The year was 1997, or somewhere thereabouts.  The Dot Com bubble had yet to burst. While the most diehard fans were still chatting up a storm on Usenet message boards such as rec.arts.anime.misc, a handful of dedicated character shrines and fanfiction repositories were popping up on Geocities, then a burgeoning free hosting service.  And a young teenager was about to stumble across such fan pages and become inspired to try her own hand at writing and drawing works of her own.

Over twenty years later, the humble little piece of the World Wide Web that I had carved out for myself was now a self-built, self-run blog, but the updates that were once frequent have trickled away, along with a large chunk of my mental energy and desire to continue maintaining a site that, while not expensive in terms of money or time, still consume enough of both for me to wonder whether it’s worth the upkeep.

After an internal debate with myself where the reasons for and against were both a mile long, I came to the eventual verdict: no.

And so, with a heavy heart and the dim hope that someday, the plot bunnies will multiply again, and I’ll be back pecking away at the keyboard like a person possessed, I allowed the hosting account to expire on September 25, 2018.  So that the full contents of Concept Space continue to be available on the internet without the need to trawl the Wayback Machine, I copied it all to Google Drive.

I won’t be completely gone from the interwebs: I’ll still be posting to my tumblr whenever the mood strikes, and if my health improves I may even stream regularly again, but I make no guarantees.