Title: Second Chances
Plot, or Lack Thereof: An unnamed man (Adam) wakes up in a Twilight-Zone like world next to a woman (Shelly) who looks like someone important in his life.
Reason for Banishment: Upon further inspection, the premise smacked way too much of Deus Ex Machina.  That, and the idea ran out of steam.

If there were an afterlife, then this must be hell.

That was the way he could explain the string of events that otherwise threatened to drive him insane every time he tried to think about it. One morning he had woken in this place with no memory of how he’d gotten here, finding himself staring across the room at her, or some reasonable facsimile thereof. And then when she opened her eyes, she just gave him this creepy smile as if she knew something he didn’t and left the room.

What kept him at a marginal level of coherent thought was that she didn’t quite look like Her. She would have never allowed Her hair grow out that long, nor would Her wild blue spikes ever fade to that drab, listless black. She also carried an air of—he wasn’t sure what. The closest emotion he could find to describe the expression on her face would be resignation, as if she had consented to bearing some immense burden.

And the place that he was in—wherever it was—was very strange indeed. The small house that they lived in now was the one thing that existed other than an almost endless field of blue-grey grass and a just as endless supply of amenities. Yet he still needed to eat, drink, and sleep, things that he was sure would be superfluous if he were dead. Moreover, he could not, no matter how hard he tried, will away the pain that gnawed at the core of his being whenever he thought of Her.

He hadn’t remembered dying; but then again, sudden, unexpected cessation of life was an occupational hazard he was exposed to so often that he didn’t think about it much any more. Whatever had happened in those final moments—and he certainly had no wish to dwell on that—here he was now, somewhere in the sea of Eternity, wondering.