Title: Even the Guys Want Him
Request: What if Jake and Diego went to the same high school?
Warnings: Implied sex.
Original Link: http://teagueful.livejournal.com/51277.html?thread=21909581#t21909581

Jake was, on some vague level, aware that he was breaking the cardinal rule of public showers, but he couldn’t turn away. The new transfer student was not just the most well-proportioned man Jake had ever seen, but also more than willing to let it all hang out.

“God, put a towel on, Armando!”

Diego Armando grinned at the distant voice who called out to him. “What’s wrong, kitten? We’re all men here.” To nobody’s surprise, he took the shower stall that got the best view and stood facing outwards. “You Americans and your silly nudity taboo.”

That incident cemented Armando’s place as the most popular student in the school, and perhaps the entire county as well. “Everybody’s Gay For Diego” even became a minor meme among the Junior Varsity sports teams.

For his part, Jake didn’t have much of a chance to associate with Armando (except that one time under the stairs, with Armando looking so smug and full of himself that Jake resolved to never speak of the incident again), nor did he ever expect to run into him ever again, much less work out of the same courthouse.

“Well, what are the odds?” There Armando stood, wearing clothes that fit so snug against his body—as well sculpted as a Greek statue even after all these years—that he might as well have been naked. “Marshall, right? Valley of the Sun High School, Class of 2001?”

Jake found himself nodding back, tipping his hat. “Armando.”