They let the front line collapse and they died.

They couldn’t save the sentry from the Sentry Buster and they died.

They missed a Scoutbot at the choke-point and they died.

They didn’t Spycheck and they died.

They neglected to stop the Medicbots from popping ubers and they died.

They failed to stop the Tank and they died.

But nobody wanted to quit, not now, not ever. They couldn’t abandon this place to the robots like some of them did in other areas. This was the last human bastion; if the robots were not repelled here, it would be the end for everyone, mercenary or civilian.

They made a headcount of who was in any shape to fight and came up with a mere six who wasn’t too exhausted or injured to carry on. This time, they vowed. This time, they would win.

Or die trying.