Note: Shizuka is not an official Concept Space character, so if you wish to draw him for MAX, please include him in a group picture with someone else.

Quick Stats:

Name: Shizuka Tamashii
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthday: March 9 (Pices)
Status: Former Secretary to Kami-Sama
General Description: Approximately waist-length dark brown hair with bangs that frame a remarkably feminine face, black eyes, medium build, 6′ even. His Deity markings are two purple wedges on his cheeks, and three identical purple diamonds arranged in the middle of his forehead in a triangular formation. It is, emphatically, not the Mitsubishi logo.
Clothes: Collared shirt (slightly wrinkled), dress pants, sneakers. In class, he wears a tie in addition to the previous as required by the Rodriguez Memorial dress code.


In General…

Myers-Briggs Type – ISTJ

Reticent, a perfectionist, and unflappable, except when it comes to people he’s very close to. Shizuka also has a habit of over-analyzing everything. While this makes him well prepared in combat, it makes him a little tough to get along with in normal situations.

Reactions to…

      1. Greetings/smalltalk/etc – Diamonds are easier to crack than this guy. He’ll respond politely enough, but rarely initiates conversation.
      2. Hostility/violence/trouble – Assesses the situation. If he can win, he accepts. If he can’t, he tries to get out. Quite good at intercepting projectiles with his cards, but hand-to-hand combat is not his forte.
      3. Romance – Tries to get away as soon as possible. (He’s in enough trouble already.) And besides, he’s taken.

Biographical Summary:

Shizuka was the youngest god to achieve the ranking of Deity Class A Unlimited. Originally working in the Goddess Helper Office as Kami-sama’s secretary, Shizuka was sent on a special assignment to protect Keiichi Morisato and met Haki. He was completely in love with her by the end of the assignment (and in the meantime, his “little misunderstanding” with Skuld evolved into a pretty heated rivalry). Even learning her true identity didn’t deter him, and when the demons recalled her to Nifelheim he fought his way through Hell to get her back. Forseti, being ever so helpful, tagged along, and of course was Extremely Displeased when he found out about Haki. Kami-Sama separated the two before they could kill each other, and immediately forced Shizuka to take a vacation. However, while Shizuka was about to teleport, Skuld “accidentally” spilled a large bowl of chocolate ice cream on him, triggering a catastrophic allergic reaction. Shizuka careened through the dimensions like a ball in a pachinko machine, but finally ended up in Capow due to the laws of Chaos.

Unbeknownst to him (but beknownst to Kami-sama, Hela, and the reader), Shizuka and Haki are the new Doublet Pair after Welsper’s revolt went awry, and their romance was, in part, orchestrated by Kami-sama and Hela to avoid a repeat incident. They have since “eloped” (with the secret blessing of both Yggsadril and Nifelheim) and are happily raising a child together, safely hidden away from the more hawkish factions of the two sides.

Character Design and/or Personality Influences: