No, it's just a Scooby Doo Hoax
Olenga: Ahaha! Look at them run!
Adam: Yeah, yeah, a riot. You owe me a new shirt, kid.

Olenga: Best $50 I’ve ever spent! Besides, it’s just food coloring.
Adam: Hand it over already.

Olenga: So, about this ‘ghost’…
Adam: I’m just a janitor, and I happen to like this job.

Olenga: Oh, really? Does the school board pay better than I do?

Adam: That’d better not be an attempt to bribe me into doing something illegal.
Olenga: It wouldn’t be illegal to expose any shady deals on the school’s part, would it?

Adam: Heh. I like how you think. …try the library sometime. And remember—

Olenga: I don’t know you, you said nothing, blah blah blah.
Adam: Good boy.