Date with Destiny
a series of Chrono Trigger shortfics by Dot

I. 65 Million B.C.: Signs

Chief peered at the rising Sun and frowned. Color of blood. Bad sign.

“Chief!” First Warrior shouted from the bottom of the hill. “Your woman have child!”

“Male or female?” Chief shouted back, then turned to look at the Fire Mountain. It was still quiet today, so far.

“Female!” First Warrior put a hand to his ear and listened to the distant voice of the Guru. “And male! Two births!”

Chief frowned deeper. Two births? Worse sign.

( vi )

Chief stepped into the tent and greeted a sad-faced Guru. “Blessings of the Earth. First Warrior told me the news.”

“Blessings of the Earth,” Guru replied. “How is the sun today?”

“Color of blood, but Firey Mountain sleeps well.” Chief approached his Woman. “Have you said your goodbyes?”

She nodded, her face strong. The Chief knew that she would cry tonight, hating him for taking her children away from her, but for now the safety of the Village mattered more.

( vi )

Chief climbed the Hill of Bones with the children in his arms. He found a small hole in the ground and set them into it. He stood and faced the East.

“Great Mother Earth,” he prayed, raising his hands. “You have given us the Sign of the Bloody Sun and the Sign of the Two Births. As Chief of the Village, I know what I must do.”

He bowed, staining his palms with the Essence of the Earth. He marked the children on their foreheads.

“You are my heirs. Be strong and live. I will wait for you here at the end of each Thaw. When we meet, I will again claim you as my own.”

He returned to the Village without looking back.

( vi )

Chief climbed the Hill of Bones, breathing hard. Many thaws had come and gone. He had been present at each one, but found nothing. His Woman had not wanted him to come on the journey this time, but he had given his word.

The male child was dead long ago. Chief knew so by the Sign of the Ravens. But the female child still lived – her Star shone bright, as red as the Sun on the morning she was born.

He neared the top, stopping to lean against his walking stick. My woman was right. I am old, and the Symbol-Maker should become Chief in my place. He shielded his eyes against the light. But ah, Great Mother Earth, have pity on this father. If only once, let me see her with my own eyes.

There! In the distance! He looked as hard as he can, praying to the Great Goddess to help him.

It was her. She had her mother’s hair and his eyes. Clad in the furs of the Wolf, she ran like the Wind.

And then, she was gone. Chief let go of his walking stick and fell. He looked up into the sky. Such a beautiful blue sky.

“I finally found you—Ayla.”

Unnecessarily Long and Tiresome Authoress’ Notes:
In “reality”, the ancient peoples’ vocabulary and grammar would probably be entirely alien, but I was too lazy to make anything up.
The scene divider is the roman numeral for six, signifying the “dawn” of the human race.