Note: Unless otherwise specified, all of these characters are eligible for MAX; click into the tags to find all related works about a project or character.

Anderson, Steven

Adam’s son by Lenore Michelle Anderson.  Charismatic, smart, and ambitious, he can seduce the pants off just about anybody and have them thank him afterward.  Needless to say, Adam hates his guts.

Cain, Sophia

New original-ish character for the MMX.EXE idea you may or may not have heard me talk about.

Final Parody

The obligatory RPG parody.  Read about all the details here.

New Age Gospel

A slew of new characters for a semi-epic Neon-Genesis Evangelion idea.

Pygmalion, Alzena

A Capow character I created in conjunction with another group member that I’ve since relinquished control of (making her not eligible as a stand-alone character for MAX), but since this is the miscellany section I figure she should get an honorable mention.  (Her sheet can be found here).