Wrapping up the action
Forseti (narrating): Eventually, life went back to “normal”.  Lia visited Olenga in the hospital every day.

An arrow pointing at Ranu: got a haircut, too!
Forseti (narrating): The others dropped by, too.  (Rumors about Lia and Olenga being a couple soon started going around.)

Forseti (narrating): The explosion blew out a huge chunk of the school, so those classes were relocated to trailers while they rebuilt.  Adam was assigned extra shifts to help handle the excess rubble.  (He was not amused.)

Forseti (narrating): Because of the kiss from Tasha, I gained the ability to see and hear ghosts.
Ghost: Hey! Listen!

Forseti (narrating): The mausoleum was locked up and declared “strictly off limits”.

Forseti (narrating): Maxine stayed on as principal, but spent the rest of the year neck deep in paperwork.