Title: Doorway to Silence
Premise, or Lack Thereof: Sora, Riku, and Kairi crash in Silent Hill.
Reason for Banishment: Plot too close to series canon.

Doorway to Silence (tentative title)
a story by Dot

Once upon a time there were three best friends, and they promised to be together forever.

But then the doorway to the darkness opened, and the weakest of the three fell to temptation, walking over the threshold and would have been lost forever if no-one had the power to save him.

Lucky for him, one of his friends was a Princess, and the other a Knight.

The Princess sacrificed her Heart to create a Blade of Light, and the Knight traversed the Paths of Light fighting the creatures who had sprung forth from the door, and they saved their friend just before the dark swallowed him up forever.

And it is here that most stories would end with “and then they lived happily ever after”, but their story kept on going. The battle between Light and Darkness did not go unnoticed by the other worlds that had not been touched by the Paths. And just as Kingdom Hearts was the Heart of Light, a corresponding Heart of Darkness lurked deep within the foggy depths of an old, abandoned mining town.

Silent Hill had heard the wails of the dying Heartless, and she was most displeased. She hated the Light, more than any other world. She was so sure she had consumed all of it when she first awoke from the flames, and yet tiny bits of Light lingered, and each attempt to extinguish it ended with failure, shattering her divided soul even further. She had fragmented into so many pieces that she herself could no longer distinguish which parts of her were real and which were nothing more than a fever dream.

(The flying saucers had to be made up, right? And that whole business with that mutt made no sense whatsoever—well, less sense than a deranged man who believed that his mother was an apartment, at any rate.)

This time, Silent Hill was determined to have the last laugh.

Riku gave up on brushing his bangs out of his eyes and scowled at Sora, who was fiddling with the Gummi Ship’s controls for the umpteenth time while their audio systems picked up nothing but crackling static. “Stop it, Sora. That infernal noise isn’t going to go away just because you mash at some random buttons.”

“You’d be surprised,” Sora shot back, but he complied nonetheless, leaning back into his chair and resting his hands behind his head. “Man, I hope we get to wherever we’re supposed to be going soon.” He stared straight ahead, chewing his lip. “This noise is seriously creeping me out.”

Riku was weighing whether he should commiserate or tease when he spotted Kairi in his peripheral vision. Before he cou’d react, she looped a piece of cloth over his head, almost blindfolding him. It was impossible to keep from squirming, not when her fingers brushed against his temples as she adjusted the makeshift headband. “There you go,” she gave his hair a pat. “That’ll have to do until we can give you the haircut you’ve been needing since like a month ago.”

“No way,” Riku’s protest was immediate. “Nobody’s coming anywhere near my face with a pair of scissors.”

Sora swatted at an errand strand brushing Riku’s shoulder. “Why not? Your hair’s already longer than Kairi’s. At least put it up in a ponytail or something.”

Before this could escalate into another one of their pseudo-arguments where both tried to get in the last world while Kairi played referee/peacemaker, the Gummi Ship lurched to the left, shuddered, and then began spiraling out of control.

Sora was at the helm at once. “Strap down, you guys,” he warned, already doing the same himself, “I don’t think I can get the ship back under control and if we keep going like this we’ll crash for sure.”

Riku and Kairi did so at once, the latter taking the chair between the two boys and resting one hand on Sora’s back while the other held onto Riku’s in a tight grip, though her face was a mask of brave calm.

“It’ll be all right,” Riku lied for all their sakes. “We’ll make it through just fine.”

At the last moment Sora pulled the Gummi Ship out of its suicidal dive, but that was also when the engines gave out and it dropped like a rock again, slamming into the ground below and spinning several times before coming to a full stop in a pile of rubble and wreckage.

Cybil exhaled the breath she’d been holding when she saw the boy’s pupils react to her flashlight at long last. “Don’t move, you’re hurt,” she told the child, and he seemed to react to this command, stilling beneath her touch. She turned to Harry, who although was still fussing over the infant in his arms had his eyes focused on the boy they had found sprawled beside the highway. “Keep in mind that I’m no doctor, but I think he has a concussion. We should get him to an emergency room just in case.”

Harry was on the verge of agreeing when he froze and his eyes went as wide as saucers. “The fog,” he squeezed out, as if it was taking the remainder of his effort to remain rooted to the spot and not flee to parts unknown. “It’s back again.”

Cybil’s head snapped up and she had to bite back some unsavory words as she saw the familiar curtain of white roll in around them. Though Harry had been vague and evasive about what happened in Silent Hill, she had experienced enough of it to know that the small town had some serious demons of the literal variety. “The Diner’s not that far from here. We could at least hole up there until we figure out what’s going on.”

Harry mulled this over for a moment. Cybil could see that he did not relish the thought of lingering so close to the edge of madness, either, but at the moment there seemed to be little alternative. On top of that, little Cheryl—Cybil assumed the infant to be Cheryl, despite not being a little girl about seven years old with short dark hair, because it seemed rather difficult to imagine that Harry would be so doting over anyone else—was growing more earnest in voicing her displeasure; no doubt the poor thing was starving for more than just Harry’s ever present affection.

Harry’s mouth settled into the same grim line it’d taken since Cybil first met him until he had been reunited with his missing daughter. “All right. Let’s go.”

Riku checked the trembling blond man for any signs that he would attempt a repeat of the spectacle he had just witnessed; the other, in addition to having lost his car at the bottom of the lake, seemed to have also discarded what was left of his sanity, babbling nonsense while laughing and crying at the same time. All Riku caught were snatchings of names running together amidst the near-hysterical grief pouring forth from the thin, gaunt frame.

This continued until the man had spent himself in this manner and sprawled against the bank, draping an arm over his eyes as he stared into the gray sky.

“I’m so pathetic I can’t even die right.”

Riku settled down next to him, keeping his guard up just in case desperation took hold again.

I laughed myself silly when, for one reason or another, I started drawing parallels between Kingdom Hearts and Silent Hill. So of course the plot bunnies (Robbie-shaped, no doubt) attacked, and well, here it is.