Title: New Age Gospel
Premise, or Lack Thereof: A day in the life without Evangelion
Reason for Banishment: Lost steam.

Gospel of a New Era
a story by Dot

Bonus Disc: According to Kirin

1. HASSHIN (Launch)/In the Beginning

Asuka glanced at her watch. “Argh! We’re going to be late for sure today!” She glared at the pale-haired boy struggling to keep up. “This is all your fault, Haruna!”

“My fault? How is it my fault that Shin-kun overslept?” Tatchi steadied Shinji before the latter could trip over a curb. “And Shin-kun, I thought you knew better than to go to bed in just your underwear by now. I almost died trying to explain morning wood to Asuka-chan there.”

Shinji flushed a deep red. “It was really warm, okay?”

Around the next corner the trio was joined by The Terror Twins, Kaworu looking like he’d been just dragged out of bed himself and Rei still munching on a piece of toast.

“Morning!” Tatchi greeted, then smirked at Shinji. “Well, Shin-kun, it looks like at least we’ll have company to stand in the hallway with us.”

“You lazy bum!” Rei yelled at Kaworu between bites. “I told you to get up earlier!”

“Sorry?” Kaworu offered the somewhat insincere apology with a sheepish grin. He checked his watch. “If we hurry, we still have a few minutes to spare. Kongou-san never gets up in time to close the gate before the warning bell anyway.”

“Well, in that case—” Tatchi grabbed Shinji’s wrist in one hand and Asuka’s in the other. “Last one there’s a rotten egg!”

“Hey!” Kaworu started after them. “That’s cheating!”

Rei finished off the last few pieces of her makeshift breakfast and broke into a run as well. “Wait for me, you guys!”


“Rise! Bow! Be seated!”

Misato waited for the sound of thirty-odd chairs being pulled up to subside before clearing her throat to get her students’ attention. “Good morning, class! Let’s give a hearty welcome to your new classmate! Hisako, if you’d please introduce yourself.”

Hisako wrote her name on the blackboard and turned back to size up the other students. “Murasame Hisako. I was born in America, but my father moved us back to his native land when I was very young, and more recently transferred to Tokyo because of work.” She bowed to her waist. “I hope to get along with everyone and make lots of new friends.”

“Nice to meet you,” the class answered back in more-or-less unison.

Tatchi poked Shinji in the ribs and made suggestive eyebrow waggles at him as Hisako made her way to her seat.

Unnecessarily Long and Tiresome Authoress’ Notes:
Just a silly little “crossover” mashing everything together using an adaptation of the alternate universe from episode 25 as a backdrop.

Kirin is not just the brand name of a beer, but also the “fifth” god of Heaven and Earth, who rules the center direction and the element of earth, among other things. It is a rare creature rumored to only appear during times of peace and prosperity.