Title: You Do Not Own a Cat; The Cat Owns You
Request: Franziska adopts Shoe; fluffy adorableness ensues.
Warnings: None.
Original Link: http://teagueful.livejournal.com/43057.html?thread=18788145#t18788145

It had all happened so fast: in the rush after the trial, Franziska remembered making some vague promises, and the day after that, she found Adrian Andrews’ things sitting on her doorstep along with a wide-eyed little ball of fur.

She stared at it. “So you are Shoe,” she stated, feeling foolish for talking to a cat.

But then the cat made a tiny, pitiful sound and all she wanted to do was hold it in her arms and tell it that everything will be all right.

Andrews’ other belongings were placed into storage, but Shoe got the best corner in her apartment, with easy access to the window. Franziska was going to buy him a top of the line bed as well, but when she saw him napping in the old towels Andrews had sacrificed for him, one paw over his face like he was embarrassed, she no longer had the heart to throw those away no matter how dirty or matted they got.

She did, however, end up buying a camera to document all of his poses. Even while sleeping his body would end up in all sorts of amusing shapes. He lapped up the attention with the same intensity he did his food, and once he became acclimated to his new surroundings would get downright shameless about showing off.

Before she had realized it she was spending less and less time at the office and more and more of it at home, watching Shoe out of the corner of her eye as she breezed through the paperwork. Shoe, for his part, seemed to have convinced himself that the space beneath Franziska’s desk was some sort of portal to another world and was obsessed with darting in and out of it, brushing by her legs and chirping greetings at her whenever she looked to see what he was up to this time.

One of those times she caught him staring at her, as if he were planning something. Then he made an impressive leap into her lap and trotted about as if he belonged there, nuzzling her hand as he settled into a spiral and began to purr. This arrangement seemed to please him for a few weeks until he discovered that he could make the top of her desk as long as he sized up the distance right and prepared himself. Franziska could no longer finish even one case without Shoe interposing himself into her field of vision and demand that he be petted. At about the same time he figured out the purpose of the door and would sit in front of it waiting for Franziska to come home, greeting her with a happy meow.

And then Adrian Andrews was released from prison.

Franziska did not know why she would ask Andrews over to her house, but the invitation had already been extended and accepted, and the woman herself was already sitting down on the couch. So she swallowed her pride and offered Andrews some tea.

“No, thank you. I just wanted to check on Shoe.” She glanced at the cat in question, and smiled when she saw that he was cleaning himself on the windowsill. “And I guess I shouldn’t have been worried. Thank you.”

“For what?” Franziska wanted to know, unable to take her eyes off of Andrews. Free from the shadow of her mentor’s death, Andrews was now a different person altogether: more open, more vulnerable. More cute, even.

“For taking care of Shoe.” Her thin, delicate hands clenched in her lap. “And giving him a place to belong.”

“And what makes you think that you do not have a place here?” Franziska blurted without a second thought.

Andrews blushed a luminescent shade of pink that made her all the more attractive. “I-I couldn’t!”

“Why not? You have nowhere else to go, do you not?” Fransizka sat down next to Andrews, and a moment later Shoe joined her. “And I am sure Shoe misses you.”

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