Title: Perfection of a Different Sort
Request: Von Karma falls in love with the perfect Mary Sue.
Warnings: None
Original Link: http://teagueful.livejournal.com/38756.html?thread=12883044#t12883044

She was a defense lawyer, she dyed her hair in the most atrocious neon blue shade imaginable in a laughable attempt to look “hip” or whatever, and her view of the world was so naive that he was surprised she had not ended up murdered in an alleyway somewhere. That she was a woman, with the worst examples of the female race on display whenever she showed up in court, went without saying.

He could not take his eyes off of her.

And despite how much he told himself his attraction to her was irrational, he kept coming up with excuses to be around her: watching her from the gallery to watch her flounder about and muddle through another case via bluffing, bullying, or blind luck; accosting her in the hallway to argue legal minutiae or use oblique words to insult her, though more often than not she matched his pace; running into her “by coincidence” elsewhere, to the point that she teased him about needing a restraining order.

He was not sure how she became his shadow, or when he stopped contradicting her whenever she claimed they were dating, or why he felt it necessary to marry her in the proper fashion—the ring had become a mere formality at this point, as they were already raising a daughter together. He could not put his feelings for her to words; he was by no means “in love” like some giggling school boy, but he was never given to intense emotions of anything besides perhaps annoyance at how inferior the rest of the world was, and though they had their moments of passion their relationship was far beyond physical need. Being with her had become as natural as breathing, and despite her many apparent faults she never offended his sensibilities.

A month after he buried her, he took then two-year-old Franziska to the stylist and demanded that her hair be kept the exact same shade of blue as his wife did and for a while, that was enough to placate the inexplicable ache he felt somewhere he could not quite place. When that failed to keep him from exploding into bouts of rage so frightening his other children chose to move out, he threw himself into work.

Then, on the anniversary of her death, a certain Gregory Edgeworth dared to defy him in open court, and the rest is history.

Unnecessarily Long and Tiresome Authoress’ Notes:
Well, hey, canon is vague about what Mrs. von Wifey was like.