Title: Defector
Premise, or Lack Thereof: RED Spy changes sides, hilarity and drama ensues
Reason for Banishment: Ran out of steam

Other Comments: This one makes me very sad to give up on, though. I more or less have the whole plot vaguely plotted out in my head:

  • RED Spy defects to the BLU team, who treat this with open suspicion and hostility
  • After some time, however, the BLU Pyro (the POV character, gender indeterminate) picks up on the fact that the RED Spy technically never lies, and therefore maybe he is being honest some of his supposed claims.
  • Day to day life stuff goes here. There’s two scenes in particular that I was going to put into this story that went elsewhere instead. BLU Sniper/ex-RED Spy and BLU Soldier/RED Demoman might be potential B-plots, whatever. The former RED Spy’s relationship with the RED team plays out like a giant “abusive boyfriend” metaphor, and it becomes increasingly obvious that BLU’s not that much better either.
  • Climatic showdown of awesome. The Spy finally pulls off his plan to screw both teams over and escape out into the desert. Story ends with the Spy going off into the sunset, his ultimate fate uncertain, but at least he’s free of the whole nonsense.

Unfortunately this project passed that mystical initial interest period where I write like crazy, carried by the momentum of the Great Awesome Idea. I didn’t even get past the opening paragraph, which I’m leaving behind for posterity.

Even if we won, the Sniper was always last to come in and put his things away—just in case the REDs tried anything, I suppose, but until the RED Spy sauntered over to our side after hours I don’t think it occurred to anybody to do so.

I’d just gotten my gasmask off and was about to unload the rest of my gear when I heard the Sniper raising the alarm. I stuffed it back on and hurried out the door after the Scout while everyone else was still scrambling for their lockers. It didn’t take them long to catch up, and all of us took turns exchanging looks and staring at our unwelcome guest.

The man himself had one hand up in what could be interpreted as a gesture of surrender, but the other hung from his pants pocket like he was taking a nice stroll on the town, paying no mind to the bright blue targeting dot aimed square at his forehead.

The Soldier, as the self-appointed team leader, was the first to speak. “Are you operating on European time or something? If you haven’t noticed, the rest of your team’s already run back to their little holes in the ground with their tails between their legs!”

“That iz précisément why I have decided to see if ze grass iz greener on ze other side, metaphorically speaking.” He pulled off his tie and let it flutter to the ground. “Red iz such an unflattering color, do you not agree?”

The Soldier narrowed his eyes at the Spy. “What are you really trying to get at?”

The Spy feigned hurt. “Must I always be operating wiz an ulterior motive?”