Title: On Proper Methodology
Request: Phoenix and Edgeworth double teaming Apollo to show him the ropes.
Warnings: None.
Original Link: http://teagueful.livejournal.com/40135.html?thread=13032903#t13032903

Mr. Edgeworth didn’t even need to shake his head this time. “No. Not enough force. There is no meaning behind what you did, no passion. Again.”

Apollo groaned. His vocal cords were raw and his entire body felt sore. “Come on, give me a break here. You guys have got me practicing the whole afternoon.”

Mr. Wright tilted his head at him. “So what happened to emulating me in every way, hmm? You really want Klavier to have the last word every time?”

Apollo sighed. “Fine, but if I end up calling in sick tomorrow because you’ve worked me half to death, I’m blaming you.” He drew himself up, positioned his arm the way Mr. Edgeworth had shown him, and…


Mr. Edgeworth gave the slightest incline of his head. “Better. But you forgot to slam the desk.”

Apollo groaned again. He was never getting any sleep at this rate.