Title: One Night
Plot, or Lack Thereof: Chi-Chi reminisces on the last time she ever saw Goku.
Reason for Banishment: Weak characterization

Chi-Chi sat nervously in the doctor’s office; she had been feeling strange for a week now, but none of her symptoms matched any sickness.

What in the world could I possibly have? Chi-Chi wondered.  It wasn’t Goku’s death; she had already accepted that he was gone.  And Gohan was doing fine in school and was on his way to being a great scholar, so it wasn’t worry.  And unlike Bulma, she didn’t have a company to run, so it probably wasn’t stress—

And then she remembered something.

Oh, my God! It couldn’t be!


*Three months earlier*

Chi-Chi put the last dish into the cabinet.  Now that Goku and Gohan were training almost constantly, they rarely ate with her.  That made dish washing a lot easier, but—

Chi-Chi wished that her husband was human.  Or at least never discovered that he was a Saiyan.  That way they could be a normal, happy family where Gohan could finally get his studies done instead of fighting.

That Goku! It’s bad enough that he has to risk his life—why does he have to take Gohan too? Chi-Chi tried to tell Goku that Gohan was too young, that he needed to go to school, but Goku didn’t get it.  He didn’t understand that she was even more worried about her husband than about her son, that she was trying to get both of them to stay.  And if she tried to tell him outright about her worries he would just laugh it off and say that he’d be fine.

And the last time he said that he had died.

Chi-Chi stared at the empty table and tried not to cry.  She felt as hollow as the house itself, as if a part of her had gone with Goku.  Secretly, she wanted to go with him; she wished that she could fight by his side.  But she knew that it was not possible, just like it was not possible to hold her husband back from a challenge.


There was someone behind her; Chi-Chi tensed a bit, then calmed down.  It was just Goku.  She had told him a million times not to teleport behind her because it scared her, but of course he never put it to heart.

Goku, you idiot! Scaring me like that!

Ten years of worry, bitterness, and anger exploded out of Chi-Chi.

“What do you want?” she demanded.  “Food? I’ve already eaten dinner and washed the dishes; I’m not making any more.” Goku recoiled in surprise when he heard the tone in Chi-Chi’s voice.  She had never been so upset, not even when he wanted to take Gohan to train in preparation for the Androids.

“I—I just came to visit,” he stammered.

“Visit?” Chi-Chi asked, her voice raising.  “Visit?!? Don’t you live here? Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot that you’re training for that fighting tournament, aren’t you?!?”


“Don’t you dare ‘Chi-Chi’, me, Son Goku!”

Goku knew that he was in trouble; Chi-Chi never called him by his full name unless she was absolutely furious.

And she was.

“Why don’t you go back to your precious training, huh?!? Isn’t it more important to you than food, or Gohan, or—me?” Tears started to well up in Chi-Chi’s eyes.  She angrily brushed them aside.  “All you can think about is fighting, isn’t it?!? It doesn’t matter to you if you get killed, doesn’t it?!? And you never thought how Gohan and I would feel if something happened to you, have you?!?” Goku lowered his head.  Chi-Chi was right; he had never really thought of the danger he was exposing Gohan and himself to.  “It’s all a game to you, isn’t it?!?” Chi-Chi added, breaking into hysterics.  “All you can say if anything goes wrong is ‘oops’, isn’t it?!? Well, let me tell you something, Son Goku: no amount of apologies could ever make up for what you’ve done to me, ever! And if you dare die on me, I’ll—I’ll—” she completely lost control over herself and began pounding on Goku’s chest with her fists, knowing that she couldn’t hurt him but not caring.  “I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!” She collapsed on him, weeping.

Oh, my God! THIS is what I’ve been putting Chi-Chi through? Goku thought with horror.  He had never really considered the consequences of his actions.  He had no idea that she was that worried about him and about Gohan.

He couldn’t even remember the last time that he did something remotely nice for her.


Chi-Chi gasped when she felt Goku hug her.


She was even more shocked when Goku, too, began to cry.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.  “I’m so sorry.  I had no idea!” he kissed her lightly on the forehead.  “I’m so, so sorry,” he repeated over and over again, kissing her each time.  Chi-Chi wrapped her arms around Goku and hugged him back.  The two began to move toward the bedroom.


Goku held Chi-Chi with great, like one would hold an egg.  He was surprised at how light and fragile she seemed now that she was in his arms.  It seemed strange to him that she could be so strong in spirit and yet so weak.

Was Vegeta right? Goku wondered.  Do emotions make you weak? Looking at Chi-Chi, he decided that Vegeta was wrong.  It was not just his love for fighting, but also his love for his family that motivated him, that gave him strength.  He kissed Chi-Chi again, this time on the lips.  He remembered the first time that they had slept together: how Chi-Chi taught him how to kiss (by kissing him first—she slapped him when he told her he thought a kiss was a kind of food); how he kept apologizing because he thought he hurt her and Chi-Chi shut him up by kissing him again; how she ended up pregnant and tried to explain to Goku the facts of life.  Goku looked at Chi-Chi and felt himself fall in love with her all over again.


Chi-Chi lay in bed and tried not to wake up; she knew that in a few more moments she would have to get up and find that Goku was gone.  But she also knew that this could not last forever, that both of them had a long day ahead of them.  Finally, though, she opened her eyes and discovered, to her shock, that Goku was still there.

He had his clothes back on and was sitting at the edge of the bed, but looked as if he, too, wanted to stay a little longer.  He reached out and touched her face, then pulled her up to his chest and held her close.


“I have to go,” He said at last.  He stood up and prepared to teleport.  “Don’t worry; I won’t let anything happen to Gohan,” he promised.  As he disappeared he raised his hand in a small wave and smiled.  Chi-Chi sat and stared for a while, trying to sort out her emotions.

“What about you, Goku?” she asked aloud.  “What about you?”


“Mrs. Son?” Chi-Chi was brought back to the present by the doctor entering the room.  “You’re not ill; in fact, you’ve never been healthier.”

“Then?” Chi-Chi prompted, already guessing what the doctor would say.  He broke into a wide grin and held out his hand.

“Congratulations, Mrs. Son.”

Chi-Chi smiled back.

Gohan was going to have a sibling.