Title: Sleepless at Capsule Corp
Plot, or Lack Thereof: An in-between scene from “Mix Up“.
Reason for Banishment: The context makes no sense unless you read “Mix Up”, and that has since been banished to the Vault as well.

Bulma, in dirty overalls and clutching a mug of steaming black coffee (“the essence of life”, she had once called it as a joke), stood at the open window of her room and looked down at the gravity room, half expecting to see her husband standing next to the door looking back at her.  But, of course, he wasn’t there.  Not tonight.  Tonight was different, all because of the two idiots who were in the gravity room.

For such a thing to happen to Son-kun would have been more understandable: he was always so carefree (and careless).  But Vegeta? He was supposed to be wiser and more cautious.

Of course, neither man expected to switch bodies after colliding head-on; no normal person would.  Then again, Vegeta and Son-kun were not normal, not by any stretch of the imagination.

Vegeta’s not the only one that doesn’t like this arrangement, she thought.

Bulma decided to keep trying.  Heaven only knows what Vegeta would do if he could not be changed back.  As she left the room she forgot to turn off the lights.


Vegeta snarled as he tried to find a more comfortable sleeping position, with no success.  A few feet away, Kakarot snored, making his ordeal even worse.

Vegeta suppressed the urge drag Kakarot out of his dreams and giving him a beating of a lifetime; it would be stupid to do so now, since he was not in his own body.

When I find the one responsible for this farce— Vegeta clenched his fists.  Whoever was crazy or idiotic enough to pull a stunt like this deserved to have a slow, painful death, and he would be more than happy to give it to the asshole.

Sure, being in Kakarot’s body had its advantages: he could, and did, turn Super Saiyan 3 in it.  The surge of power was exhilarating, but it was not his.

And he thought of his mate.  He remembered the events which led him to sleep (or not) in the gravity room.  He missed being with her.

Another loud rumble came from Kakarot.  Vegeta, reaching the limit of his patience, stood up a little too fast, then remembered (too late) that Kakarot was much taller.

When the aching in his head subsided, so did his anger.  Kakarot, idiot that he was, at least was worthy of a good night’s rest, the one thing that Vegeta could not have, as well as peace of mind.

Being careful not to hit his head again, Vegeta left the gravity room.  Outside, he looked up at Bulma’s bedroom window, as he was accustomed to doing.  To his surprise, he discovered that the light was still on.

Vegeta flew to the window and went in without thinking.

She wasn’t there.

Vegeta then realized that she was still working on a contraption that might restore him to “normal”, and left her bedroom light on out of habit.  As he walked out of the room he passed a full length mirror that brutally reminded him of his current condition.

Tiptoeing down the stairs, he almost felt like an intruder in his own house.  But, as Kakarot pointed out, it wasn’t his home, not tonight.  By switching bodies, he became neither Vegeta nor Kakarot, but something else, something that didn’t belong anywhere.

Just before he reached the door to the garage that was now Bulma’s workshop, Vegeta stopped.  He remembered how upset she was earlier.  Assuming that she was still not in the best of moods (which was pretty safe to assume), going in to see her now would be an instant death wish.  He used to make fun of Kakarot for being afraid of his weaker human mate, but now he knew better.

Just then a noise came from the corridor, causing Vegeta to jump into the shadows.

Bulma walked by with another cup of coffee.  Before she entered her workshop, she stopped and looked in Vegeta’s direction; he held his breath and tried not to move.

She looked into the shadows a bit longer, then went in.

Vegeta did not want to take any more chances; he flew back up the stairs and jumped out of Bulma’s window (for the first time, it seemed, he was not using the window to go in).  He would rather listen to Kakarot’s snoring than bear his wife’s wrath a second time.


Bulma was puzzled; she thought she saw—or felt—someone watching her as she went into her workshop.  It couldn’t have been Vegeta: he was smart enough, after what had happened earlier, to leave her alone.  But it couldn’t be Son-kun, either: he had learned not to barge into someone else’s house in the middle of the night.  It must have been her imagination.  Yes, that was it: she was so tired that her mind was playing tricks on her.  She suppressed a yawn and continued to puzzle over a way to bring her husband back.  One sleepless night without him was one too many.