Prom Night
a short story by Dot

Gohan looked into the mirror and readjusted his bow tie for what must have been the millionth time.

“Are you sure it looks all right?” He asked.

Chi-Chi smiled and patted him on the shoulder.  “You look fine, dear.”

“But—” Gohan looked at the tie again.  He just couldn’t seem to get it right.

“Gohan.  You could stay here all night worrying about your tie.  But you have someone more important to worry about, ne?”

Gohan slapped himself on the forehead.  “That’s right! Videl! I said I would pick her up at seven!” He looked at the clock: it read 7:15.  “Oh no!”

Chi-Chi shook her head.  “You are just like your father,” she looked at Gohan, who was stuffing his feet into shoes.  “Exactly like him.”

“Where’s the corsage I got for Videl?” Chi-Chi handed him the box containing the flowers.  “Thanks, ma.” He gave her a light kiss, then dashed out the door.

:: @ ::

Meanwhile, Videl, who was fully prepared to leave, was waiting in her room for Gohan to arrive.  Down stairs, her father paced back and forth.

“Where is that kid?” He wondered out loud, pausing every once in a while to look at the clock.  “He said he would be here at seven.” Videl closed her eyes and pretended not to hear.  She was worried too: was he lost—how, when he could sense her anywhere in the world?—or stuck in traffic—but why drive when he could fly—or did he just plain forget her?

He better have remembered! Videl had agreed to go on the date because she knew she could trust Gohan.  But it looked like she couldn’t trust him to be punctual.

At 7:30, the doorbell rang.

“Good evening, Gohan-kun!” Mr. Satan greeted, pretending that he didn’t notice Gohan’s lateness.

“Sorry.” Gohan grinned.

“It’s okay.  What matters is that you’re here.” Mr. Satan turned towards the stairs.  “Videl!” He called.  “Your date has arrived!”

Okay.  This is it. Videl took a deep breath and walked out of her room.

Gohan was struck speechless by what he saw: Videl in a sleeveless black dress; a thin gold necklace adorning her bare neck; her hair, which she had grown out again, tied in an elegant bun behind her head; her black, high-heeled shoes clasped with fake diamonds; her face touched by just enough make-up to bring out her natural beauty.


“What’s the matter?” Videl asked, smiling as a blush crept up her face.  “Never seen a girl in a dress before?”

“Well, ah—it’s just that—” Gohan stammered, groping for the right words.  “You look really nice.”

Videl blushed even deeper.  “You do too.” She fingered the all-white suit.  “It matches my dress very well.”

“Okay, kids,” Mr. Satan brought out the camera. “If you two will pose for me, please.  I want to take some pictures.”

“Just a minute,” Gohan turned to Videl and opened the box containing the corsage, an elegant arrangement of white roses.  She held out her wrist and remained as still as possible as Gohan muddled it on.  Then she took his arm and smiled for the camera.  After what seemed to be eternity, Mr. Satan finished the roll of film.

“Before you go, Gohan! I need to tell you something.” Mr. Satan pulled Gohan aside.  “Videl is my only daughter; I’m putting her in your hands tonight, and trusting you to be a gentleman.”

“In other words, you want me to bring her back before midnight.” Gohan guessed.

“That’s right.” Mr. Satan nodded.  “If you are even one minute late I will hunt you down, Son Gohan,” he added, and his half-smile suggested that the threat might not be a joke.  “Have a good time!”

:: @ ::

Gohan opened the car door for Videl.

“We’re not flying there?” She teased.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“All right.  She got into the car and buckled her seat belt.

“Before we go to the prom, do you mind if my mom takes a look at you?”

“Not at all!”

:: @ ::

Chi-Chi was doing the dishes when the doorbell rang.

“Just a minute!” she called.  She dried her hands and ran to the door.

“Hi, Mrs. Son.”

Chi-Chi was speechless.  Gone was the fierce tomboy who, as Great Saiyaman #2, fought at Gohan’s side; Videl looked like—no, she was—every bit the lady.

“You’re beautiful!” She exclaimed.  Videl blushed again.  “Come in and let me take some pictures.” Before Gohan could protest, she ran inside and grabbed the camera.  “Okay, smile!”

After about five pictures, Gohan found his voice. “Videl’s dad said that we have to be back by midnight, so I’d like to leave as soon as possible.”

“All right,” Chi-Chi nodded, understanding what her son meant.  “Drive safely!” She waved as Gohan drove off.

Those two are a match made in heaven! She thought.  I wonder how Videl-san would look in a wedding dress—

:: @ ::

The dance was just beginning to get cranked up when Gohan and Videl got there.

“C’mon, Gohan!” Urged Videl.  “Let’s dance!”

“B-but I don’t know anything about dancing!” Gohan protested.

“Just follow the music!” She pulled him onto the dance floor and began to move to the rhythmic beat.  Gohan followed suit; it took a while, but he began to enjoy himself.

“Hey! This is fun!” He exclaimed.

They danced almost all evening, stopping every once in a while to greet friends or grab a few bites to eat.  When Gohan looked at his watch, it read 11:05.

“It’s almost time to go.”

“One last dance?” Videl pleaded.  Gohan thought about this for a while, then agreed.

The music had a slow, relaxed beat; Gohan and Videl pulled closer to each other as they danced to it.

“Take my hand,
Take my whole life too.
But I can’t help
Falling in love
With you.”

Gohan and Videl just saw one another; it was almost as if the other dancer’s weren’t there.

All too soon, though, it was time to leave.  With heavy hearts, Gohan and Videl bid farewell to their friends and headed home.

:: @ ::

It was 11:55 when Gohan pulled into the driveway of Videl’s house.  He got out of the car and opened the door for her.

“Thank you so much for everything.” She said.

“No, thank you.  I couldn’t of done it without you.”

Videl burst out laughing.  “Of course not, silly!” She chuckled.  Gohan grinned.

Everything seemed to disappear again.  The two looked into each other’s eyes again; he reached for her.

The touch of his fingers on Videl’s arm brought her back to reality.

“Well,” she said at last.  “I have to go.” She walked towards the front door.

“Good night,” Gohan called back.  Before she went inside Videl turned around and blew him a kiss.

:: @ ::

Gohan stood outside for a long time staring at the closed door.  Finally, he climbed back into the car and headed for home.

As he drove, he began to sing.

“But I can’t help
Falling in love
With you…”