Title: Samus’ Journey: Incident at Tourian
Plot, or Lack Thereof: Samus runs into the Metroid hatchling that she rescued in the previous game.
Reason for Banishment: Novelization of in-game scene, ran out of steam.

The air down here had a stale, stank edge to it that was almost visible.  Not even my suit could filter out all of the smell.  And it was as quiet as death; I couldn’t hear a thing except for my own breathing.  Still, I kept a firm grip on my gun.  I had learned from experience that I should never let my guard down.  I shot through the door and headed into the next room—

A giant shape loomed before me.  A Chorizo! I instinctively fired at it.  As soon as the beam hit the Chorizo, however, it crumbled into a pile of thin, fine dust.

What the HELL? Cautious, I walked forward, my pulse quickening.  My hands were getting sweaty.

I brushed against something.  I recognized it as a Jumper before it disintegrated in the same manner that the Chorizo had.  My heart pounded faster.  Alarm bells were going off left and right in my brain, but I couldn’t put my finger on as to what could be so wrong.

Then I saw it.  A Metroid, almost as big as my ship.  I watched, frozen with fascination and fear, as it chased down another Jumper and drained it dry of all energy, leaving behind only an empty shell.  A little voice in the back of my head reminded me that I should get out of here if I didn’t want to be next.

Too late.

Searing pain engulfed me.  Every nerve in my body felt like it was on fire.  I wanted to move, to fire my weapon, to scream—anything!—but nothing happened.  I lost feeling in my fingers and my toes, and the numbness crept up my limbs.  My vision got blurry, and my head felt like it was getting stuffed with cotton.

Well, this is it, I thought as I began to lose consciousness.

Almost as soon as that thought passed through my head, though, the pain stopped, and I dropped to the ground, panting.  I managed to open my eyes a crack.

The Metroid was hovering right over me and making strange screeching noises.  It circled above my head as if it were examining me.  After a few times, it made one more crooning chirp and took off.

I stared after it for a long time, wondering what in God’s name had just happened.

Of course! I remembered.  The Metroid hatchling! It must have recognized me somehow.

I shook my head.  How could that be possible?

Forcing myself to my feet, I limped forward, hoping that I could find an energy refilling station nearby.