Title: Holy Meta, Batman!
Request: “You” x Edgeworth or anyone
Warnings: None
Original Link: http://teagueful.livejournal.com/38756.html?thread=12440676#t12440676

After the Earth-Shattering Kaboom ™, it soon became evident to the residents of the illogical time-and-space bending conundrum known for whatever reason as “Phoenix Wright’s Dressing Room”, that this most recent turn of events was different from any other.

The Emas were the first to react, some crossing their arms and others putting their hands on their hips. “Okay, which one of you jokers broke the Fourth Wall?”

A chorus of vehement denials went up as some of the braver (or, depending on one’s point of view, more reckless) men and women were already stepping over the rubble to mingle with the residents, while others were still staring in disbelief. It didn’t take long before everyone was just about mobbed with their own contingent of fans peppering them with questions, requests for autographs—the Klaviers in particular had a long, snaking line of squealing girls eager for him to sign their breasts. A few of the Edgeworths managed to fend off the mob by banding together and leveling their best Demon Prosecutor Glares at the crowd; it didn’t stop their admirers from swooning and gushing from afar, but at least they passed through the chaos unmolested.

It did not take long for flights of fancy to turn to propositions, and any interested parties soon found willing participants—a quick conference on ground rules organized by the ever practical Mias set down that any shenanigans had to happen between consensual adults. By the end of the day, just about every room was occupied, as marked by a tie (or a cravat, or a magatama, or a scarf, or what have you) hanging on the doorknob. One small stampede ensued when someone (the Larrys were a prime suspect) shouted “LAWYER ORGY!” and the mad rush almost put the younger children in danger.

Some months later, things settled back into what could pass for normality in a place like the Dressing Room, and the steady stream of visitors from beyond the Fourth Wall dwindled down to a trickle as just the tiny handful who had managed to forge meaningful relationships cared for return trips, but every once in a while newcomers of both worlds would still stumble in from origins unknown. They had the meet-and-greet down to a science, now; the Trucies redecorated the main area into a lounge/welcome area, complete with sparkles, and one of the alternate world Phoenixes helped make an informative video explaining how things worked—or, more often than not, didn’t.

And every once in a while, the occasional cry of “LAWYER ORGY!” would ring down the hallways again, although these days the more common response would be a mere exasperated roll of the eyes and a continuation of business as usual.