Title: Two-Minute Notice
Request: None (misplaced comment).
Warnings: None.
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Zak clapped Kristoph on the back, still beaming with that infernal grin. “A promise is a promise, Gavin. It’s been nice knowing you!”

“You. Are. Firing. Me.” Kristoph repeated one word at a time, keeping his voice even to keep his growing rage under control. “Over. A. Card. Game?”

“You lost fair and square,” Zak pointed out. “You might be a good lawyer, but you’re terrible at cards, and I’m afraid I can’t trust my future to someone wish such an awful power face.” He turned to leave. “You can keep my case file—think of it as a souvenir!”

Kristoph seethed, imagining a million other much better trophies that he could take.