat! Can I have it?”

“No.” Nasu replied.  “Please let go of it.” She requested again.

“Why not?” Bra pouted.

Nasu didn’t answer until she noticed Trunks, then turned towards him.  “Will you please tell your sister to let go of my tail?”

“Bra, do as she says.”

“But, Big Bro—”

Do it.” Trunks crossed his arms.  Bra obeyed with reluctance.  As soon as Bra’s grip loosened, Nasu’s tail went back around her waist.  “Sorry about that.” Trunks apologized for his sister.

“Hmph.” Nasu responded.  “Didn’t your father ever tell you that you should never touch a Saiyan’s tail?”

“Uh, no.”

Nasu suddenly noticed that neither Trunks nor Bra had tails.  “Don’t tell me that you two were born without tails.”

“I think we were, but they were removed.”

“Really?” Nasu raised an eyebrow.  “Hmm.”

“You mean, I had one of those things, too?” Bra wanted to know.

Trunks began to break out in a cold sweat.  “Uh.”

“Listen: I’ll talk to you later about it, when you don’t have—” Nasu glanced at Bra.  “—other obligations.  Bye.” she continued down the hall.

“Big Bro?” Bra piped up again.  “If I was born with a tail, where did it go?”

Trunks couldn’t answer.


Neither Kakarot nor Vegeta could enjoy their spar as much as they would have otherwise, because both of them were wondering what Nasu was doing on their planet.

“Let’s take a break, Vegeta.” Kakarot suggested.  “It’s just too hard to concentrate.” Vegeta agreed and powered down.  “So who is she, anyways?” Kakarot asked, leaning against a rock.

“A girl I knew back on Planet Vegeta.”

Goku blinked.  “She survived the destruction of our planet?”

Vegeta smiled at the word ‘our’; it was one of the few times Kakarot ever acknowledged his real roots.  “I guess so.”

“But how does she know we’re here?”

“We kept an extensive record of soldiers being sent off-planet, even low-class ones, in the databases of all ships.  All she had to do was a little research, and bingo! It’s off to Earth.”

“More importantly, what’s she doing here?” Kakarot scratched his chin.

“How should I know? I can’t read her mind.”

“Sorry.” Kakarot grinned.

For just long enough of a moment to cause alarm, Nasu’s energy flared in the distance.

“What the—?” Kakarot stood up.  He concentrated.  “Oh, no! Gohan’s also over there!”

Vegeta scoffed.  “He’ll be able to handle it.”

“Are you sure?”

“All that studying hasn’t completely lobotomized his fighting abilities.” Vegeta gave Goku a significant look.  “He’s your kid too, after all.”

“Well, I’m still going to go check.” Kakarot put two fingers to his forehead.  “I’ll be right back.” He teleported away.  About five minutes later, he returned.

“Well?” Vegeta prompted, already guessing what the reply would be.

“Gohan’s fine; he said Nasu only wanted to spar with him, ‘for fun’.”

“Figures.” Vegeta muttered. “What next?”

“Well, if she tries anything, at least we’ll get a good fight.” Kakarot pointed out with a cheerful smile.

“Kakarot, I can’t believe that’s all you can think about! She might get us all killed! Can’t you be serious for once?” Vegeta roared, although in his mind the “us” consisted of his wife and children.

“But I am being serious.” Kakarot blinked.

“Go away.” Vegeta began to have a headache.

“Okay.” Kakarot teleported.

“Idiot! I didn’t mean it literally!” Vegeta yelled into the empty space.  Of course, Kakarot didn’t hear him.  Figuring that there wasn’t a point in staying where he was anymore either, Vegeta also decided to leave.

“Interesting. You’ve lost your tail, too.” Vegeta felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end before he recognized Nasu’s voice.

“Do you always have to do that?” Vegeta asked, making his annoyance quite clear.

“I guess I like to make an entrance,” Nasu shrugged.  “So none of you have tails anymore?”

“There was no longer any need for them.”

(This was not true, of course, but it was good enough for her as far as he was concerned.)

“Funny you should say that,” Nasu smiled.  “But then, you were always the one that never tucked your tail in.” Vegeta bristled at this reminder, because Nasu always humiliated him by grabbing his tail at one of those inattentive moments.  “But I didn’t come all this way just to talk about tails.”

“Then what the hell are you doing here?” Vegeta demanded.

Nasu smiled.  “That’s for me to know, and you to find out.” Before she could leave, though, Vegeta seized her by one wrist.

“Then I’m not letting go until I find out.” Vegeta growled.  He made sure that his grip was steady enough that Nasu couldn’t squirm out of it without breaking her arm.

“No, you’re letting go now,” Nasu informed her captor, pulling her other arm into an all too familiar position.

“Shit!” Vegeta covered his face with both his arms, letting go in the process.  Nasu jumped back and fired her energy blast to his side, throwing up quite a bit of dust in the process.  By the time it cleared, she was gone.  “Fuck!” Vegeta exclaimed.  At that moment, Kakarot chose to return.

“What happened?” He asked, clueless.  “Did I miss something?”

Vegeta managed to refrain himself from slamming his fist into Kakarot’s face, but his hand still hurt from clenching it.

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