Vegeta goes into flashback land to try and find a reason for Nasu to hate him.
Vegeta (thinking): That Nakaruru—what is her beef with me, exactly? I never did anything to her.

Vegeta (thinking): Heck, SHE was the one always taunting me…
Nasu (in flashback): Heya, Veggie! How’s it going?

Vegeta (thinking): She seemed to enjoy pissing me off to no end.

Vegeta (in flashback): You’re so ugly you give people nightmares!
Nasu (in flashback): Says the prince that not even I would mate with.

Vegeta (in flashback): Then my first act as king will be to make you marry me!

Nasu (in flashback): Nyah! Let’s see you TRY!

Vegeta (in flashback): You…

Vegeta (thinking): Now there was a fight if I ever had one.