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Life’s Little Triumphs: Cyan Garamonde
a mini-series by Dot

The first thing that Cyan did upon initiating the rebuilding effort was to re-engineer Doma’s water supply.  To this day, he remembered how the river glowed with Kefka’s poison, and the water that was the city’s lifeline became a source of death instead.

Never again, Cyan thought with determination, as Edgar helped him lay out the plans of the new pipe system.

“Hey, Cyan, you okay?” Edgar asked, looking up from the blueprints he had drawn up.  “You looked kind of distracted for a while there.”

“Forgive me,” Cyan apologized.  “I was busy reminiscing over old times.”

Edgar gave Cyan an understanding look and returned to working out the specifics of the renovation.


When the construction actually started, large parts of the stone floor had to be torn up so that the pipes could be laid in.  Cyan had been puzzling over how to go about this when Sabin showed up to help.

“This is a job I can do without breaking things,” Sabin had replied with a grin when Cyan offered heartfelt thanks.  Indeed, with Sabin’s help, what might have taken months to complete was finished in weeks.

Sabin dusted his hands off in satisfaction as the final pipe was laid into place.  “Now, to put the rest of the castle back over it.”

Everyone laughed.


The hardest part came when the parts of the castle’s outermost walls had to be taken apart so that more rooms could be added.

Cyan’s room had been built into the Northern wall.

Cyan ran his fingers along the rough stone.  He still remembered with crystal-like clarity the day he had carried Elaine ‘over the threshold’, how she looked like she was glowing with happiness.  She had that same ethereal glow when she told him that she was pregnant. Then, when Owain was born, Elaine looked like she could have become the sun itself.

“Cyan?” Sabin prompted.  “It’s all right if you don’t want this part of the wall to go.  I know how much it means to you.”

Cyan took a deep breath.  “No, it shall be all right.” He gave Sabin a wistful smile.  “The memories shall always reside in mine heart.”


Cyan watched with pride as fireworks burst into the sky at the conclusion of Doma Castle’s re-dedication ceremony.  Two full years had passed since he first began working on the castle, and it was gratifying to see that his efforts had paid off.  Now that his old home had been restored to its former glory, Cyan felt as if a great weight was lifted from his shoulders.

And yet, Cyan felt as if something was missing.  Even while he busied himself in the previous year, that feeling gnawed at him.

“Hey, Cyan!” One of the soldiers called to him.  “Don’t just sit around all by yourself moping like that! Have a drink with us!”

Forcing a smile, Cyan moved into the circle of people celebrating and sat among them.  His heart wasn’t quite in it, though, as he continued to ponder.

“I propose a toast!” The man who sat next to Cyan raised his glass.  “To Cyan, Doma, and a glorious future!”

The court resounded with cheers and sounds of cups clinking against one another.

After many rounds of toasting and cheering, the party wound down, and the exhausted denizens returned to their respective homes.

What’s the matter with me? Cyan wondered as he prepared to sleep as well.  Why can’t I be happy?

And then, the answer hit him: he was alone.

Even after overcoming his grief and guilt, Cyan never associated with his teammates.  Cyan could always sense an uncomfortable gap form between him and anyone he spoke to.  The group was always subdued whenever he was around, and tried their best to refrain from cracking jokes in his hearing range.  Even Edgar kept himself from flirting in Cyan’s presence.  It was as if everyone was afraid of him.

Except Terra.  Despite all the things he had seen Terra go through—and whatever else she might have endured while brainwashed by the Empire—she still held a bright lookout on life.  In that final battle, it was Terra who first spoke and defended the joys of living.  Cyan could still remember Terra’s voice, strong and clear, echoing in the great void.  When Terra spoke, it seemed that even the inhuman monster Kefka listened.

Cyan also remembered Terra’s transformation, both in the physical and emotional sense, during the battle against Phunbaba.  When he thought all was lost, Terra called upon the power which slept within her and defeated Phunbaba the same way one might snap a blade of grass. For the sake of her friends, and the orphans who called her ‘Mama’, Terra had overcome her doubts and fears and became a true warrior.

The image of Terra that Cyan always had in his mind was that of after Kefka’s defeat, when she stood at the bow of the Falcon and undid her ponytail.  That look of pure bliss on her face as the wind rushed through her hair—

Cyan blinked with surprise as that last thought passed through his head.

“Cyan, thou old devil! Thou art starting to think like Edgar!” He mumbled out loud, the corners of his mouth turning up a bit.

But then again, hadn’t he always wanted to love someone again? When he had been masquerading as the soldier who died in Moblitz, every letter he wrote was out of his own heart.  He still kept those silk flowers he made out of nostalgia.

Cyan smiled again as he caught himself wondering how Terra might react to receiving one of those flowers; he was starting to think like Edgar. But still, it was an interesting idea.

A good one to fall asleep with, at any rate.

Unnecessarily Long and Tiresome Authoress’ Notes:
Complete rewrite from the original.

In retrospect, Cyan’s probably old enough to be Terra’s father, but whatever.

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