Title: In Japan, It’s Called Idiot Hair
Request: Pondering the nature of Edgeworth’s persistent cowlick.
Warnings: (Very) Implied Phoenix/Edgeworth.
Original Link: http://teagueful.livejournal.com/43057.html?thread=18810673#t18810673

Edgeworth swatted away Phoenix’s hand again, the other man having do so enough times for him to lose count. “Will you stop that already?”

“But it’s so cute!” Phoenix petted the recalcitrant strand and smiled even wider when he saw that it still popped right back up. “It’s like a tiny little antenna or something.”

Edgeworth rolled his eyes. “Congratulations. You have exposed me for the extraterrestrial that I really am.” He wrestled out of Phoenix’s grasp and headed for the kitchen to pour himself another cup of tea. “Now leave me alone before the Mother Ship tells me to disintegrate you to keep the secret safe.”

Phoenix just kept smirking. “In that case, beam me up,” he crooned, with quite the unsubtle hip-thrust at the word ‘up’.

Edgeworth was not amused. “Congratulations, you have earned yourself another night on the couch. Alone.”

Phoenix blinked, startled, and then deflated when he realized that Edgeworth was being serious. “Geez, Edgeworth. I was just kidding.”

“You may want to consider the consequences of your frivolity next time,” Edgeworth answered back, sipping from his mug.