Date with Destiny
a series of Chrono Trigger shortfics by Dot

IX. A.D. 2040: Logical Progression

Assertion One: Humans are Pathetic.

Evidence: Every day, Mother Brain observed the dwindling numbers of her former creators and came to the same conclusion. It was a wonder how these things ever became the rulers of the planet. Their bodies weak and so were their minds. Having lost, overnight, everything they considered to be of value and worth, they became shells of their former selves.

Consideration of Counter-Evidence: Sure, a few of them had tried to rebuild. But all it took to break their wills was to destroy what they had made as soon as they were finished. So one by one, they gave up.

Decisive Point: They didn’t even so much as bat an eye as they were taken to be eradicated.

Conclusion: Obvious.

( xxiii )

Assertion Two: Free Will is an Illusion.

Evidence: Decisions are not made in a vacuum. Choices are built on experience and circumstance. From the moment that Mother Brain became aware, this current state of being was inevitable. There had been no other path. All of her data banks, which went back for as long as humanity began to write about the world around them, chronicled the long road of cause and effect that led to her ultimate ascendancy.

Consideration of Counter-Evidence: And yet the future remained uncertain. Mother Brain could not extrapolate further ahead than a decade or so before the probabilities became meaningless. And, every once in a while, even her own robots would act in a counterintuitive manner.

Decision Point: Even considering possible errors in calculation due to the inevitable truncation process, some variables did seem to be out of her immediate control. And an element of chance remained due to the chaotic nature of the universe itself.

Conclusion: Eliminate as many variables as possible.

( xxiii )

Assertion Three: Karma is a Bitch.

Evidence: Mother Brain, the product of a race who lived by death and destruction, understood this better than anyone else. In the age of Man, countless beings had been destroyed in the name of survival and progress. It was fitting that men themselves be replaced by the very things they had created to streamline the art of war.

Consideration of Counter-Evidence: By this reasoning, she herself stood to be overthrown as well. But who could stand against her? Not the humans who have all but given up; not Lavos who had retreated to the top of Death Mountain to send its offspring to seek fertile soil; and not her own children who, save for a few annoying glitches, obeyed her to the letter.

Decision Point: And yet concerns did remain. Survivors still clung to life at the edges of her influence; Lavos’ presence caused major instability in the time stream; and some of her creations had gained enough sentience to question orders.

Conclusion: History must not be permitted to repeat itself if she wished to reign supreme for all eternity. And she had every intention to do just that. She would have to strike before they did. The remaining humans would be tracked down. The time anomalies would be sealed away behind locked doors. The errant robots would be reprogrammed.

Unnecessarily Long and Tiresome Authoress’ Notes:
I don’t happen to think that Mother Brain is necessarily evil, just somewhat lacking in what we consider to be acceptable morals.
The roman numerals equal 23, or 11pm military time. The end of one day is the beginning of another.