Title: The Fifth Child
Plot, or Lack Thereof: A certain spiky-headed hero joins the EVA cast.
Reason for Banishment: Lacks the cleverness of a true spamfic.

“Have you seen the new student?” Hikari asked Asuka during lunch. “He’s hot!”

“Hmph!” Asuka snorted. “He has even less of a personality than Wonder Girl. I highly doubt there’s anything in that spikey head of his.”

Meanwhile, Shinji was attempting to practice his social skills on the aforementioned new student. “Hi, I’m Shinji.”

“Hello,” the other answered in monotone.

“That was a really good job you did against the Angel yesterday. You saved my life!” No response. Shinji tried again. “Say, could you show me how you get your hair up like that? It looks really neat.”

“I was born this way.”

What was left of the conversation died as the newcomer directed his bright blue eyes into the distance, as if looking for something. In other words, Shinji was being ignored.

“Nice talking to you? See you later, I guess.” Shinji turned and left.

Phew. Trying to talk to him is harder than trying to talk to Ayanami. Shinji sneaked a glance back at the man. Cloud Strife? What a strange guy.