Title: Behind the Scenes
Request: What is the cast like after the “cameras” stop rolling?
Warnings: None
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She staggered backwards, clutching at her head. “MIA FEY! MIA FEY! MIA FEEEEEEEY!

A single, airy “fwoomp!” signaled that she had made a safe landing on the air cushion situated behind the witness stand.

“Cut! Great job, everybody! All we need are a couple more takes and we’re done for the day.”

Miles helped Dahlia back to her feet and handed her a bottle of water, giving her a kiss on the cheek in the process. “You were amazing, sweetie. Gave me chills down my back and everything.”

She gulped down a good third of the bottle before flashing a mischievous grin. “Just your back?”

Phoenix sat down and kicked off his shoes, nursing his aching feet. “Oh, get a room, you two!”

Dahila made a face at him. “Jealous, ‘Feenie’?”

Phoenix scoffed. “Please. If anything, I’d say you were, draping yourself all over Edgeworth after every scene as if you needed to mark your territory or something. I may be, as you put it so nicely, ‘gayer than a cherry garden in springtime’, but I can also tell the difference between acting and reality.”

Miles rested a hand on Dahlia’s shoulder before another argument could break out; she and Phoenix never got along between takes, and when a relationship blossomed between Miles and Dahlia things just got worse. “You ladies can have your epic catfight after we’re done. Right now let’s just catch our breaths.”

“Easy for you to say,” Maya grumbled. She was, at least until the big reveal, body doubling for ‘Iris’, the scenes were the two ‘twins’ (both played by Dahlia) were in the same shot together being too brief for the director to hire more extras. She shifted in her robes, uncomfortable. “This thing is worse than a corset.”

Dahlia gave Maya her sweetest faux smile, already slipping back into character as the crew reset the scene. “Welcome to my world.”

The director clears his throat once to get their attention, then nods. “All right, folks, let’s take it from the top. Dahlia, let’s try taking it a little quieter this time, no screaming, just cold and dangerous.”

Dahlia blows him a playful kiss as she takes up her spot again. “I think I may fall in love with you, my dear director.”

“In that case, filming may be cut short due a gruesome murder-suicide,” Miles deadpans back, doing the same.

Phoenix sighs. “Act now, banter later, please. And the next time you guys have sex in your trailer, for God’s sake lock the door first. Or at least leave a sign on the knob or something.”

Unnecessarily Long and Tiresome Authoress’ Notes:
This may be continued with other characters.