One last tease of potential sequel options
Maxine (thinking): The monster is dead, but the only proof that the school board was involved was destroyed along with it.

Sound effect: tap tap

Maxine (thinking): At least they’re just as interested in keeping things quiet for now…but someday, this school will graduate with a full class! I swear it!

Narrator: Meanwhile…
Ranu (off screen): Let’s see… how about “lucky break”?

Olenga: How about I give you a shiner with my other hand?
Ranu: What, did the monster eat your sense of humor, too?

Lia: So much for getting explanations.  Principal Maxine hasn’t even left her office since the whole monster thing.

Nasu: Of course she isn’t going to say anything.  She used you as bait.

Forseti: Come back when you feel like telling us something we don’t already know.
Nasu: Not interested in any shiny new plot hooks, huh?
Olenga: Of course not, the comic is wrapping up.
Ranu: Hey, watch the Fourth Wall!