Date with Destiny
a series of Chrono Trigger shortfics by Dot

Prologue: The Beginning of the End

We are one, and yet We are three.

We are the Spinner. We are the maiden. We take the thin, wispy Aether and draw them into Threads.

We are the Weaver. We are the woman. We take the Threads and weave them into the Tapestry.

We are the Shearer. We are the crone. We trim the Tapestry so that conforms to the Patterns.

We sit at the Loom, making and unmaking in an endless Cycle.

Spinner pauses. Sisters, We have a problem.

Weaver runs a hand over the Tapestry. Yes, We have noticed.

Shearer scowls. We have a Worm in the Tapestry.

The Worm. It always arrives to nibble on the Tapestry’s edges. Soon it grows fat and greedy, and consumes more and more until the Tapestry begins to unravel.

Spinner pulls another Thread from the Spindle. This must be stopped.

Weaver wraps the Thread around the Shuttle. The Worm must be slain.

Shearer trims the Thread. But how?

We consider the Tapestry before us. The Worm has already finished with one world and is sending its Eggs to more and more places.

Spinner points to the newest world, still at the very dawn of creation. How about this place?

Weaver considers. It has potential, but it will need guidance.

Shearer nods. We will send the Key.

We must hurry, and act in secret. We must pretend to let the Worm have its way, so it suspects nothing. It pains us to bring evil and suffering to a world full of light and joy, but we must, if the Worm is to be destroyed once and for all.

We work in unison, as we always have. Soon, everything is ready.

Spinner pricks our finger on the Spindle and stains it with our Blood. We, the Spinner.

Weaver wipes our eyes on the Shuttle and wets it with our Tears. We, the Weaver.

Shearer presses the blade to our chest and soaks it with our Sweat. We, the Shearer.

We three, yet one, bind our souls in the solemnest of vows. To protect the Tapestry. To kill those who threaten it.

To succeed at all costs.

Unnecessarily Long and Tiresome Authoress’ Notes:

This is sort of a prelude to the events proper of Chrono Trigger, speculating on some of the characters’ motives and backstories. I originally wanted to draw this as a comic, but since I’m not confident enough in my artistic abilities, I’m writing down my ideas first.

(I had written this particular part before playing Crono Cross, so the parallels with that game are due to the fact that it also draws from Norse/Greek mythology.)