Title: Endless Waltz
Request: von Karma teaches Edgeworth how to dance.
Warnings: None
Original Link: http://teagueful.livejournal.com/41371.html?thread=15298971#t15298971

Head up. One hand on the small of the waist. Take your partner’s hand with the other.

Now, lead.

Larger steps. You are in no danger of mashing on toes.

Turn—easy—easy—stop looking at your feet. Signal your movements with your hips and your partner will follow you just fine.

Keep your arm steady during the twirl. Pull back—be more assertive! Stop acting like you are dancing with a porcelain doll.

Better. Once more around the room.

Excellent bow, from the waist just like I taught you. Good to see something is sticking.

Your form still needs work, but at least now you will not make a complete fool of yourself.

I will have a tailor come in later to have you measured.

Of course you are getting your own suit. No one in this house wears hand-me-downs.

Do you want lunch brought to your room, or will you be eating with us today?

Alright. I will tell the maid.

Ten Years Later

“Ow, Nick!” Maya hissed, biting her lip to keep a straight face.

“Sorry!” Phoenix slowed down, casting side glances every few moments. “I’ve never learned to dance before.”

“Well, neither have I, but I don’t have two left feet, either!” Maya sighed, casting an envious glance at Edgeworth and Franziska, who were gliding around the floor with such grace that they looked like they were flying. “They’re so beautiful, like a prince and a princess.”

Phoenix made a face. “Well, excuuuuuse me for not being all refined and frilly.”

The next time they turned, Maya gave Phoenix a not-so-subtle kick in the shins. “Next time, ask one of them to teach you! It wouldn’t kill you to ask for help every once in a while.”

“I’ll keep that in mind the next time the King of some tiny landlocked European country I’ve never heard of comes to town and holds a social that I get invited to on the basis of my so-called ‘relationship’ with a certain stuffy prosecutor.”

“Excellent,” Edgeworth remarked from over Phoenix’s shoulder. “I will be sure to pass my glowing recommendations along to my acquaintances in high society.”

“We shall make you the toast of the town,” Franziska added, smirking as she twirled past Maya.

Phoenix saved his comments until he was sure that the two prosecutors were out of earshot. “They’re going to death of me, I just know it.”

Maya giggled. “Don’t be such a fuddy duddy, Phoenix! You could use a little bit of refinement, too.”