Shelly, dressed in a manner similar to the full regalia of a Shinsengumi warrior, stands with weapon at the ready

Name: Kobayashi Michiru
Original Division: First, Third Seat
Zanpakutou: Deus
Seikai: “Descend from heaven.” (can slice through just about anything)
Bankai: Nobiscum Deus
Special Moves:
Houshin (seals opponent Zanpakutou–only accessible in Bankai mode)
Michiru was a half-Dutch nun living in Edo-era Japan when she encountered some shinigami from 8th Division cornering the same monster she saw in her nightmares. As the monster took refuge in her body, she managed to produce a zanpakutou and stab herself with it, choosing death rather than letting the monster continue its rampage. In death, she lingered in Soul Society, believing it to be Heaven, and was sponsored through the Academy by Kyoraku (because his division got her killed and she did have a lot of potential). Eventually, Michiru came to accept Soul Society for what it was and embraced her role as a shinigami.

So not only have I gotten utterly hooked onto Bleach, I’ve started making my characters into Bleach-style shinigami, complete with biographies and everything.

“Division Rei” is something of a bad pun, since Rei means both “Soul” and “Zero” in Japanese.