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Title: Nasu
Plot, or Lack Thereof: Vegeta meets Yet Another Childhood Friend when she drops in with a few “friends” of her own.
Reason for Banishment: Weak characterization, borderline self-insert. In the process of being rewritten into For Want.

Gohan was in his study room trying to come up with a thesis statement (and failing miserably at it) when someone knocked on his window.  After he opened it, the Saiyan girl Goten told him about the night before jumped onto the window sill.

“Hi,” She greeted.  Nearly kicking his chair over, Gohan stood up and dropped into a combat stance.  “Calm down; I have no intentions of taking over this planet.” Gohan didn’t budge.  “I don’t know what your brother told you, so I might as well introduce myself: my name is Nasu, and I’m an old,” and here she paused, as if trying to decide what the right word was, “acquaintance of Vegeta’s.  I’d like to talk to you, if you don’t mind.”

“How did you know Goten and I are brothers?” Gohan asked.

“The resemblance is obvious.” Nasu looked down at her feet.  “Um, I would like to get off of this sill someday ” Gohan’s gut feeling told him that this girl wasn’t to be trusted, but he decided to let her in and see what she was up to.

“Come in, then,” He invited, making sure he communicated that mistrust to her.

“Thank you.” Nasu dropped into the room and scanned her surroundings.  “You’re the scholarly type?” She guessed.

“Yeah,” Gohan nodded, “but that’s not what you want to talk to me about, though, is it?” He asked.  Nasu shook her head.

“I thought that since I haven’t seen Vegeta in forty years, I might want to know what he’s been up to.”

“Then you should ask him.” Gohan pointed out.

“I did, but your father interrupted us before he could finish.” Nasu studied Gohan for a while, making him uncomfortable.  “He came to this planet about twenty years ago, right? Start from there, if you can still remember back that far.”

“I remember ” Gohan reassured her.  “I could never forget what happened but I think I’ll start from a little earlier, when my Dad’s brother Raditz came to this planet.” Gohan pulled up a chair.  “You might want to sit down; it’s a pretty long story.” Nasu did, and Gohan spent a good part of the afternoon talking, covering the time from Raditz to Majin Buu.  Either on purpose or by accident, he neglected to mention how powerful all of them had become in the meantime.  He suspected that she already saw part of it, and would find out sooner or later anyway.

“Whew,” Nasu whistled when Gohan was finished.  “Too bad I wasn’t here to see all of this.”

“That’s pretty much all that I know.” Gohan said, though that wasn’t quite true.  “Is there anything else that I can do for you?”

“Yeah,” Nasu stood up.  “How about a little spar? Just for fun, you know.”

‘Just for fun’? Gohan thought he saw something not quite right about the glimmer in Nasu’s eyes, but he dismissed it as nothing.

“I haven’t been training for a while ” he confessed.

“Just for fun,” Nasu repeated.  “It’s not like I’m going to try to kill you or anything.”

(Gohan wasn’t so sure about that part, but he thought it might be a good idea to see how strong she was.)

“Well okay.” Gohan agreed.  He followed Nasu out the window (so that he wouldn’t disturb Videl) to a deserted island.  Once he landed, Nasu dropped into a combat stance and waited.  “You first,” He offered.

“You sure?” She asked.  Again, the strange glimmer in her eyes shined for a moment, but was gone before Gohan could figure out what it meant.

“Sure,” He replied, and Nasu disappeared from his vision.  He could still feel her energy, though, and anticipated her attack from the side.  She jumped back in surprise when he blocked.

“Hmm.  Impressive.  You ‘saw’ me without using a Scouter.”

“I can feel the energy you were giving off.”

Nasu raised an eyebrow.  “Really? How interesting ” This time, both her form and her energy vanished.

“Oh, no!” Gohan concentrated as hard as he could, made her out just before she reappeared, and shifted to the side.  The thin beam of energy that came out of her hand missed his chest by inches; its energy (which, in reality, would not have hurt him much) ripped his shirt instead.  “Hey,” Gohan stared at the tear.  “Is this what you call ‘for fun’?”

Nasu cocked her head at him.  “You didn’t get hurt, did you?”

“No, but that was pretty close.” Gohan fingered his shirt.  Videl’s not going to be too happy about this

Nasu shrugged.  “You’re Kakarrot’s son; you could’ve taken it.” She dropped into her stance again.  “You up for another round?”

“No, thanks.”

“Darn.” Nasu looked disappointed.  “You’re a really good fighter, you know.”

“Not by choice ” Gohan muttered.  Nasu raised another eyebrow, but didn’t say anything.  “Well, I’ll be going back now ” Gohan turned and left.

Now, who’s next? Nasu wondered.  Oh, yes that half-human son of Vegeta’s She headed in the direction of Capsule Corporation.

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