Title: Just a Kiss
Plot, or Lack Thereof: Ranma and Akane discuss the aftermath of the Skating Incident.
Reason for Banishment: Rewritten into a much better version.

“Tell them, Ranma.” Ryoga smiled and put a hand on Ranma’s shoulder.  “It isn’t often that one is kissed by such a handsome boy.”

WHY, YOU—” Ranma turned bright red and clenched his fists.

BOY?!” Kasumi and Nabiki gasped.

“You shouldn’t let it bother you,” Kasumi advised.

“If it was a boy, it doesn’t even count,” Added Nabiki.  “Of course, if it had been your first kiss, that would have been a tragedy!”

“But certainly that wasn’t the case, was it, Ranma?”

Ranma stormed out of the room.

“What’s he so upset about?” Kasumi asked.  “I mean, it was just a kiss, right?”


“Just a kiss, she says!” I mumbled as I walked towards the practice hall.  I threw open the door and planted myself in the middle of the room.  Angry tears formed in my eyes and slid down my face, stinging the wounds I received from slamming into the ice.

Just a kiss—by a guy.

In front of Akane.

And Ryoga.

That Ryoga! I ground my teeth.  I’ll—I’ll— I wanted to massacre the asshole.  To reveal my humiliation! And I was going to keep his secret!

“Now I’m the laughingstock of the whole town!” Not just for the kiss, but the way I made a fool of myself trying to fight Sanzennin.  In the rink, I couldn’t stand up for three seconds, but I was so angry that I challenged him then and there.  I got hurt more by slipping than from that pervert.

“Nobody cares about how I feel.” I couldn’t believe that Nabiki and Kasumi had the heart to tease me like that.  How would they feel if they were kissed by a girl? “Just—”

Akane hit me in the back of my head with her hand.

“You’re back’s wide open,” She informed me.  “You’re completely off guard.” I ignored her.

Even Akane. She’s supposed to be the one that understood what I was going through.

“How long do you plan to pout?” She admonished.  “And call yourself a man!” I ‘hmphed’ and turned away.

“If you thinks it’s so funny—go ahead and laugh!”

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” Each ‘ha’ was like a stab into my heart.

“What’s so funny?!” I whirled around.  Akane stopped laughing.

“Was that really your first kiss?” She asked, solemn again.

I turned away again.  “What difference does that make?”

“Oh, foo, it doesn’t make any difference at all,” She sat down in front of me and began to apply more bandages.  “But, really, to let yourself be kissed so easily!”

“Ouch.” I responded, both to the physical pain of the wounds and the emotional pain of the insult.

“You haven’t trained enough.” Akane continued.  “You talk a good match, but you leave yourself open a lot.”

“Oh, really?” I looked at her.  Before she could react, I pressed a vulnerable spot on her shoulder with one hand and slid the other under her back, causing her to fall into my lap.  “Who are you to talk?”

“HEY!!” Akane protested.  I lowered my face towards her and grinned.

Our eyes locked, and I froze.

“D-don’t get the wrong idea!” I backed away.  “It’s not like I was gonna kiss you or anything.”

Akane stared at me for a while.  “I—I know that.” She turned her nose into the air.  “You wouldn’t have the guts to do that, anyway.”

“Keep talking like that and I might!

“Oh, yeah?! Go ahead and try it!!”

“What?!?” Akane, realizing what she said, blanched.

We glared at one another.

“Well?” She demanded.

“O-okay! But close your eyes.”

She frowned, then squeezed her eyes shut.  I approached her again, but lost my nerve.

I shuffled away.  “Uh. I guess, this is something, you have to do, with someone you like.”

“I see.” Akane looked relieved.  “So of course you can’t do it with me!”

“That’s not what I meant!” I turned red again, remembering Sanzenin.  Akane looked at me.

“Does that mean,” She darted a nervous glance at me.  “You like me?”

Well, I thought, she is my fiancee.

“If—if you don’t mind,” I replied seriously.  “Then I don’t.” She lowered her head.

“Come ON!” Nabiki threw open the door and slammed her fist into the mat.  “Are you going to do this or AREN’T you?! We don’t have all day!!” I face vaulted when I saw my father, Kasumi, and Soun sitting with her.

“Such late bloomers,” Kasumi sighed.

Akane stood up, blushing.  “Y-you guys were spying on us?!?”

“I couldn’t give up the oppurtunity to see you two lovebirds together,” Nabiki smiled.

“Ugh! I can’t believe you’re my sister!” Akane stormed away.

“Akane, wait!” I called.  “Where are you going?”

“To bed,” She stopped, turned, and glared at her sister.  “And don’t even think about sneaking into my room, Nabiki.” With that, she stomped up the stairs.  Nabiki ran after her, but returned almost immeadiately.

“She locked the door.” She mumbled, disappointed.

“Well,” Soun also got up, “I suppose there isn’t any point to stay here.  I’m going to bed as well.” He put a hand on my shoulder.  “Have courage, my son.” He advised.

“I’m not your son yet.” I turned to my ‘real’ father.  “I’m going to practice in here for a while.  Care to join me?” Dad, in his panda form, held up a sign.

*No thanks; I don’t want to be your punching bag.* It said.  He held up another sign.  *Good night.* And then he left.

“Good night and good riddance,” I called after him.  I looked at Nabiki.  “What are you planning to do now?” I asked.

“I might as well go to bed, too,” She sighed.  “But,” She looked at me mischievously.  “If you can kiss Akane, then I won’t sell any pictures of your girl form to Kuno for a week.”

“No deal,” I replied.  Even though Kuno’s infatuation with his ‘pig-tailed goddess’ was annoying, sometimes I found it useful.

“Darn.” Nabiki looked dejected for a while, but soon cheered up.  “Oh well, there will always be another day.” She walked away, humming ‘Here Comes the Bride’ under her breath.

Yeah, right! I wanted to shout, but kept my mouth shut.  I stepped back into the training hall, closed the door, and began my routine.  I punched and kicked extra hard, pretending that Sanzennin was the target.  I kept this up for nearly half an hour; when I was done, I collapsed to the mat, exhausted.  I got up, grabbed a towel, and went outside.  Mopping my sweat with the towel and taking in the cool night air I glanced about and discovered (without much surprise) that Akane’s room was still lighted.  I jumped to the roof, hung from its edge, and knocked on her window.

“What do you want?!?” She demanded, ready to throw her lamp at whoever was unfortunate enough to be outside.  Not having enough time to gather strength in my legs and swing back over the roof, I raised my arms in a block and braced myself for the impact.

It never came.

“Oh, it’s just you,” Akane observed, putting the lamp down.  “Haven’t you learned not to do that?” She teased.

“I guess not.” I grinned.  Akane opened the window all the way.

“You might as well come in.” I just about fell off the roof.  “What?”

“That was what you wanted to do, right? Or would you rather hang upside down like that all night?”

“I’ll come in.  Just don’t try to close the window on me.” Akane looked angry for a moment, but then smiled.

“If I wanted to kill you, I would have done it much earlier.  But that is a good idea.” She saw the look on my face.  “Just kidding, stupid! Hurry up and come in already!”

“Right.” I arched up and grabbed the roof with my hands, letting my legs down at the same time.  Then, I crossed my right arm over my left and turned around so that I faced the window.  Finally, using my weight, I swung into the room and landed on my feet.  I stood up, dusted my hands in satisfaction, then grinned.

“Showoff.” Akane made a face.

So she thinks I’m a showoff.

“Were you serious about wanting to be kissed?”

Akane turned a very unnatrual shade of red.  “Maybe.” Her eyes darted around the room.  “Why?”

“Because.” I held Akane at arm’s length (so that she couldn’t kick me).  “You’re cute when you smile.” Before she could react, I gave her an EXTREMELY light kiss on the lips.

!!” Akane’s eyes widened in shock.

“Gotcha.” I tapped her on the nose mischievously, then got out of her room as fast as I could.  When I was at (what I thought was) a safe distance, I looked back up at Akane, expecting her to throw something.

She didn’t.  She just stared out the window with the strangest expression I’ve ever seen, her fingers touching her lips.

Maybe she is cute. I thought.  Maybe being affianced to her isn’t so bad after all.

I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I didn’t see the expression on Akane’s face turn into a dangerously familiar one.

RANMA, YOU IDIOT!” The lamp on Akane’s desk came flying at my head.  I jumped to dodge it; it barely missed me.  However, I did not pay attention to which way I jumped and fell into the carp pond.  “YOU PERVERT!” Akane screamed.  “IF YOU COME ANYWHERE NEAR ME, YOU’LL DIE!! DO YOU HEAR ME?!?

“I hear you loud and clear.” I muttered.  But Akane had already slammed the window shut and turned off the remaining lights in her room.  I looked at the shattered lamp which was intended for me.

Then again.