Title: New Age Gospel
Premise, or Lack Thereof: Conspiracy theories, politics, and intrigues
Reason for Banishment: Lost steam

Gospel of a New Era
a story by Dot

Disc Four: According to Byakko

1. HASSHIN (Launch)/In the Beginning

“You’re late.”

Kongou Yasuaki grunted. “At my age, I’m always playing catchup.” He leaned against a back wall, sighing. “Can’t we pick a less remote location?”

“Sorry, but I can’t afford to be discovered. I am gambling my life here. Cigarette?”

“No, thanks.”

“Suit yourself.”

Yasuaki caught a glimpse of a five-o’clock shadow in the flickering light. “Girlfriend dumped you, I see.”

A dry chuckle. “Nothing gets past you, does it?”

“I do have a habit of noticing things,” Yasuaki tilted his head forward, “like how you almost seem to be running your own agenda sometimes.”

“Well, I technically work for NERV now, don’t I? And I haven’t done anything that’s outside of the bounds of my job.”

Yet, seemed to be the other man’s unspoken implication. “Is Ikari serious about making his son a pilot?”

“Looks like it. The old men must have their panties in quite a twist, if they sent you to ask me for confirmation.”

“Not just confirmation. They’re screaming for details.”

“Well, this is kind of sudden for me, too, you know. All I could get was his school file.”

Yasuaki managed to catch the manila folder, but its contents were not as fortunate. A collection of papers scattered onto the floor. A light groan escaped his lips as he squatted down to retrieve them. In the dim light of the abandoned warehouse he could not make out many words, but he caught enough of the gist that he almost dropped the files again. “Son of a bitch,” he breathed, feeling his heartbeat quicken. “How much of this does SEELE already know?”

“I haven’t told them yet, but I’ll bet they suspect it. Hell, they greenlighted just about all of the budget that went into building the infrastructure.”

“Give a man enough rope, and he’ll hang himself with it,” Yasuaki murmured, beginning to regret his decision to turn down the cigarette. “Maybe I should just retire after all.”

“And miss the end of the world?” Kaji clicked his tongue. “You really are getting old, my friend.”

“Tell me about it.”

Unnecessarily Long and Tiresome Authoress’ Notes:
Trying my hand at a spy thriller for this one.

For those of you who have never seen Fushigi Yuugi, Byakko is one of the four Guardians of Heaven and Earth. Japanese for “White Tiger”, Byakko rules the element of metal, the direction of west, and the season of fall, among other things.

As for the new character’s name: the Kongou is an active ship on the Japanese Marine Self Defense Force’s fleet, while Yasuaki is a name I pulled out of an online J-E/E-J dictionary using the kanji for “health” and “autumn”.