This time, the prelude to the end for real
Nasu: I guess I can’t blame you guys for wanting to lay low.  After all, the only reason you weren’t expelled for blowing up half the school is that it technically wasn’t your fault.

Nasu: I’ll just find some other suckers to add to the professor’s collection.

Forseti (narrating): We wondered about her for a while, but she stayed true to her word and didn’t approach us again, so in time we didn’t put any mind to her cryptic words.

Forseti (narrating): Sometimes we’d catch user watching us from a distance…

Forseti (narrating): But whenever we did she’d walk away and not show up around us for a few days.

Banner text: CONGRATS YEAR OF 2005
Forseti (narrating): Before long the year had come to an end.