Title: Mix-Up
Plot, or Lack Thereof: King Kai switches Goku’s and Vegeta’s bodies as a prank. Chaos ensues.
Reason for Banishment: Cliches up the wazoo, weak characterization, script style.

Narrator (always melodramatic): It is a beautiful day on planet Earth. And, like any other beautiful day, our heroes—Goku and Vegeta—are doing what they like to do best: fighting.

Goku and Vegeta are sparring in front of the Capsule Corp. Building while Gohan, Goten, and Trunks are watching.

Vegeta (panting): Very good, Kakarot, but not good enough.

Goku (also panting): But you said I was number one!

Vegeta: Not anymore!

(turns Super Saiyan Level 1 (SSJ))

Goku: Hey! That’s not fair!

(also turns SSJ, and the fight continues)

Enter King Kai

Narrator (same): Little did they know that King Kai, who always loves a joke, was about to give them the surprise of their lives.

King Kai (mischievous): Let me spice things up a bit.

Vegeta (charging at Goku): YAAAHHH!

Goku (charging at Vegeta): YAAAHHH!

The two collide head on, fly backwards, and land with a crash; they have stars around their heads.

King Kai (as before): He, he, he.


Goku (moaning): Ohhhh.

(Gohan flies up to Goku)

Gohan: Daddy! Are you all right?

Goku (testy): Who the heck are you calling ‘Daddy’?

(Goku now has Vegeta’s personality and Vegeta has Goku’s; but the actor for Goku still read Goku’s lines, and the same for Vegeta)

Gohan (confused): You.

(Goku looks at Vegeta and screams)

Goku: AAAH!

Goten and Trunks (who have been standing in the same place for all of this time) run up

Goten and Trunks (in unison or overlapping): What happened?

Goku (looking at himself in disbelief): I’M HIM!!!

(points to Goku)

Vegeta (confused): What? (looks at Goku, then at himself)

Vegeta: AAAH!

Bulma comes out of the building

Bulma: What’s all of the yelling about?

Goku and Vegeta point at one another

Goku and Vegeta (in unison or overlapping): He‒I‒We‒

Bulma (irritated): Spit it out!

Enter Piccolo

Piccolo: I may be able to clear things up a bit: it seems that you two have switched bodies.

All: WHAT?

Piccolo: I was watching your fight. After you collided, I felt Vegeta’s energy coming out of Goku, and Goku’s coming out of Vegeta.

Goten and Trunks (as before): COOL!

Goku (angry): This is NOT cool!

Narrator: Oh, no! This is very bad!

Goku (angrier): We already know that, you moron!

Narrator: Oh. Sorry.

Bulma (worried): Can they switch back?

Piccolo: I would ask the person responsible for this.

All: Who?

Piccolo: I’m not sure, but I know who has this kind of ability.

Goku (through clenched teeth): When I get my hands on that—

Goten (interrupting): Couldn’t Dad and Vegeta just bonk heads again?

Piccolo: I suppose that it’s worth a try.

Goku: I’ll try ANYTHING!

Vegeta (shrugging): What the heck.

The two fly at each other‒BONK!

Trunks: Did it work?

Vegeta (still dizzy, rubbing his head): No.

Goku (very upset): No! This isn’t happening! (starts levitating in the air)


Goku goes SSJ, then SSJ2, then SSJ3. He stares at his hands, which are glowing

Goku: What happened?

Gohan (in shock): You’re Super Saiyan 3!

Goku (in awe): So THIS is what it feels like! POWER! RAW POWER! HAHAHAHAHA!

Everyone shields themselves from the incredible outburst of energy; after a while, though, it fades

Goku (sobering): It’s not my power. It’s Kakarot’s.

Goku powers down. There is an awkward silence

Bulma: Well, I guess I’d better start looking for a way to turn you two back.

(goes into the house)

Piccolo: And I’d better start looking for the one who did this.

Goten and Trunks (whining): What about US? (Piccolo glares at Goten and Trunks)

Piccolo: You two? Start looking for the Dragon Balls; we just might have to WISH Goku and Vegeta back to normal.

Goten and Trunks (happy): Yes, sir!

Trunks (dashing into the house): Last one to the Dragon Radar is a rotten egg!

Goten (dashing after him): Hey! No fair! You got a head start!

Piccolo (to Goku and Vegeta): Stay out of trouble. (leaves)

Gohan : Um. I think Mom should know about this.

Gohan flies off; Goku and Vegeta are left staring at each other

Vegeta : Um. I think we should go too. (tries to teleport)

Goku (impatient): You’re me, stupid! You CAN’T teleport!

Vegeta (sheepishly): Oh, yeah. (The two fly off.)

Switch to the Son house. Vegeta has one arm behind his head and a goofy grin; Goku is turned to the side with his arms crossed, scowling and mumbling. Gohan is explaining to an amazed Chi-Chi what happened.

Narrator: And so Gohan tells his mother exactly what happened.

Goku (mumbling): That’s exactly what the stage directions said.

Gohan: ‒and then I came here to tell you.

Chi-Chi stares at the three for a while, then faints; Gohan runs up and catches her

Gohan: I don’t think she’s taking it too well.

Goku (mumbling): Humph. SHE’S not the one who is stuck in someone else’s body.

Vegeta (starting to get angry): Vegeta.

Goku and Vegeta glare at each other; the tension in the air is rising.

Gohan (nervously): Uh. I think I’ll go check on Bulma and see how she’s doing. (Aside) I’m not about to myself killed.

Gohan leaves. Vegeta goes up to Chi-Chi and reaches out to touch her; he jumps back when she begins to wake up.

Chi-Chi: Oooh. (sees Vegeta and gives a start) Goku? Is that really you?

Vegeta (nodding): Yup.

Chi-Chi (bursting into tears): Tell me this is a bad dream! Please, tell me it’s a bad dream! (sobs; Vegeta tries to comfort her)

Goku (annoyed): Stop crying, will you? (Chi-Chi manages to stop) Everyone else is just as upset, but they’re actually doing something to help! (to Vegeta) Sheesh, what a crybaby; so she is where your brat Gohan got that annoying personality of his.

Vegeta (furious): Vegeta, can’t you SHUT UP for one moment?

Goku: Why don’t you make me? (more glaring; Chi-Chi is back to her old self)

Chi-Chi (hands on hips): Will you two stop? You have been fighting since he‒ (pointing first at Vegeta, then at Goku, etc.) Vegeta landed on this planet! (Tension lowers)

Vegeta (shameful): Sorry, Chi-Chi.

Scene switches to Bulma’s house; Bulma is working on a contraption when Gohan enters

Narrator: Let’s see how Bulma’s doing.

Bulma (hurting herself): OWW!

Gohan: Hi, Bulma!

Bulma (surprised): What are YOU doing here?

Gohan: Dad and Vegeta are arguing again.

Bulma: AGAIN? (to herself) When will he EVER stop? (to Gohan) And you just left?

Gohan: I didn’t want to get involved; besides, Mom will be able to handle them. (changing the subject) What are you working on?

Bulma: This device—theoretically—might be able to change them back.

Gohan: How does it work?

Bulma: Well—

(starts a long-winded and very technical explanation; Gohan settles down to listen)

Scene switches to Dende’s place; Piccolo approaches Dende, who has been observing everything.

Narrator: Meanwhile, Piccolo is checking out his prime suspect.

Dende (amused): It seems that there has been an accident.

Piccolo (not amused): That was no accident; someone PURPOSELY switched Goku and Vegeta.

Dende: Who?

Piccolo: Don’t play dumb with me! You know that only a few could do that and you’re one of them!

Dende: It wasn’t ME; I value my life more than that.

Piccolo (sarcastically): Of course.

Dende: What, don’t you believe me?

Piccolo: Of course not.

Dende: Oh, come on! I’m not so crazy or stupid that I would cross the two strongest warriors in the universe, am I?

Piccolo: That’s true, but you must have seen who did it.

Dende (shaking his head): I didn’t see anyone, but I did hear this chuckle that sounded like King Kai.

Piccolo: Now that you mention it, I think I felt his energy flicker briefly just before Goku and Vegeta collided. Hmm.

(starts to leave)

Dende: Where are you going?

Piccolo: I have some visiting to do.

Scene switches to a jungle. Goten and Trunks each have a Dragon Ball and are searching for the next one.

Narrator: Well! It seems that the two boys have gotten to a great start!

Goten (tiring): Are we there yet?

Trunks (studying the Dragon Radar): Just a little longer.

Goten sits down and leans against a tree. Trunks stops, turns around and walks up to Goten.

Trunks: Come on, Goten. We have to hurry.

Goten (stubborn): No. I’m tired. I need to rest. (stomach growls) And I’m hungry.

Trunks is about to argue when his stomach also growls.

Trunks: Me, too.

Goten: Did you bring any food capsules?

Trunks (hits himself on the side of the head): I KNEW I forgot something!

Goten: Great. We’re going to starve!

Trunks: No, we’re not.

(flies up over the trees)

Goten (calling up): What are you doing?

Trunks (calling down): Looking for food!

Goten: Wait for me!

(follows Trunks)

Goten (looking around, disappointed): I can’t see a thing!

Trunks: I do! Over there! (points to a clearing that is full of food; the two fly down to it)

Goten: Oooh! Food! (picks one up) Is it safe to eat?

Trunks (does the same): Who cares? I’m starved!

Goten and Trunks start devouring the food; after a while—

Goten: Phew! I’m stuffed!

Trunks: Me too! (yawns) I’m going to take a nap.

Trunks lands on the ground and lays down

Goten (yawning): Me too! (does the same)

Narrator: Hey! Wake up! You’re supposed to be looking for the Dragon Balls!

Trunks yawning: Shut up and let us sleep! (falls asleep)

Switch to the Son house; everyone (except Piccolo, Bulma, Goten, and Trunks) are sitting at the table eating dinner

Narrator: That night—

Gohan (with his mouth full): So Bulma thinks that her invention might help undo this mess!

Chi-Chi (scolding): Gohan! Don’t talk with your mouth full!

Gohan (as before): Sorry, Mom. (The eating continues)

Switch to Bulma’s house; Bulma is still working hard

Bulma (wiping sweat): Phew! This was harder than I thought. (hurts herself again) Oww!

Switch to the Son house; dinner has ended; Goku gets up

Gohan: Where are you going?

Goku: Home.

Vegeta: Uh. Vegeta?

Goku ignores him

Switch to outside of Bulma’s house. Goku knocks on the door; after a long time Bulma, who has dark rings under her eyes, comes out

Bulma (irritated): What do you want?

Goku: I’m coming in.

Bulma: No you’re not. Not in the state that you’re in.

Goku: But I need to sleep somewhere.

Bulma goes into the house. When she comes back out she throws a pillow and a blanket at Goku

Bulma: Here.

(goes into the house, slamming the door behind her; Goku stares at it in shock)

Narrator: You go, girl!

Switch to the Son house; Gohan and Goku are watching TV (Chi-Chi is not in the scene) when they hear a knock on the door

Gohan: I’ll get it!

(opens the door, sees Goku, who is still holding stuff)

Gohan: What happened?

Goku (mumbling): Bulma threw me out of the house.

Gohan: WHAT?

(Vegeta overhears, also goes up to the door)

Goku: More accurately, she wouldn’t even let me in.

Gohan: Maybe I can talk to her. (calls to Chi-Chi) Mom! I’m going to Bulma’s!

Vegeta: Me too!

Chi-Chi’s voice (offstage): Don’t be too long!

Gohan and Vegeta: Okay!

Switch to the outside of Bulma’s house; Gohan knocks on the door; it takes even longer for Bulma to open it

Bulma (even more irritated): Now what?

Gohan: Um, Bulma, don’t you think you’re overreacting a bit?

Bulma (angrily): ME overreact? What about those two idiots over there? If they hadn’t been fighting, this whole thing would have never happened!

Gohan: But Dad and Vegeta DO need a place to sleep.

Bulma goes into the house; when she reappears, she throws out another blanket and pillow

Bulma: They can sleep in the gravity room.

Bulma goes back into the house and slams the door again; Gohan gives Vegeta the pillow and the blanket, and the three stand there for a while

Goku (as if talking to Bulma): Fine! Be that way!

Goku stomps towards the gravity room

Vegeta (chasing after him): Vegeta!

Gohan stands and stares for a while longer, then tries the door; it isn’t locked. He goes in and finds Bulma on the floor with her head in her hands

Gohan: Bulma?

Bulma: What if we can’t turn them back? What if they have to stay that way forever?

(starts to cry)

Gohan: Don’t worry, Bulma. We’ll get them back—somehow.

Switch to the gravity room. Goku keeps bumping his head as he moves around the room while Vegeta is trying not to laugh

Narrator: It appears that Vegeta is not used to his new height.

Goku: OW! Why do you have to be so damned tall, Kakarot?

Vegeta is no longer able to contain himself and bursts out laughing

Goku (through clenched teeth): Is it really THAT funny?

Vegeta (stops laughing): Lighten up, Vegeta. We may have to be like this for quite a while.

Goku: Hmmph.


Vegeta: You’re not mad at Bulma, are you?

Goku (sarcastically): Why should I be? She only threw me out of my own house, that’s all.

Vegeta: Well, it’s not really YOUR house.

Goku: Okay, so it’s HER house, but I’m her husband!

Vegeta: Not exactly.

Goku: Will you STOP reminding me that I’m in your body?

Vegeta: Get used to it, Vegeta! That’s the way things are right now!

(they glare at each other for a while)

Goku: I’m too tired to argue with you. I’m going to bed.

Vegeta: Me too.

(lights go off)

Switch to jungle; Goten and Trunks, still asleep, are tied to posts

Narrator: Ahem. (takes a deep breath) WAKE UP!

Goten (groggy): Huh? What’s going on?

Trunks (wide awake): THEY TOOK OUR DRAGON BALLS!

Goten (same): WHAT? WHO? WHERE?

Trunks (angry): How am I supposed to know?

Goten sees the stuff, which are lying in the grass a few feet away

Goten: Look! Over there! (the two break free and runs up to them)

Trunks (checking the Radar): Phew. It still works.

Goten: Where’s the next Dragon Ball, then?

Trunks (as before): It’s close. (looks at it again) And it’s coming closer.

Goten: WHAT? Dragon Balls can’t move!

(the ground starts to shake)

Trunks: What the‒?

(a giant dinosaur comes stomping out of the trees)

Goten and Trunks: AAAH!

They each grab a Dragon Ball and start running; after a few steps, though, Trunks stops

Goten: Trunks! What are you doing?

Trunks: Take a look at the Dragon Radar!

Goten runs back to Trunks, looks at the Radar

Goten: I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Trunks (pointing to radar): Look. The signal is coming from over there.

(points to dinosaur)

Goten: So?

(Then it makes sense to both of them)

Goten and Trunks (looking at one another): THE DRAGON BALL IS INSIDE!

Switch to the Son house. Chi-Chi is staring at Gohan in shock

Chi-Chi: Bulma did WHAT?

Gohan: She didn’t let either one of them into her house; then, she threw a blanket and a pillow at me and told them to sleep in the gravity room.

Chi-Chi: Really? (Gohan nods) Ha! Good for you, Bulma! Good for you!

Gohan (expecting Chi-Chi to be upset): Huh?

Chi-Chi: Serves those two right! Ha! That’ll teach them a thing or two!

Gohan: But, Ma, Dad and Vegeta are Saiyans. Do you think they’ll ever learn?

Chi-Chi (after thinking about this for a while): Probably not.

Switch to the jungle; Goten and Trunks are facing off with the dinosaur

Goten (whispering): So, how are we going to get the Dragon Ball?

Trunks (same): I guess we’ll just have to let him eat us.

Goten (same): Then how are we going to get out?

Trunks (same): I’ll think of something?

The two fly into the dinosaur’s mouth; surprised, the dinosaur swallows, then licks his chops. Inside the dinosaur, it’s pitch dark

Goten: It’s dark in here. I can’t see a thing!

Trunks (some distance away): I think I’ve found it!

Goten dashes in the direction of the voice and bumps into Trunks

Trunks: Ow!

Goten: Sorry, Trunks. Well, is it a Dragon Ball?

Trunks: I think so, but there’s only one way to find out.

silence; Goten guesses what Trunks wants to do

Goten: Trunks, you’re kidding, right?

Trunks: What, you’d rather wait for this dinosaur to open his mouth and try to sneak out? This might be a rock, for all we know!

Goten: Okay, okay.

Narrator: This is probably Trunks’ worst idea, ever, but at least they’ll get the Dragon Ball.


Goten (Overlapping): KA‒ME‒KA‒ME‒HAAA!

the dinosaur was walking along when he stops; his eyes widen and there is a bright light and an explosion; when the smoke clears, Goten and Trunks are standing over a well-cooked dinosaur. Goten’s fireball is still swirling around; then it hits Goten in the back of the head.

Goten: Ow.

Trunks (happy): It IS a Dragon Ball!

Goten (complaining): How are we going to carry all of this stuff? I don’t suppose you brought a backpack, either.

Trunks (angrily): I’m not responsible for EVERYTHING!

the two glare at each other; then both of their stomachs growl

Goten: I’m hungry again.

Trunks: Me too.

the two look at the dinosaur, then at each other, then shrug

Goten and Trunks: Oh, well.

(start eating the dinosaur)

The next day, in front of the Capsule Corp. Building, Bulma is setting up a strange device; Gohan is helping her. Behind them, Goku and Vegeta are coming out of the gravity room

Narrator: Early the next morning‒

Goku (grumpy): What a night. I got no sleep whatsoever.

Vegeta (teasing): Couldn’t get used to sleeping on the floor, Vegeta?

Goku (as before): No; because YOU snored loudly enough to wake the dead!

Vegeta (sheepish): I did?

Bulma spots the two

Bulma: Don’t just stand there, you two! Come over here and help me!

the two obey

Goku (pointing to device): What in the world is that?

Bulma (proudly): It’s my invention.

Goku: And it’s supposed to change us back?

Bulma: I’m not sure.

Goku: And you’re going to try that on us? No thanks.

Bulma (mad): If you weren’t in Goku’s body, I would slap you!

Goku: What’s the difference? It doesn’t hurt either way.

Bulma (very mad): Oooh!

(the two glare at one another)

Vegeta: Vegeta, you were the one who said you would try ANYTHING.

Goku and Bulma: STAY OUT OF THIS!

(Vegeta jumps back; more glaring)

Switch to jungle; Goten and Trunks are sleeping in the clearing. They wake up to see strange looking people

Goten and Trunks: YAAH!

everybody jumps back, and Goten and Trunks go into fighting stances. After a while, though, the people slowly approach and bow to them

Goten and Trunks: Huh?

one person brings some food says something strange (the caption reads “hail the great destroyers of the Forest Beast!”). After Goten and Trunks eat it, another person brings something in a pouch, kneels to Goten and Trunks and gives them the pouch, also saying something strange (“a small token of appreciation from your humble servant”). Goten opens it, and takes out the Dragon Ball that’s inside

Goten and Trunks: Cool!

Switch back to Capsule Corp. Bulma has managed to convince the men to try her invention; Goku and Vegeta are sitting on the ground, each with a strange device strapped to their heads

Goku: I still don’t think this is a good idea.

Narrator: Neither do I.

Bulma: SHUT UP!

she punches some buttons and flips a switch. The machine whirs and glows, the sound increasing; sparks start flying out of the machine, and smoke starts rising. Then, there is a big explosion. When the smoke clears, the machine is broken and Vegeta and Goku are very scorched

Gohan: Did it work?

Goku (sarcastic): What do you think?

Bulma is very angry (and on the verge of tears)

Bulma: You have been insulting me since the day we first met. I don’t know WHAT got into me, but I believed that I could love a jerk like you. I stayed up ALL NIGHT working on that device. Okay, so it didn’t work. But I did it for YOU, Vegeta! I cared about you and worried about you, and this is the thanks I get?

Goku: Get used to it, woman. Consider yourself lucky that—

Bulma (mimicking Goku): ‘That the Prince of the Saiyans has decided to lower himself on a weak human female’. I don’t know how many times I have heard that, and I am sick of it! Your planet is destroyed, Vegeta! There’s NOTHING left for you to rule over!

Goku (very angry): Rrrrr.

Bulma: Go ahead, kill me! Show the world who you really are: a bully!

Bulma and Goku glare at one another; Gohan and Vegeta are sweating (both want to do something but not sure what)

Goku: You’re right. (Bulma surprised) THIS time.


Bulma (throwing up her hands): I give up; I just can’t argue with you.

Goku (sardonic smile): I’ll take that as a compliment.

Gohan and Vegeta: Phew!

(short pause)

Gohan: Hey! I just thought of something!

Others: What?

Gohan: Maybe if Dad and Vegeta fused, they would be back to normal when it wears off!

Vegeta: That IS an interesting idea. Vegeta?

Goku (aside): If doing that silly dance will get me out of this body. (to Vegeta) Let’s go, Kakarot.

Vegeta and Goku: FU‒SION!

they go through the motions, and Gogita emerges

Gogita (spoken by both actors): Now what?

Gohan: We wait to see if it works.

Gogita (mumbling): I hate waiting.

(sits on the ground to wait)

Switch to King Kai’s planet. King Kai is watching everything with glee when Piccolo walks up to him

Narrator: King Kai is thoroughly enjoying himself, but he doesn’t realize how much trouble he’s in.

King Kai: Hee, hee, hee! Those idiots!

Piccolo (grabbing King Kai by the shoulder, sarcastic): Hello there, King Kai!

King Kai jumps in surprise, but is relieved to see Piccolo

King Kai: Oh, hi, Piccolo.

Piccolo (as before): That wasn’t a very nice trick that you played on Goku and Vegeta, King Kai.

King Kai (gulps): Y-you know it was me?

Piccolo (as before): Yes, I do.

King Kai (nervous): You w-won’t tell them, will you?

Piccolo (as before): Of course not.

King Kai (relieved): Thanks!

Piccolo (as before): YOU will have to explain everything to them by yourself!

King Kai (scared): Uh-oh.

Switch to Goten and Trunks. They are seen picking up the last Dragon Ball

Goten (happy): There. That’s the last one!

(puts it into the pouch)

Trunks: I hope my Dad and your Dad are okay. They were really mad about switching bodies.

Goten: What are we waiting for, then? Let’s go!

Trunks: Uh huh! (the two fly off)

Switch to Bulma, Gohan, and Gogita. Gogita is still waiting

Gogita (impatient): Is it time YET?

Bulma (looking at watch): Just a few more seconds.

A few more seconds later, Gogita begins to glow; when the glow fades, Goku and Vegeta are standing, looking at themselves. Bulma is about to ask whether or not the idea worked, but Goku stops her

Goku: Don’t even ask. (to Gohan) You thought of that to humiliate me, didn’t you?

Gohan: Huh?

Goku: Oh, come on. Don’t pretend you don’t know. You know I HATE doing that‒that dance!

Gohan: Vegeta.

Goku: Don’t ‘Vegeta’ ME!

Gohan: But, but!

Goku: Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot that you aren’t smart enough to think of something like that!

Vegeta is VERY, VERY angry

Narrator: Uh, oh. Vegeta has just pushed Goku’s last button.

Vegeta (furious): THAT DOES IT!!! (starts glowing) I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR STINKING PRIDE!

(turns SSJ)

Goku: Is that a challenge?

Vegeta: YOU BET IT IS!

Goku: Very noble of you, Kakarot. But you forget one thing.

(starts glowing)

Vegeta: What?

Goku: Now that I’m in your body, I’m more powerful than you. (also becomes SSJ) Don’t worry, though; I won’t hurt you too much. I’ll need my body in good shape.

Vegeta: You’re more powerful than me? Don’t be so sure.

Vegeta becomes SSJ2, Goku matches his power level

Goku: See? (to himself) I suppose there IS some good in being in this body.

Vegeta (extreme anger): RAAAAAAAAAA!

It takes a while, but Vegeta becomes SSJ3; everyone is shocked

Narrator: WHAT, THE?

Vegeta: Well, Vegeta, what do you have to say now?

Goku: No, this isn’t fair! How come I’ve never been able to do that? (beat; shrugs) It doesn’t matter; now we are more evenly matched!

they both go into a battle stance

Bulma: Oh, no! We’ve got to stop them before they kill each other!

Gohan: WE? Not me!

Goten’s and Trunks’s voices (offstage): HEY, EVERYBODY! WE’VE GOT THE DRAGON BALLS! (Vegeta and Goku power down)

Goku and Vegeta: Really?

Gohan and Bulma: Phew.

Goten and Trunks lands from the sky. Goten pulls out a Dragon Ball.

Goten (waving the Dragon Ball): See?

There is general relief; Goku is about to talk when Gohan and Bulma speak up first.

Gohan and Bulma: Quick! Summon Shen Long!

Goku: Huh? Oh, yes! Of course!

Goten and Trunks do so, and Shen Long appears (after lots of special effects)

Shen Long (booming voice): WHAT IS YOUR WISH?

Goten: I wish‒

Trunks (pushing Goten aside): No, I’M wishing!

Goten: AM NOT!

Trunks: AM TOO!

(Goten and Trunks start fighting)

Goku: At this rate, we’ll NEVER return to normal!

(walks up to Shen Long)

Goku: I wish that I could be ME again!

Shen Long (as before): I CANNOT DO SO.

Goku (angry): What do you mean, ‘you can’t do it’?

Vegeta (to Goku): Calm down, Vegeta. (to Shen Long) Then I wish that the one responsible for this would appear.

Shen Long (as before): It is done.

King Kai and Piccolo (Piccolo still grabbing King Kai by the shoulder) appear

Vegeta (in shock): King Kai? YOU were the one who‒

King Kai (sheepish): He, he, he. Yep.

Vegeta: Why?

King Kai (as before): Well, I thought it made a pretty good joke.

Goku comes up and grabs King Kai by the collar with one hand

King Kai (choking): Urk!

Goku: I am NOT amused!

King Kai (nervous): Y-you’re not going to kill me, are you?

Goku (cruel smile): No. I won’t kill you.

King Kai (relaxing): Good, because—

Goku pulls King Kai closer with his other hand; they are eye to eye. King Kai gulps; he is sweating buckets now

Goku (as before): I’ll just HURT you so bad that you’ll WISH you were dead!

King Kai (panicking): I’ll change you back! I’ll change you back!

Goku drops him onto the ground

King Kai: You two just stand next to each other.

They do so, and King Kai starts mumbling strange words.

Goku and Vegeta (grabbing their heads): AAAARGH!

Then, both stop and straighten up

Vegeta (happy): I’m myself again!

Goku (same): Me too!

there is a general celebration

King Kai (aside): Well, since everyone is so happy, I’ll just be on my way.

(sneaks away)

Goku: Phew! I’m glad THAT’s over with!

Vegeta: Yes, because now we can finish our fight!

Bulma (incredulous): WHAT? After going through all of that you still want to fight?

Goku: Of course! After all, he IS Vegeta!

(the two go into an attacking stance)

ALL(except Goku and Vegeta) (moaning): Here we go again!

Shen Long: Don’t you have another wish?


Optional curtain call (to “We Were Angels”):

Goku and Vegeta stop fighting, Goku salutes while Vegeta crosses his arms (and tapping his), then resume fighting.

Goten and Trunks race each other to the center of the stage and make faces.

Bulma and Chi-Chi attempt to stop the men from fighting before giving up and bowing to the audience.

Gohan does his Great Saiyaman pose before getting dragged off the stage by an embarrassed Chi-Chi.

Dende and Piccolo enter; Dende waves, and Piccolo nods.

King Kai sneaks up to the center of the stage, then goes through great elaborate motions to bow; Goku and Vegeta notice, and drag him into their fight.

The Narrator (if there is one) comes in and bows.

All characters join hands and bows.