The setup
Blind Date: Max

BJ Sumisuke (Brother?): Jesse’s just too grouchy, you know? She needs to, like, get out there and have a nice, romantic, old-fashioned blind date! (Giggle!)
Irene (Not-Girlfriend): Adam’s an okay guy – he just needs to spend less time moping about his last relationship.  This is exactly the kind of thing to let him get back into the game.
Narrator: (Separated at birth?)

Narrator: Now, let’s see how our date went!
Jesse: (Mutter mutter grumble grumble goddamn BJ grumble grumble) Lurker’s Retreat…s’gotta be around here somewhere…
Jesse (narrating): This is where I’m s’posed to talk about that goddamned farce of a date, right?